About me

This is one of my first accounts I have ever made on a wiki or forum. Another name I go by these days is Timeobserver2013, paying homage to Silver the Hedgehog and Slenderseries TribeTwelve (though Timeobserver can be abbreviated to TO, as in the Operator in Marble Hornets). Currently an avid Redditor ( (

In my absence, I continued to write my fanfics like usual. And recently gained a lot of new preferences.

Favorite TV shows (Japanese and English): HOMELAND, Madoka Magica, and Attack on Titan

Favorite Book: Life as we Know it, an apocalyptic story on the Moon, somewhat similar The Last of Us.

Favorite Games: The Last of Us and Telltale's Walking Dead. (Currently following Hideo Kojima's/Guillermo del Toro's new Silent Hill Project)

Current Fanfic Projects: EQUINOX20XX (Tails Doll creepypasta based) and Fallen Angels (Madoka story inspired by DarkHarvest00)

Status: Am back thanks to discussion of Sonic Boom.


Userbox-Green Eyes

Pages I created:


1. Graveyard Gig
2. Bomb Hawk (#6028)


3. Mono Hawk (#6031)
4. Town Mission 18: The Test of Heart (#6032)
5. Town Mission 1: Soleanna's Apple Festival (#6033)

6.  Tempest (#6097)

7. Nocturne Praetorian (#6151)
8. Archie Sonic Archives Volume 20 (#6205)
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