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Hi I'm FlopiSega (or also known as Flopii me) I'm a big fan of Cream The Rabbit since I have 5 years began to enter the Wiki for a reason to look for a character Blaze The Cat Sonic sought more information from her and saw everywhere a page that said Blaze the Cat-Sonic News Network, the Sonic Wiki between curiosity and I see a lot of information from it then saw and saw more and more and from that time and then I check with my username FlopiSega. &nbsp Well about me I started to like Sonic at 5 years and my first game I played was Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) can win the game excites me the truth that much from there I started to like Sonic in a computer game called Sonic Flash Sonic had 4 persoanjes, Tails, Knuckles and Cream from that time I encnato Cream and I said "it is great my favorite Sonic" then with my PlayStation 2 my first game in a concole Sonic Riders Zero Gravity was at first had very few characters and I like playing with girls and had Amy and Wave do not know why but I started to like Wave juge always with her until ... as a new character Cream unlocked and then returned with my Nintendo Cream Ds I met an incredible character Blaze the Cat a very nice cat and also surprised me as I was so fond of Cream's why my favorite characters are Cream Blaze Wave and they are great.


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  1. Sonic is very handsome :3
  2. I want to go to Sega >.<
  3. Anime and Manga are amazing!

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  • "Hi"
  • "If I win"
  • "Wii if I have to unlock Cream Cream wii"
  • "Sure"
  • "I love doing things for my friends"
  • "No fair .... finished second again for the first"
  • ":)"
  • "I told you so"
  • "Hi wanna be friends?"
  • "Cream is amazing"

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