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  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Caretaker
  • I am Female

About Me

Hi everyone,I need no intro sense you already saw my name.I"ve been a fan of Sonic as long as I can remember and I would like to show my drawings to SEGA or work with them someday.Im 21 years old,born in Salsbury,NC,my birthdate is 2/21/89,so you could say Im Sonic"s oldest fan.I played Sonic 1, 2, and 3 on Dreamcast,but at the time I didn"t know there were others after those.Years later I got Sonic Heroes on PS2 and I played my sister"s Sonic Advance 3 on GBA.I watched Sonic X since the 1st showing,I also record some shows of it.Then later my sis got Shadow the Hedgehog game,so I played that too,I also play Sonic Rush and Sonic Riders and one time I went to the beach with my family and got some colorful rocks,so I named them after each character I know.And I celabrate the characters B-day by holding the rock I named in my pocket and playing a Sonic game with that character in it.Anyway,I once rented Sonic Adventure and beaten it,I also play Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity,Sonic Rush Adventure,Sonic Unleashed,Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Collection Game Plus,and I also played my sisters Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.I have a Sonic and Super Shadow figres as well and the games I would like to play are the two stroybook games that are on Wii which I 'don"t have yet or NIGHTS game.I like all the characters as well as Silver ,but I do hate the bad 'guy,and really evil guys.Three days ago I got a Sonic the Werehog figre and I forgot to mentoin that I have Sonic Underground and Sonic the Hedgehog and Chaos Emeralds. I got a Tails toy a few weeks ago.Yesterday I got a Sonic plush.For Christmas,I got or SatAM on DVD.Today I got a Sir Sonic of the Wii game with his sword Caliburn from my parents for all my hard work.I now have a mini Knuckles and Sonic toys with a comic.I made a baby clay figure of my seedrian Lukio and still working of the doll of her and I also made Sparky the Dog for my baby bro when he was born,but now he"s grown 'tried of him ,so I took him back,but only until he"s really upset''. 'I' forgot to mention that I made a traveling bag in sewing class with the colors blue and purple to repercent Sonic and Blaze from Sonic Rush and I had they"re name emborred in rainbow colors like the Sol Sonic and the Secret  Ring,Nights:Journey of Dreams,Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games,and my little sis gave me a real light blue crystal that looks like a real Chaos Emerald.Yesterday I went to the mall with my family and I got a Sonic and Rouge pins. Yesterday,my folks got me a Sega racing Amy and Sonic and The Black Knight game as last birthday persents.I forgot to mention that I got the Shadow,Knuckles,Tails,and Big kidsmeal games a long time ago.Last week,I went to the mall and bought a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt.A Couple of days ago I got a Sonic Sega racer as a reward.I got a Knuckles figure when I went with my family yesterday.I got a small Sonic and Amy toys when I went with my folks.I got a small Shadow figure and two Sonic Comics yesterday.I got a Cream the Rabbit doll from the Mall yesterday.Today I got three new sonic comics,a Espio and Vector toys and Super Sonic,Shadow and Silver toys with all seven Chaos Emeralds.Got Sonic Colors on Wii and another Sonic Underground DVD for Christmas.Today I got a Big and Froggy figures and a new comic.Got Sonic Colors figures and a new comic.Got a pair of Sonic slippers for my birthday.I got a Jet the Hawk figure and another new comic.Today,I got 3 new Sonic comics and a Shadow and Silver figures during an outing with my family.I got the Sonic Super Special 1st issue comic magazine from my folks today.I got the London Olympics for Christsmas.Got two new Sonic comics and two new twos.I got another comic and 3 more sonic twos. I got the Sonic Super Special 2nd issue from my folks.


Kagimizu (Teacher and 1st friend)

Sunny the Hedgehog (2nd friend) 

Shelly the Hedgehog (Inspiration and 3rd friend)  

Blade the Hedgehog (4th friend)

Lighting the Hedgehog (5th friend)

Leena the Hedgehog(6th friend)

Scrab Master(7th friend)

Tawny the Rabbit(8th friend)

Zelzzazz the Fox(9th friend)

Tails6000(10th friend)

Namek(11th friend)

Nero the Hedgehog(12th friend)

BlazeRocks55(13th friend)

Ultimatedude127(14th friend)

Moon the Hedgehog(15th friend)

Murphyshane(16th friend)

Sacorguy79(17th friend)

Annamaria the Wolf


Annamaria is the finale result of Project Messiah,along with her cousens from the Space Colony Ark.Her mom and aunts were made with Celestial DNA from Professer Okami"s partner Willis,whlie her dad and uncles were made with Black Arm DNA from Professer Okami herself. Then the two DNAs were placed inside two females of 13 animals,wolf,seahorse for dragon subsitute,mouse,boar,monkey,snake,rabbit,horse,chicken,sheep,cat,tiger,and ox.Then the two groups would have one baby that appeared human and as they grew, the females have divine powers and they lived their days in happiness with everyone on the Ark.Then G.U.N came to the Ark and took almost everyone away,Dawn was with Shadow and Maria at the time and ran though the halls,then she realized her sisters were in the other far room.So she told Shadow that she"s going back to help her family,so with tears in her eyes,she took their child Shawn and left them to join her family,and when she got there,they got into pods two by two and left the Ark and landed on Earth.On Earth,Dawn,Koga and baby Shawn found themseleves in a forest,then they heard a loud roar,saw red eyes and started to run.They ran for a long time,until Dawn started hurting because at the time she was havining Ann and the monster was nearing them,then Shawn fired a orb of energy which made the beast retreat back in the shadows.Then a man and his little girl found them and showed them the way out of the forest and helped Dawn into their house so she can have her baby,and after awhile Anna was born and a few days later Koga got sick and he was dying from a unknown illness.As he layed on his deathbed,he asked Shawn to be strong and look after his sister,then he gave him a gold locket,smiled at him,then passed away,and while everyone is in tears,Shawn looked in the locket,smiled and gave it to Ann,then saids We"ll alway be together with you.As the years went by,Shawn learned he has the power to control his aura, learned to control them and he studed all the worlds legends,as well as the echidna"s,and told his sister and friend Zoe all about them until Ann went to sleep and they were all happy until one day everythnig went wrong.A week ago, Shawn hearded that there was a jewal that once belong to a goddess hiddened inside a cave deep within the forest,and thought that the jewal will help Ann to awaken her celestial powers,so he got Ann,Zoe,and himself ready for the trip,and they left without telling Dawn and Zoe"s father where they were going.They ran all the way to the forest,then walked in to avoid letting the monster know they are there,so the kids walked on until they saw the cave and went inside and what they saw was a beautiful sight,the walls and ceiling of the cave were covered with colorful cystals,so Ann went to the nearest wall and picked a shard and gave it to her brother,who smiled at the gift,then Zoe spotted the jewal in the center of the room,glowing with the colors of the rainbow.So Shawn went to go get it,then a mighty roar echoed all around the cave,it was the monster,so Shawn threw the jewal to Ann who caught it,then the beast slithered out of a tunnel and Shawn started fighting with it and at the same tthe whole cave was falling apart,so Shawn told Zoe to take Ann and get out of the cave quickly before it all comes down,so Zoe grabs Ann and got out before the entrace caved in,trapping Shawn and the monster witnin,leaving a sadden Ann crying.Back at their homes,Zoe told her father and Dawn what had happened as Ann cryed on,then Dawn started crying for the loss of her son and Zoe"s father fuss at his kid for going along and not saying how dangerous it is,so Zoe"s father made her said sorry and took her home leaving Dawn to calm down her only child,and as the night went on Ann finally cryed herself to sleep,so Dawn took her in her room and put her in bed,unawaere that there is more trouble coming.Back at the cave,the entrace burst open, and the monster slitherd though the forest with rage,all the way to Ann"s house,meanwhile Ann woke up from a nightmare and Dawn came to check on her and ask whats wrong,so Ann showed the jewal to her,but Dawn huged her and said Im just glad that your safe,then suddenly the monster crash though the window and grabs Ann and Dawn and destroys their home,then suddenly Ann used Chaos Control without knowing and teleported her mom,the monster,her relatives around the world and herself  to another world.In this other world,the monster,still holding Ann and her mom,flouts above the village below and lets out a migthy roar that shoke the ground and woke up the village elder and his wife. In the sky,Dawn told Ann to fight free,but after Ann used Chaos Control,she fainted ,so Dawn thinked fast,she grab her mirror,bit the monster"s hand,jump to Ann,hand her the mirror,then a flash of light filled the skies,the light traped the monster.First,the light carried Ann to the biggest tree in the village,hid the mirror in the tree,left Ann at the base of it as the elder and his wife saw what was going on,next it took the monster to the lake in the field in the cave and sealed it in a sword,then it joined the other lights and disappers to the north. Back at the village,the elder and his wife find a white wolf pup with red marks on her,thinking she is goddess,so they took her to their house to keep her safe,in the mouring,Ann woke up and she notice that her fur is white and not brown,then Mr.Tangerine came in and scare her and she grab him and threw him across the room,then Mrs.Tangerine and two kids came to see whats going on.Ann crawl up in a corner to hide,then the two kids,Lune and Lukio,spoke to her nicely,got her out of hiding and introduce her to their family,at the table,Mrs.Tangerine ask where she came from and what"s her name,then Ann said I don"t remember where I came from or my name,then Lukio asked What do you remember,

Ann thought hard,and said she only remembers that she was called Mouse,then Lune said Then that"s what we"ll call until you remember. At first,Mouse felt scared and alone,but her new friends made her feel more welcome,they even made a house for them to play in by the giant tree,but she only talked to them and avoid the rest of the village,and its been like that for some time until one night during the village"s yearly fastival,Mouse and her friends where playing in the village,when weird baboons in mask appered,scaring the villagers,the one tried to harm her friends,so she jump in and beaten it,seeing this,the other baboons came to fight and in seconds she beat them and they all fleed.  

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