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  • I live in in a world beyond space and time.
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is being the milkman.
  • I am male
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Zack, Advent Children
Well, hi there! I wasn't expecting you. You can read the title but to save you the trouble, I'm 

Hedgehogsonic11. I first came here googling what  Sonic's first name in the comics was years ago (It led me to Jules). I had gotten into the comics and read the first 50 through the Archives. Thanks to the wikia, I was able to get the others, and now I've read every main series comic, every Universe comic, and I'm catching up on Knuckles's series. I then sifted through the other pages, and found a wealth of Sonic knowledge I never knew before. I observed the wiki for years, until the Level Tournament. I just had to write some descriptions. So I joined.



My Sonic History

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My first Sonic videogame, and my FIRST EVER videogame was Sonic Heroes. I enjoyed the speed, and characters. I semi-enjoyed the level design. I enjoyed the platforming. I stopped playing the game after my cousin lost our memory card. I then, 4 years later, got Sonic Rivals 2, & 1, in that order, and was truly introduced to Sonic. I then got Secret Rings, but I had my cousin (the same one who lost my memory card) help (I couldn't even get past Lost Prolouge) Then I met my friend Jodel. He opened my eyes to the massive franchise. Thanks to him, I've seen some of the TV shows (X, Underground), read the comics, and own every main series game besides 06. He is the reason I am who I am in this series. A big shoutout goes to him. And if you've read this far, be sure to check out my Youtube channel. See ya! Oh, still here? OK then, I also like Kingdom Hearts, the occasional Mario, Final Fantasy VII, and Zelda. My favorite TV shows are Gravity Falls and Code Lyoko. I'm also checking Skies of Arcadia out.


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