Here are my Game Reviews in the order I got the games (If the game is available on more than one console, I own the Nintendo version):

Game Rating Compliments Complaints
Shadow the Hedgehog 9.5 (Awesome) Great plot, one is able to choose hero, villain, or neutral, many levels and missions, and great music Too much cursing, multiplayer mode could have been better, and graphics aren't too impressive
Sonic Heroes 7.5 (Meh) Many characters and teams, exhilerating sense of speed similar to old Sonic games, and great music Terrible voice acting *coughTailscough*, not much of a plot (but I suppose that's better than too much of a plot), and for the most part the game is too easy (except for Team Dark's stages).
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut 7.5 (Meh) Many characters for different modes, decent plot, and great music just like every Sonic game Sub-worlds are PURE TORTURE!, graphics are so-so, and some character's levels are quite boring (like Big the Cat's)
Sonic and the Secret Rings 8.0 (Decent) Great graphics and music(what Sonic game doesnt have good music?), decent multiplayer mode, returns to Sonic's 2D roots when he was realy something Some stages are insanely difficult, poor controls, and the multiplayer mode (although decent) needed some tweaking
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 10 (Perfect) Wide selection of characters from different Nintendo franchises (plus two third-party characters), several stages plus the option to create your own, many items to help spice up the matches, A great single player mode, and lots of stuff to collect (e.g. stickers, trophies, music, etc.) There are a few minor things I would have changed, but nothing major enought to keep the game from getting a perfect score.
Sonic Unleashed 9.5 (Awesome) Great music (surprise ain't it :p) and graphics, daytime stages are a blast zooming across the globe, Werehog stages are fun destroying everything, and a nice, simple plot compared to some other games. No multiplayer mode, Chip's voice acting is terrible, and it needed more balance between night and day stages.
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 9.0 (Great) Lots of characters, dialogue choices, POW moves, and sidequests Very poor replay value and terrible ending,

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