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  • I live in United States of America
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is Writer, despite suffering being trapped in my "prison suit"
  • I am Male
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FredCat, despite the repeating reports to his superiors.

Background Informations

Hello, I am FredCat100, also known as Fred, FredCat, Frederick, or iFredCat (rarely). I preferred being named as Fred or FredCat, rather than FredCat100.

I am a Sonic Fan since the issues #1 was released. And I had been collected and updated myself with the Sonic the Hedgehog comic until SEGA and Archie Comic terminated their partnership. But do not worry, I am still a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog even after that ended.

My zodiac month is Aries, which is a Fire Sign. That meant I can easy getting angry, but now I am working on put my emotion under control when I am here.

I was taught to have a comma in the sentence before the word "and". Here's an example;

  1. "The main Hedgehog characters as following; Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Silver the Hedgehog."

Whereas the common users usually wrote this sentence;

  1. "The main Hedgehog characters as following; Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog."

My birth date is April 7, 1988. Therefore, I am thirty years old.

My favorite page is this one - the introduce of Tangle the Lemur and the starting the friendship between Sonic and Tangle.

Here's the bogus trailer of Sonic Mania with Rosy the Rascal being rejected.

And yes, I have noticed that I made a good habit of asking first, editing later (though the words are inverted of what the picture was saying).

Games I rejected

1) Sonic Lost World
  • The story is poorly written.
  • The controller set-up is poor.
  • The new villains (Seven Deadly Sins) are useless, plus they miss one more to complete the roster.
2) Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I and Episode II
  • The story is incomplete.
  • The Poor Man's of Sonic Runners series.
3)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
  • The roster moves to harming the children.
  • It gains too many non-fighting related stuffs, like shops, Mii games, etc. that are unnecessary to be included.
  • It gains too many clones that it makes the gameplay plain and bored.
  • Classic Mode has lose its charm where N64/Melee/Brawl kept theirs.
  • All-Star Mode opens too early, whereas the previous games (Melee/Brawl) kept them locked until all characters are unlocked.
3) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • The roster continues gaining more children, which are unnecessary. Think about how poorly the children are in real-life!
  • Like "Mario Tennis Ace" is to "Mario Tennis 64", this game is to "Super Smash Bros. 4 Nintendo 3DS and Wii U", a completely ripoff.
  • This game is a myth to me, non-exist to me, and all illusions to me.


Sonic Universe #95

Here's the non-official released issue 95 of Sonic Universe: Sonic Universe #95 - Fan Restoration.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

I own Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, but it is now uninstalled as of November 20, 2018.

SEGA Heroes

I own SEGA Heroes. I am now Level 26 with 196 out of 3,950 experience points gained. My Arena Rank is 5125 and my Star collection from Campaign so far is 47. I have 18 out of 32 characters unlocked.

Characters gained so far (Sorted by Favors):

Actively Members (Power Points) Yellow-Colored
Skills: Points
Skills: Points
Skills: Points
Skills: Points
Currently on Team (2154) AiAi (Common)
Star: 3
Level 22 - Power 551
Banana Shower!: 5
Ei-Ei-Poo: 3
Monkey Ball Guard: 3
Done twice
Knuckles (Rare)
Star: 2
Level 20 - Power 426
Drill Claw: 3
Dig: 3
Short Temper: 3
Done once
Sonic (Epic)
Level 20 - Power 622
Spin Dash: 3
Sonic Boom: 3
Gotta Go Fast: 3
Done once
Amy Rose (Common)
Star: 4
Level 20 - Power 555
Hammer Attack: 3
Spin Hammer Attack: 3
Fighting Spirit: 2
Done once
Coming Up Second (2139) Cream and Cheese (Common)
Star: 4
Level 24 - Power 759
Chao Charge: 4
Dive Attack: 3
Cheer: 2
Done twice
Beat (Rare)
Star: 3
Level 17 - Power 460
Theater of Sound: 3
Beat This: 3
Smooth Moves: 3
Done once
Rouge (Rare)
Star: 2
Level 18 - Power 387
Charm Ray: 3
Screw Kick: 3
Acrobatic Prowess: 2
Done once
Gum (Rare)
Star: 3
Level 20 - Power 533
Minty Coal Flavor: 2
Pop!: 2
Graffiti Trainer: 2
Done once
Extras (1716) Captain Onishima (Epic)
Star: 4
Level 14 - Power 580
Call for Backup!: 3
Six Shooter: 2
Law, Order, and Justice: 1
Done once
Blaze Fielding (Common)
Star: 3
Level 16 - Power 365
Triple Strike: 2
Embukyaku Kick: 3
Blitz Fighter: 2
Done once
Rolf (Common)
Star: 2
Level 15 - Power 348
Megid: 2
Dimate: 2
Laconian Sword: 2
Done once
Big the Cat (Common)
Star: 3
Level 20 - Power 423
Whale!: 2
Gone Fishing: 2
A Big Friendly Cat: 3
Done once
Extras (1353) Death Adder (Epic)
Star: 3
Level 14 - Power 464
Ground Spike: 3
The Golden Axe: 2
Lord of Snakes: 2
Done once
Hibana (Common)
Star: 1
Level 17 - Power 246
Stealth Attack: 3
Futaba Blade Flurry: 2
The Scarlet Flower: 2
Done once
Ax Battle (Common)
Star: 1
Level 16 - Power 292
Earthshaker: 3
War Cry: 3
Battle Frenzy: 3
Done once
Gilius Thunderhead (Rare)
Star: 2
Level 16 - Power 351
Thunderbolt: 2
Body Check: 2
HardyConstitution: 2
Done once
Extras (609) Adam Hunter (Rare)
Star: 2
Level 16 - Power 351
Combo Kick: 3
Pipe Smash: 2
Bruiser: 2
Done once
N/A Ageha (Common)
Star: 1
Level 18 - Power 258
Ohkajin: 3
Ohga: 2
Shadow Dash: 2
Done once


I just realized that SEGA wanted Sonic the Hedgehog to have same behavior as Son Goku from Dragon Ball series and Judai Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX show, hence him not into the romance relationship.

I have learned that Sonic Mania Plus is actually re-released version of Sonic Mania. Plus is the version that has same storyline and characters as the original version, but with extra characters and options. So let's say that Sonic Mania Plus is SEGA's Hyrule Warrior Legend and Sonic Mania is SEGA's Hyrule Warrior. Only the differences between Sonic and Zelda are the Downloadable characters in the original game, and Zelda versions are on two different consoles (Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) in where Sonia Mania series were released on same consoles (Nintendo Wii U, Xbox ONE, and Playstation 4). Also, Plus gave Encore Mode, which is an extra story mode, like the aftermath event of Hyrule Warrior Legend, but with the stages being reused instead.


Sonic Forces

"Called it" Versions:

1) It's possible that Classic Sonic, in Sonic Forces, is from another universe. Eggman, who played the boss during the first Classic Stage in the Demo, confirmed this. Lockhqu picked up that line from the Demo - though no solid source, unless you check the YouTube video of the Demo.

The reason why this was supportable, the developing staffs of Sonic Forces claimed that both Sonics are 15 years old in the game. That meant in the alternative universe (where Classic Sonic was in) from Sonic Forces never had those events (Sonic Adventure series, Sonic Heroes, and all those events up to Sonic Generations) happened. Meanwhile all events in Sonic Forces did happened, however without have Modern Sonic intercepting them at all.
  • Another Dimension: As opposed to Generations, in which Classic Sonic is the same Sonic as Modern Sonic, but as his past self, Forces establishes that Classic Sonic crossed dimensions to reach the world where Forces takes place.
Also, it confirmed that Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces has worked with Modern Sonic from before, but it was Modern Sonic that suffered the short term memory loss and had forgotten all about Classic Sonic upon their reunion.
Furthermore, Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces is indeed coming from Sonic Mania.
Later, it confirmed that Classic Sonic was indeed the same hedgehog as he was in Sonic Generations - It was Modern Sonic that couldn't remember Classic Sonic well during the event of Sonic Forces.

2) Infinite may have the Phantom Ruby hide somewhere in him, which made him in the permanently Super State, similar to Heavy King after he became Phantom King at one point (though the Phantom Ruby is seen on top of King's latest form). Lest until Sonic found way to knock Infinite down during the event of Sonic Forces...

The reason of possible confirmed: The Phantom Ruby Prototype exists now, so it's possible for Infinite to possess that.
Indeed, Infinite does possess the Phantom Ruby Prototype on his chest and it was saying to be the final Prototype for Infinite to use.

3) It is confirmed that Infinite used to be a civilian - the Jackal Civilian, later the Ultimate Jackal Mercenary of Jackal Squad, during Episode Shadow of Sonic Forces game. After that, he became to that of Infinite as in the main game because of Shadow.

Jossed Versions:

1) Ones claimed that Infinite is the evil doppelganger of Sonic the Hedgehog. This was proved wrong because he had a bat-like ears (too large to be Sonic's ears, but it's a mask, which is possible) and thick canine tail (too thick to be hedgehog's tail, therefore discouraged this theory).

The reason of jossed: Infinite was seen as the separate character and was building from ground-up during the recently trailer release.

2) There are three possible theories on this source (Now with the released of Sonic Forces, all theories listed here are jossed):

A) One said that Infinite was original a civilian that Eggman kidnapped and built that civilian into Infinite out of his pure hatred on Sonic the Hedgehog.
B) One also said that Infinite was the original creation that Eggman built from ground-up, again out of his pure hatred on Sonic the Hedgehog.
C) And my theory; Similar to Pokémon: The First Mewtwo Strikes Back movie, Eggman perhaps found a DNA from Avatar and created Infinite from that DNA as a clone, then weaponized Infinite an armor, much like Mewtwo in robot suit.
This was jossed because it revealed that Infinite is the ultimate jackal mercenary, as seen in Episode Shadow.

3) Originally believed that Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces was the entire different hedgehog from the one in previous hedgehog duo appearance, however, this was jossed because 'twas Modern Sonic that forgot all about Classic Sonic upon their reunion.

Additional, it would be possible that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is the game Forces!Classic Sonic worked with Modern Sonic. This was however jossed since Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is one of the non-canon games.


Chameleon Sisters

As claimed in Salma the Chameleon article, under the Trivia section, it was believe that Salma's mother would be NICOLE the Holo-Lynx due to her hair being inherited from NICOLE.

Would it mean that Salma and Juanita are half-sisters if the above theory has proved true?


This section covered all stuffs that don't meet the comparison is intentional

Sonic Boom Television Program

Alone Again, Unnaturally


Sonic's Power Switched/Duplicated


  • There are two episodes that included a trivial on Sonic the Comic Issue #39; "Sonic No More".
    • The Meteor
      • This episode referred to "Sonic No More" issue, which they both "switched" their colors - however, in the Episode; they switched their bodies, while in the issue, it's the color that moved from Sonic to Ivo Robotnik.
    • Eggheads
      • This episode has similar situation to the issue, however, Eggman used the different idea from what Ivo Robotnik of Sonic the Comic thought up. This episode had Eggman pluck a fur from Sonic and ate it through the baked cookie to become "Blue Eggman", in where the issue had Grimer transferred Sonic's speed ability from Sonic to Ivo Robotnik, also transferring the blue color from Sonic to Robotnik.
Time Wrap Idea Reused


  • The 'Time Immobilizing Ray' idea that appeared in Sonic Super Special Issue 5 had freeze the residents of the Great Forest with exception of Sonic. That idea was retooled into, or almost resembled to, the Sonic Boom episode; New Year's Retribution. In that episode, Eggman decided to slow down time in order to complete his previous resolution of defeating Sonic. In both short stories, Sonic and his villain were the only one remained unaffected by the device that had the residents in respective locations slow or freeze in the time.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comic

Original Quote
Wedding Call-Back
  • in Sonic the Hedgehog #156, the plot of Patch and Sally's wedding was similar to that of Doctor Octopus almost marrying Aunt May in The Amazing Spider-Man #133.

Sonic the Hedgehog Mobius 25-Years Later (Unaltered)


Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Comic

  • Called it.
  • This trivia has been removed at least twice, so I moved it here - "Since Ian Flynn later confirmed that the Metal Virus was made as a replacement for the Roboticizer from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics, the creation of the Zombots could have been done in purpose or as a coincidence."
Issue #3 - Easter Egg
Issue #9 - Movie Reference
Issue #11 - Easter Egg
Issue #13 - Called Back
Issue #18 - Characters Return
Issue #19 - Character Return
Issue #19 - Character(s) Return MKII
Issue #21 - JoJo Bizarre Adventure Meme
Issue #21 - Abandoned Thou Ship Idea
  • When Tails had to sacrifice his Cyclone, that idea was reused from this issue and its following issue, where Eggman had to sacrifice his walk-modified Egg Mobile in order to escape the battle. The only difference that Eggman used his carrier as weapon/bomb to distract his opponent while Tails straightened out abandoning his.
Tangle & Whisper Issue #3; Alternative Cover

Sonic Heroes Game

Team Sonic vs. Team Rose


Team Sonic Racing Game

Ascended Meme
  • "This is fine" ~Big the Cat, whenever he succeeded striking down his opponent.
Eggheads Reference
The cookies being mentioned.
  • Amy Rose once mentioned this quote; "If Eggman offered me a cookie I wouldn't eat it, because I'd be pretty sure that there was something wrong with the cookie." - that quote is referred to the Evil Cookie that produced by Dr. Eggman during Eggheads episode of Sonic Boom television show.

Mario & Sonic Game

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
    • This is also the first game where Peach and Daisy do not wear their usual sports wear.

Character Details

Separated at Birth
  • Who would have guess that Gold the Tenrec and Whisper the Wolf are separated at birth... I meant, look at their colors, their preference of clothes, and their choice of partner (Silver the Hedgehog)?

Chaos Emeralds

Not used as an important items in the main stories...
  • The following games that didn't including the Chaos Emeralds as important items in the main stories; "Sonic Colors", "Sonic Loser World", and "Sonic Forces".
    • However, in "Sonic Forces", Chaos Emeralds were adding in via Download Contents, granting both Sonics to transforming into Super Sonics.

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