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I noticed that the great users have decided to remove trivia(Esspicailly the good ones) for thier clean-up, and i was dissapointed that thesome of good trivia was removed, I tried to prevent them from doing most of this but i failed and decided to give-up and get used to it's new rules. And so I also decided to keep some of the lost trivia in a safe place and soon one day they'll be brought back without warning.

My contributions

I Believe Silver and Blaze have alot in common

1.) They both have Kinetic Superpowers. (Silver=Psychic Powers, Blaze=Fire Powers.)
2.) They both have the same worst enemy known as Eggman Nega.
3.) They both have Yellow eyes.
4.) They both get angered sometimes.
5.) They both have a temporarily female partner and their female partner did drag them around for a while. (Silver=Amy, Blaze=Cream.)
6.) They both don't want anybody getting in their way.
7.) They both tend to put the world on their shoulders (Though Blaze only did this until she become friends with Sonic.)
8.) They have both fought against Sonic the Hedgehog.
9.) Both their names of their powers Start with a 'P' and ends with a 'kinesis' (Silver=Psychokinesis, Blaze=Pyrokinesis.)
10.) They both have somewhat of a rivalry with Knuckles the Echidna.
11.) They both have a friend who hopes to meet again one day. (Silver=Espio, Blaze=Sonic.)
12.) They both have a super form and have yet to turn into thier super form without Sonic.
13.) They both have their backstorys missing.
14.) Their Console debut was Sonic the Hedgehog(2006).
15.) They're both said to be 14 years in their profiles.
16.) They both never seem to smile in most of their Artwork.
17.) They have fought Metal Sonic at one point (Silver=Sonic Rivals 1&2, Blaze=Sonic Universe).

I Believe Shadow and Silver have alot in common.

1.) Both debuted in a game released in the 2000's (Shadow=Sonic Adventure 2: 2001, Silver=Sonic the Hedgehog(2006): 2006).
2.) They were both mistakened to be Sonic by Amy Rose.
3.) They were both enemies with Sonic until a later point in their respective games.
4.) They have a female character as a companion (Silver=Blaze; Shadow=Rouge).
5.) They can both use Chaos Control, as well as utilise a Super Transformation.
6.) They both have an enegy-based power (Silver: Psychokinesis; Shadow: Chaos Powers;).
7.) Both have a rivalry with Sonic.
8.) Both have fought Metal Sonic.
9.) They have teamed up with Blaze to defeat a foe (Silver & Blaze(Sonic 06): Iblis; Shadow & Blaze(Sonic Universe): Metal Sonic)
10.) They both interacted with Amy Rose for a period of time, thus making them think about their true intesions.
11.) They both seem to never smile in most of their artwork.
12.) They both see Sonic as a foolish kid, but dispite that they respect him and see him as a worthy opponent.
13.) They both fought Eggman Nega (Mostly in the Sonic Rivals Games).
14.) They both have white fur on their chests.
15.) They both lost their Female Best friend. (Silver=Blaze; Shadow=Maria)

I Believe that Blaze and Wave have a few things in common.

1.) They both are voiced by Bella Hudson(In the English version of the games)
2.) They both are a shade of purple.
3.) Both wear something white.
4.) They are friends with a 14-year old male who can be immature sometimes.(Wave=Jet; Blaze=Silver)
5.) They both have the same eye color as said male (Wave and Jet=Cobalt Blue; Blaze and Silver=Yellow)
6.) They have interacted with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy.
7.) They're both mature and smart.
8.) They debuted in a game that have the letter "R" in the second word of a game's title (Wave=Sonic Riders; Blaze=Sonic Rush)

Jet Comparisons

I'll keep that here just in case.

1.) They're both green.
2.) They have opposite types of group(Jet=gang of thiefs, Vector=detective agency).
3.) They both wish to be rich.
4.) They both have a smart purple friend on their own team(Jet=Wave, Vector=Espio).
5.) They have worked with/for Dr. Eggman once.
6.) They have been least once as playable character without their team mates(Jet=Sonic and the Black Knight, Vector=Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games).
7.)They both have an object on their head(Jet=goggles, Vector=headphones).
  • Jet has lots of things in common with Sonic
1.) They both have a blue and green as part of their color schemes.
2.) They both have a great reputation for their speeds.
3.) They are both voiced by Jason Griffith
4.) Both are skilled Extreme Gear riders
5.) They both have Red shoes/boots.
6.) Both have been mocked in the past for their laughs
7.) Both have beaten eachother in races.
8.) Both of their sidekicks are skilled mechanics (Tails, Wave)
9.) Both of them have fought Eggman.
10.) Both of their attributes/character types are speed.
11.) Both had remixes of their themes (Sonic= It Doesnt` Matter Jet= Catch Me If You Can)
1.) They both were rivals with Sonic.
2.) They both became friends with Sonic later on, but they're still rivals with him.
3.) Their voices are both classed as annoying.
4.) They both have a female companion who has a shade of purple and wears something white and is voiced by Bella Hudson(Silver=Blaze ; Jet=Wave).
5.) They both have a short temper.
6.) They both appear in Sonic and the Black Knight as one of the Knights of the Round table, however they don't appear in the Story and instead they only appear in the Multiplayer Battle mode.
7.) They are both fourteen years old.

This is Silver's Trivia before it was removed by the editors

Kept here for safe keeping for now.

  • The bridge in Silver's theme song bears a resemblance to the Green Hill Zone music. Composer Lee Brotherton stated that this was not intended, but is appreciated. [1]
  • Interestingly, even though Silver never debuted story-wise on a Nintendo system, Super Smash Bros. Brawl references the events of Sonic Next Gen on Silver's trophy.
  • In both Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Rivals, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese were going to play a part in his story, but later scrapped.
  • Silver's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl looks very similar to Super Sonic's.
  • Silver, unlike other characters, has very little in the way of a back story. A large amount of his history is unknown.
  • Silver's feelings toward people seemed to have changed from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and to Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2. He seems to have more of an aggressive side to people that get in his way in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, unlike his feelings toward people in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Some believe Silver and Blaze seem to share a sibling-like relationship, while others believe that they have stronger, more passionate feelings for each other. Plus the SilverxBlaze Pairing is very popular by fans.
  • Ever since Silver made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), fans have wondered about a sequel to Sonic Heroes featuring "Team Hedgehog" or other team names relating to Sonic, Shadow, and Silver being forced to work together. However, some believe that Silver should be on a team with Blaze the Cat, Shade the Echidna, or Marine the Raccoon, but it is unlikely since those groups have no flight character, unless Silver is going to be the Flight member.
  • Silver appears in Sega Superstars Tennis as one of the cheering audience, but unlike Blaze, you cannot hit him with a tennis ball even with Super Sonic or a Spin Type player. He appears looking from side to side as if he's looking for something or someone, like the Iblis trigger or he's just watching the game like the others.
  • Fans sometimes write stories about Silver's fur color being gray or the actual color silver. But, to be technical, his real fur color is white.
  • Silver is nearly as gullible as Knuckles.
  • Unlike most of the characters from the comic book, whenever Silver speaks his speech bubble has a cyan-coloured or a green ring around it.
  • In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Silver is the only hedgehog who is not a Speed-type. He is also the only hedgehog who rides on his right side on extreme gear.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the beginning of Sonic's Story has Silver saying "I've finally found him, the Iblis Trigger". The background has sparks flying around but in Silver's story when he says that, it's just a clear night sky. Also in Sonic's version, Silver lifts up his right fist but in Silvers version he picks up his left, though silver's version may take place a few moments later after Silver said 'I've finally find him the iblis trigger' in Sonics Version.
  • Silver is the only male hedgehog who never added "the Hedgehog" when introducing himself. He introduces himself simply as 'Silver'. However, he does so in the comic series.
  • Even though Sonic, Shadow, and Silver are the same height and weight, Silver appears to have a lighter build than both Sonic and Shadow. Probably due to his younger age.
  • In the fourth cutscene of Silver's story, you can see the SEGA logo on a poster in Eggman's abandoned lab until Silver moves and his quills get in the way.
  • In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the boots Silver is wearing are supposedly the boots of his original design.
  • Silver's Psychokinesis and ESP seem to be very similar to the Force from Star Wars (which in itself could largely be considered to be a form of Psychokinesis).
  • Silver is the only playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 who made his debut in said game. The same can be said for E-123 Omega in Sonic Heroes.
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity was the first game showing Silver's ESP on a Nintendo Console (evident by him making himself float in midair before a race).
  • In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Silver's shoes appear to resemble sneakers more than boots.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Silver is the only hedgehog whose trophy can only be obtained once. (Shadow and Amy's trophies are obtained randomly and Sonic's trophies can be won by clearing Classic Mode multiple times).
  • During the Release of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed, there were rumors that SEGA might not use Silver in future Sonic games due to his poor reception (Even though Silver still has a good decent amount of Fans), but then the rumor was false since Silver appeared in Sonic and the Black Knight, but only as a unlockable multiplayer character. It is unknown if Silver will appear in the plot of a future installment.
  • Silver might appear in the sequel of Sonic Chronicles since his future could be threatened by Eggman's new empire.
  • To Blaze, Silver is probably seen as immature because of his temper.
  • Silver's mane is easily mistaken for chest fur in fanfictions. In the video games, the fur goes around his whole neck, but in the Archie Comics, it's only in the front.
  • Silver has yet to transform into Super Silver by himself due to the fact that in all the games he appears in ether he transforms with someone else or only Sonic changes.
  • Silver and Amy are the only hedgehogs, who don't have mechanic counterparts (Sonic has Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, ect. and Shadow has Shadow Androids).
  • In Sonic Next Gen Silver induced Chaos Control after watching Shadow perform it, but because those events were erased Silver might have never been able to use it.
  • Due to Eggman Nega impersonating Dr. Eggman in the Sonic Rivals games, it is currently unknown if Silver truly IS enemies with the real Dr. Eggman. Also, because Silver never actually met the real Dr. Eggman, he could become a potential target for Dr. Eggman to trick into possibly fighting Sonic (It is unlikely Silver could be tricked though).
  • Silver is the only hedgehog to have had only one voice actor.
  • Silver is the only Male Hedgehog (in the game series) to not be "extremely" popular after his first debut.
  • In most of Silver's artwork, he is frowning (exept in some, where he is showing his teeth, or has his mouth open, but is still in a frowning-fashion). However, Silver's offical art for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is portraying him smiling as well as more carefree than serious. He also appears to be this way in the trailer to the point he is seen giving a high-five to Yoshi.
  • Silver is the only hedgehog without a known arch-rival (Sonic=Shadow, Shadow=Sonic, Amy=Rouge, (though it has not been stated, though it has been proved, so it could be conted as Silver is 1 of 2 hedgehogs without a known arch-rival).
  • Despite Silver never actually telling Shadow his name in Sonic '06, during the final boss fight when switching to Silver, Shadow says "Silver, it's your turn."

This is Shadow's Trivia before it was removed by the editors

  • Shadow has transformed into his super form 3 times, which is more than any other character besides Sonic.
  • The scene before Circus Park in Shadow the Hedgehog shows Shadow saying the line, "Where's that damn fourth Chaos Emerald?" The line is used often in YouTube Poops.
  • In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic says, "You can't outrun me, Shadow." and Shadow responds with, "Maybe not, but I can outfight you!" This shows that Shadow acknowledges that Sonic is just as fast or perhaps even faster than him, but that he is physically more powerful then Sonic, or at least he feels he is.
  • Shadow is believed to be based on Sonic because of his likeness to Super Sonic (where fans believed that Prof. Gerald based Shadow off of an ancient depiction of Super Sonic fighting Perfect Chaos) this may be why Shadow and Sonic themselves call the other "Faker" as an insult in his first appearance for that reason, it also explains why Shadow's quills point upwards as though he is super.
  • Ironically, despite having possibly the most detailed backstory of any character in the series, Shadow is often seen as a "mysterious" character, though this is probably due to his secluded persona.
  • Shadow's super form is Super Shadow, although he was commonly labeled as Hyper Shadow due to a misprint in a game guide.
  • Eggman says in Shadow the Hedgehog, when fighting against Devil Doom for around eight to ten minutes, that Shadow is in fact the real Shadow and not an android as he was believed to be since Sonic Heroes.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 storyline, following the release of the Flames of Disaster in Silver's time, Shadow was blamed and imprisoned in stasis again. However, with Solaris gone, this fate is possibly null now. Furthermore, the credibility of this claim can be called into question, since the only person stating this was Mephiles, who may have said this in order to trick Shadow into working with him or Omega into questioning his current path of action.
  • In Shadow the Hedgehog, the president has a picture of Sonic and Shadow standing near the White House on his desk, however, Shadow had only appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes, and they have never gone near the White House for a picture. Though it is possible that this happened between the events of Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Shadow and Knuckles were originally confirmed to appear in Sonic Unleashed as optional, playable characters, but for reasons unknown, were scrapped. Knuckles had no mention in the game, but Shadow did. In the Brenda Blurb Side-Quest beginning in Chun-Nan, one of the questions Brenda asks is: "What creature was revealed from the Earth when Eggman broke it?", or something similar. One of the three answers is "Shadow the Hedgehog". Another mention is made in Empire City on a street sign in the Xbox 360 version.
  • Shadow was originally meant to be a one-time character, hence his 'death' scene at the end of Sonic Adventure 2. However, due to his popularity, he was brought back for Sonic Heroes. This has led to minor controversy from fans as they believe that Shadow's apparent death made a great ending and bringing him back so soon weakened the impact of it.
  • Like most of the Sonic characters, Shadow can take considerable physical punishment, enough that he was shot at point-blank range by Mephiles into a stalactite and still manages to remain conscious, even standing up and continuing to fight afterwards. He also has a very high tolerance to pain. These facts are probably due to characters' strong will, as well as the experimentation of which he is the result.
  • When Shadow is smiling, snarling, or generally just opening his mouth wide enough- his canine teeth will be visible. They are, unlike the generally more uniform tooth pattern in the other Sonic characters, sharp and almost fang-like. This is probably to represent Shadow's generally more violent and dark character profile. He, Sonic, Silver, Blaze and Knuckles are the only characters that seem to have visible canines out of the recurring Sonic characters.
  • Majority of Shadow's victory poses show him folding his arms across his chest.
  • Shadow is the only member of Team Dark to appear in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.
  • Shadow is left-handed, as revealed in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). In Sonic and the Black Knight, Lancelot wields his sword right-handed. Either Lancelot is canonically right-handed (possible, since though he resemlbes Shadow they are distinct characters), or this is because of the Wii's right hand controls, similar to what Nintendo used for the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • Shadow's poses in Sonic 06 and Super Smash Bros Brawl are about similar.
  • Shadow is considered to be the most violent and mature character in the Sonic continuities due to the fact that he has driven several vehicles, uses vulgar language and guns(in Shadow the Hedgehog (video game)).
  • Shadow can be compared to either Blaze or Knuckles in a number of ways:
    • They have a serious personality most of the time,
    • They have a duty to guard/protect something (Shadow: The World; Blaze: Sol Emeralds; Knuckles: Master Emerald),
    • They have fought Sonic the Hedgehog,
    • They take on the roles as Knights of the Round Table in Sonic And The Black Knight, as well as themselves,
    • They all have the colour red on them.
  • If Shadow is created from Black Doom's blood, so that means, that Shadow possibly has green blood (Black Arms have green blood). However in episode 73 of Sonic X he is seen with a red cut on his left eye leaving his blood color up for debate.
  • Shadow is said to not eat or drink. However, in episode 72 0f the Japanese version of Sonic X, he is seen with an orange beverage.
  • "The Shadow" from Space Channel 5 bears a strong resemblence to Shadow the Hedgehog. Both have a similar color scheme (black and red) and the same name.
  • In the Japanese commercial for Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow is seen dancing.
  • In his Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearance, Shadow doesn't have a shadow, even on a clearly-lit stage.
  • Shadow has a few things in common with Blaze the Cat.
1.) They both have Serious personalities.
2.) They both have superpowers(Shadow=Chaos powers, Blaze=Fire powers.)
3.) They both have a super form and they also have a projectile attack in their superform.
4.) They both preferred to be alone most of the time.
5.) They're both the second fastest characters in the Sonic francise.
6.) They both mostly get along with at least up to 2 friends(Blaze=Sonic & Cream, Shadow=Rouge & Omega.)
7.) They both appear in the first issue of Sonic Universe.
8.) Both appear to dislike Marine for her scatterbrained personality.
9.) Both of them sacrificed their life to save the world, Though they're still alive after that but they couldn't remember anything from their last adventure(Shadow=SA2, Blaze=Sonic 06).
  • Shadow's Spikes in the Opening Movie in Shadow the Hedgehog appear to be blown straight while he is riding his motorcycle.
  • Shadow has shown some changes in design when it comes to his spikes, in more older versions of shadow, the top spike is shown to be much larger then the spikes on the side of his head. But in newer versions, the side spikes are longer than the top spike.
  • The width of Shadow's shoes seems to vary from game to game.
  • In a cutscene in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 when Sonic is dead Silver says that they should stop Solaris, but then Shadow says "That would have been possible, if only he was alive" which is quite odd for Shadow to say as it also shows that he has some respect for Sonic and sometimes considers him as an equal and sometimes better or not as good as him.
  • Shadow can be Eggman's chronological cousin, that might mean that Omega can be Shadow's nephew.
  • The red paint on Shadow's shoes seems to be rubbing off (only on the tip though), making him the only Hedgehog whose paint is rubbing off.
  • In one of the cutscenes of Sonic 06, Shadow seemed to to scared of Mephiles. This marks the only time which Shadow had shown fear for someone.
  • In the video games, Shadow has never been seen sitting down.
  • Shadow shows a sense of manners to girls. He has never been foul to any female character except, perhaps, Marine the Raccoon. Shadow is also practically the only male character who did not consider Amy rather careless or a waste of time (like Silver did when he asked himself what on earth he was doing with her and Sonic, Knuckles and Tails who find Amy rather a distraction).
  • Many people think Shadow can use Chaos Control just because he was made from Black Doom's blood, but in actuality he can do so and many other chaos based attack because he was infused with Chaos Emerald energy during his creation.
  • When Shadow gains first place in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity he will say that his opponents are "too slow", this is also one of Sonic's taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • It is said that Shadow and Amy are "close" or "good" friends, meaning that Shadow must remember his encounter with her to some extent.
  • Shadow is the only male hedgehog where the second letter in his name is not a vowel.

This is Blaze's Trivia before it was erased by the Admins

  • In the English version of Sonic Rush, Blaze is voiced by Bella Hudson. Bella Hudson was mistakenly referred as Berra Hudson when credited as Blaze in Sonic Rush, due to 'L' sounds in Japanese are replaced with 'R' when writing names.
  • Burning Blaze is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Super Blaze", which is more in line with other super transformations, like Super Sonic and Super Shadow.
  • Blaze is the only female character in all portrayals of Sonic the Hedgehog to have a super form. She is also the only female shown to use Chaos Control.
  • With this in mind, Blaze can be considered the strongest and fastest female in the entire series.
  • Blaze's ponytail looks like a crown which, may have been intentional, considering Blaze is a princess.
  • While Sonic usually runs with fast paced, quick steps, Blaze seems to run with long strides, not unlike Shadow while using his Air Shoes. She also turns herself into a tornado when dashing, as opposed to Sonic's Spin Dash. Blaze's shoes look like pink high-heeled versions of Sonic's red ones.
  • Strangely at the end of Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) when Blaze uses the light blue-and-white emeralds she obtains a hot pink aura in the shape of a orb, and her cuffs turned red, as if she were in her super form.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) marks the only time Blaze used the Chaos Emeralds and Chaos Control.
  • Sonic and Blaze have a lot in common.
1.) Thier name both consists of five letters.
2.) They both have super forms and can use certain types of emeralds to perform the transformation.
3.) They both have an arch-enemy thats named Eggman in their names. (Sonic=Doctor Eggman, Blaze=Eggman Nega).
4.) Their shoes have similar designs.
5.) Both have a very close friend (Sonic=Tails, Blaze=Cream and Silver).
6.) They can run at super speed.
7.) They can both do a different Spin Jump (Sonic does it by Curling into a Ball while Blaze does it by spinning like a Tornado).
8.) Both would prefer being called their actual names instead of "Mister Sonic" or "Master" for Sonic and "Your Highness" for Blaze.
9.) They are the only playable characters of Sonic '06 that are not playable in End of the World (Blaze because she vanished at the end of Silver's story, Sonic because he was killed prior to the stage).
10.) They both have had the fate of the world on their shoulders numerous times.
11.) They both have a fear/phobia of something. (Sonic=Water, Blaze=Heights.)
12.) They're both skilled at Snowboarding.
  • When asked her weight, Blaze replies "Don't speak of such a thing!"
  • Blaze does not like to be called "Highness" as it was shown in Sonic Rush Adventure when Gardon came in. She tolerates the name "Princess Blaze".
  • Even though Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat appeared in a multitude of games together after Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, it is still unknown if they know each other. However, it may be very possible that they know each other, despite both of their lack of conversation about each other.
  • Blaze has been out ever since the year 2005 and yet she still doesn't have a theme song. Fans consider either the Vela Nova or Raisin' Me Up her theme song. Some even think that Silver and Blaze share the theme song Dreams of an Absolution, Vela Nova is the most likely candidate.
  • In Archie Comics' Sonic Rush adaptation, Blaze's fire went out of control when she was captured and examined by SWATbots. Before the fire went out of control, she said that she needed her coat, indicating that it is possible that the coat keeps Blaze's powers in check. An event like this has never happened in the games.However, this might explain why her clothes change when she transforms.
  • As of now, it is unknown why Blaze has a red jewel on her forehead. It could be that the jewel is a symbol of her royal status or the source of her pyrokinesis.
  • In Sonic 06, Blaze never interacted with any other Sonic Character besides Silver throughout the entire game.(Blaze didn't even talk to Mephiles or Iblis.)
  • Blaze is the first character with a "super" form that doesn't require Chaos energy (because it uses Sol energy as she uses the Sol Emeralds).
  • Blaze does not like to be called "Highness" as it was shown in Sonic Rush Adventure when Gardon came in. She tolerates the name "Princess Blaze".
  • In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed, if one were to look at the loading screen for Empire City's Skyscraper Scamper stage, one could see "Blaze Rd." or something similar, as well as "Chao Garden" on the Street Sign behind the transparent controller.
  • Oddly enough, Blaze the Cat greatly resembles the Pokémon, Espeon.
  • In Sonic Universe, after Blaze tells Shadow about meeting Sonic, the end of her tail was white then purple on the same page. It was colored white when she first made her appearance in the Archie Comics.
  • In Sonic Universe #1, the fluff-like cuffs were purple through the whole story even during the flashbacks.
  • Blaze is one of the fastest hero characters in the Sonic series, after Sonic and (perhaps) Shadow. She also has the advantage in reaching higher ground, thus helping her to move ahead of others.
  • When Blaze was first announced by SEGA they mentioned her as "The royal Queen Blaze the Cat" in the guide for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) mentions her as a queen. But in the ending for Sonic Rush, what she likes to be called in Sonic Rush Adventure and her gear information in SRZG mentions her as a princess. This is also listed in her Black Knight persona's "real character" info, where it states she is a princess from another dimension with the ability to use the Sol Emeralds.
  • Even though its said that Blaze runs with long strides like in the Sonic Rush Games, however in 'Sonic 06' Blaze runs with fast paced, quick steps, (Just like how Sonic runs) Blaze also runs like this in 'Sonic and the Black Knight'.
  • Strangely, in Sonic '06, Blaze runs faster than Sonic. This is also present in Sonic and the Black Knight, where as she is the fastest character available (Unless Shadow's Ultimate Weapon is equipped, and even then Blaze with her own Ultimate is faster). And Sonic is supposed to be the fastest thing alive and faster than anyone else. (However, as Lancelot personifies and gives experience for the Knight Style, and Gawain with the Paladin Style, Blaze/Percival probably emphasizes the speed-oriented Cavalier style. It is theorized that Sonic using the Cavalier style at Level 10 would be as fast if not faster than Percival. [note: needs testing.]) Her Sonic '06 appearance's sheer speed is still a bit of a quandary, though
  • In the Sonic Universe comic and the guide for Sonic Rush Adventure mentions that Blaze wears a cape to hide her flames, or keep her flames in control.
  • In Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Blaze is an All-Around character, and Daisy is a Speed-Type character. Since Blaze is very fast it could have been the other way around (It would be more suitable if Blaze is Speed and Daisy is an all-around). Maybe SEGA or Nintendo didn't do that so that the Mario and Sonic characters are equal in their sections (Each category has 2 Mario characters and 2 Sonic characters) maybe that could be the reason why Blaze is an all-around character.
  • In Sonic And The Black Knight, Blaze is named Sir Percival, however she is a female character.
  • In her Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games artwork, Blaze is shown to have fangs. One could also see her fangs in the prequel when playing the Vault event. (After performing a routine, look at Blaze after pressing A).
  • If Blaze is tapped in the bottom screen with the stylus during gameplay in Sonic Rush, she seems to do something very unusual. She jumps like a frightened cat, then she gets mad at you while she steps one foot against the ground and then turns her back at you while tapping her foot.
  • Blaze seems to be the most well received female character in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • In Sonic Rush Adventure, Blaze appears to have yellow eyelashes. This was probably a mistake/glitch in the game.
  • Blaze has a canon rift. While in Sonic Rush/Adventure she is listed as being from an alternate dimension, in Sonic 2006 she is listed as being from the future where Silver comes from. Though this could arguably have been because Blaze was a well-received character. Though several theories have been concocted, including there being 2 Blazes, Sonic '06's time reset leading to Blaze being born in an alternate dimension, etc., this discrepancy still remains rampant even to this day, as various descriptions where Blaze cameo-ed as a multiplayer character support both origins.

The Possible Solution of Blaze's Connection In The Sonic 06 and Rush Series

Because of Sonic The Hedgehog 06's plot, many fans are confused about Blaze's connection to the game and the Rush series. While Sonic Rush was released before 06, many fans believe Blaze should of remembered Sonic when 06 and debates Blaze being in her home dimension in the Rush series. Some fans also don't understand the connections with Blaze and Silver. Here's a possible theory of Blaze's origin. Blaze the Cat did live in Silver's future timeline. Sonic the Hedgehog 06 takes place before Sonic Rush series instead since Blaze does not know Sonic yet. When Blaze mentions saying "Blue hedgehog", she probably thinks that it is odd for the Iblis Trigger being a blue hedgehog. Plus when Blaze tried to help Sonic and Silver rescue Elise from Dr. Eggman, she does not recognize Sonic whatsoever, bringing the theory even more possible. Sonic also doesn't seem to know Blaze either as he didn't interact wtih Blaze in the game. When Silver refused to Seal Blaze into another dimention it was thought that Blaze was gonna die but if she was going to die cause of this she would've warned Silver about it, Instead Blaze probably asborb some of the energy of the Chaos Emeralds she weiled and when she got enough of it she used it to perform the Chaos Control herself but in a different way, Blaze probably asked Silver to Seal her so the process can be done quickly and probably not suffer some side-effects, So when Blaze used Chaos Control to seal herself with Iblis to the different dimenison, she would be likely be in her new home dimension that she's currently in. After Solaris was defeated, time itself of the events of the game never happened, however time travel/dimenison travel may have caused side effects to Blaze's travel, making her probably not exist in Silver's future. This is proven in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rush series that they both don't mention each other whatsoever, so it's possible that they no longer know each other.

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