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HI!! I no longer use this account!! So, don't send messages!! All of this is old crap! I was a kid back then and didn't know much! I'm older now and I am on Sonic Fanon Wiki!! Remember I don't get on that account much so I wont answer much! No more Melanie the Hedgehog or Annabelle the Hedgehog. I decied to change it to Max the Hedgehog, and yes Max is a girl name (Name taken off from the Maximum Ride series AKA Best Young Adult series ever!!) Anyways, I'll see you peeps l8r on my new account!! I will be MaxPeaceLove on there!! 21:53, June 2, 2011 (UTC)                                                           

Theme Songs for my charcter Melanie The Hedgehog

Start All Over by Miley Cyrus(Team Blossom)
What I've Been Looking For by Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabbel(Sonic Adventure 3)



Sonic the Hedgehog (Cousin)

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose

Cierra the Hedgehog

Mark the Hedgehog

Princess Christana the Hedgehog

John the Echilda

Jade Mongoose

Makayla Acron

Knuckles the Echidna

Cream the Rabbit and Chesse

Miskit the Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog (Mostly)

Shelly the Hedgehog (SNN)

Akaila the Meerkat (SNN)

Dawn the Hedgehog(On Youtube & here)

Sharna the Hedgehog (SNN)


Pinky the Hedgehog (A new fan character I made for my game SONIC TEAMS!, she's in Team Pink)

Karina the Hedgehog(formerly, appears in Sonic Adventure 3)

Shadow the Hedgehog(rarely)

Dark the Fox (calls Melanie tubby or chubby, even though she's not fat)


Mark the Hedgehog (crush on Melanie)


Lina the Hedgehog (sister)
Josh the Hedgehog (Brother)
Sonic the Hedgehog (cousin)


Dr. Eggman

Art work

If you like my artwork, you can ask me to draw you something and I will post it here in my page or your talk page---Mario&sonicroxs 20:30, 1 April 2009 (UTC) Melanie the Hedgehog

Appears in games and other media

Sonic Adventre 3 (August 3 2009)

Sonic Paradox

Sonic Disaster (Coming Winter 2010 for 20th Annniversy

Sonic Nihongo

Sonic Riders 3 (Her board is Mel Star)

Triva for my fan games

  • Melanie's age is different than mines is in real life. My fan char age's is 14 (turns 15 in Sonic Disaster)  
  • Melanie's real name is Annabelle Hannah the Hedeghog
  • Lina, Melanie's sister. Lina's name was taken of from the book, City of Ember from the main character, Lina Mayfleet.
  • Karina the Hedgehog is based off this girl at school that wanted to beat me up.
  • Dark the Fox, one of my fan charcters is based off this kid at my school. Dark's and Melanie's relationship is just like Shadow's and Shelly's
  • Mark the Hedgehog is based off this kid at my school I kinda like (I NEVER SAID THAT!)and I think he likes me too cause he talks to me way to much. Just like friends.
  • Cristana, Makayla, Jennifer, and Miskit are based on my BFFLs (Best Friends For Life)!
  • Melanie was going to be nine or twelve years old
  • Melanie was going to be hot pink

    * Lina was orignally going to be named Lila until I read City of Ember
  • Lina was going to be Melanie's cousin instead, CHANGED TO SISTER!
  • Lina is Melanie's twin
  • Lina's bangs are just like Sonia (Sonic's sis in Sonic Underground)

My made up fan characters

Mark the Hedgehog,Princess Cristana the Hedgehog(TAKEN),John the Echilda,Cierra the Hedgehog,Makayla Acorn,and Jennifer the Fox(Taken) I have a real life friend named Cierra Smith. If you like these charcters you can take one if you do not have a fan charc for you and you want one.

Sonic Adverture 3

It starts Sonic running around a dessret. Melanie is walking at the same time Sonic is running. Meanwhile they both crash into each other. "Who are you?" Melanie asks weakily. Sonic is trying to reconce <---(spelling error)her. Finally he says "Do you know Lina?". Melanie resopeses "Yes, she is my sister".Then Sonic says"She is my cousin". Then they start talking like nothing happned. During the conversion, they found out they are cousins. The gameplay starts them stopping their eneines.<------------I didn't have an idea and another spelling error.


  • Hey no fair! ,after losing a battle
  • Hooray! I could do it! ,after winning a battle
  • Shoot, I could had done better ,after getting a E
  • Whoo-Hoo! I did it ,after getting a A
  • Can you beat my score?, after fussing with Lina about how
    fast are they are, trying to catch up with Sonic.|

Rude & Embrassing

Starting August 11 2009 you put the most embrassing thing that happened to you or your best friend at school or collage. Remeber to put the date and user name. Put the embrassing thing on my user page and I will post here on my page

Hope you enjoy this section.

My supporting and favorite Sonic Couples

Knuxrouge (Knuckles and Rouge)
Sonamy (Sonic and Amy)
Melark (Melanie and Mark)
Tailsomo (Tails and Cosmo the Seedrian)
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