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Chapter 9: The Truth Revealed

thumb|300px|right|"I want to know everything..."

Part 1: ~The Protectors~

Alt: I want to know everything. I want to know why the sky was changing colors, what a Protector of Chaos is, and most importantly, I want to know why you lied to me...

?: Yes, Alter.

Alt: Shadow?!

Shadow, Omega, and Metal Sonic walked up to Alter.

Alt: Shadow, how long were you guys here?

Shad: Hmph! I'm the one who arranged the whole thing.

Alt: What?! Why? I don't understand...

Shad: It's better to explain somewhere else. We're too out in the open. Let's go to Club Rouge.

R: Oh no you don't! I haven't had time to clean up! And besides, there are WAY too many people. Something is bound to come up missing.

Amy: Are you seriously worried about someone stealing from you?

R: Why, of course!

Amy: Hmph!

Shad: Rouge!

R: Hmph!

Alt: Sigh... Let's just go to my house. I have plenty of room.

Shad: Very well. Lead the way.

Everyone followed Alter to Alter's Palace. Once inside, everyone took a seat in Alter's living room.

Shad: Hmm... Nice place you got here, Alter.

Alt: Tell me everything, now.

Shad: Right. What would you like to start with?

Alt: The sky... Why was it changing colors?

Shad: Ah, yes... It all began with the Doctor. You see, he was trying to awaken Chaos.

Alt: Chaos?

Shad: Chaos is the God of Destruction. When it collects all seven Chaos Emeralds, it becomes Perfect Chaos.

Alt: But how is this related to the sky changing colors?

Shad: This has everything to do with the sky changing colors. The Doctor managed to steal the Chaos Emeralds from their so-called guardian, Knuckles.

R: Ha ha.

Amy nudges Rouge in the ribs.

R: Ouch!

Amy: Shhh!

Alt: I've heard that Knuckles is very powerful, so this isn't making sense.

Shad: Knuckles is very powerful, but he can easily be tricked. The Doctor had Orbot and Cubot distract him while he stole the emeralds and proceded to Holy Summit. There, he would awaken Chaos. Knuckles, finally seeing pass Orbot and Cubot's trick, immediately setted his sights on stopping the Doctor. But the Doctor had already successfully awakened Chaos. Alright, Rouge. Take it from here.

R: Basically, to sum up everything Shadow was about to say...

Shadow glares at Rouge.

R: ...Knuckles fails at trying to stop Eggman from feeding the Chaos Emeralds to Chaos. But then, Sonic shows up with Tails not too far behind and uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic. Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos begin to fight, but then the Master Emerald began to glow very brightly. The light from the Master Emerald... was triggered by Tikal.

Alt: Tikal?!

R: Yes. She appeared and instantly calmed Chaos. Chaos reverted back to its normal form and Sonic returned to normal as well. Now, this is where we get to the sky changing colors.

Alt: Finally...

R: Even though Tikal calmed down Chaos, she wasn't going to leave empty handed. Ha ha, I know I wouldn't! She took the Chaos Emeralds back with her and Chaos went back to sleep. But later that day, the sky began to glow a ruby red.

Alt: Yeah, that was the first time I noticed the sky was changing colors! I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

R: During that night, Knuckles was engulfed by a bright, red light. He soon came back with the Ruby Chaos Emerald. He said that Tikal had trusted him with that Chaos Emerald and that he had been chosen to be a Protector of Chaos.

Alt: That's exactly what happened to me...

R: Hey, Pinky! Tell him the rest for me... Pretty please.

Amy: Oh, alright! The next night the sky glowed a saphire blue. But we never knew who had the Saphire Chaos Emerald until Silver came into our timeline and told us what happened. Then, my hero Sonic got the Topaz Chaos Emerald during the night when the sky was glowing topaz yellow. Oh, Sonic! Hee hee! We will get married one of these days!

Silv: Uh, Amy?

Amy: Oh! Sorry! The next night was Shadow's night to shine. He got the Emerald Chaos Emerald.

Shad: Hmph! And the Doctor tried to take it as soon as I got back from Tikal's Altar. An epic fail for the Doctor, of course.

Blz: Tails recieved the Diamond Chaos Emerald the next night. And in my dimension, I recieved the Cyan Chaos Emerald.

Alt: And that leaves me with the Amethyst Chaos Emerald. But, I still don't understand what exactly is a Protector of Chaos.

Shad: A Protector of Chaos is exactly what the title says.

Alt: Are you saying that we were selected by Tikal to protect... Chaos?

Shad: That's right. Together, we are The Protecctors. Each of us have been trusted with a Chaos Emerald to guard with our lives and to prevent Chaos from becoming Perfect Chaos ever again. We cannot allow the Doctor to get his hands on any of the them.

Alt: For it would me nothing but pain and suffering for us all, right?

Shad: I see you understand our situation.

Alt: Yes, but there's still one more thing I haven't learned.

Shad: And what's that?

Alt: You said it yourself. You arranged the WHOLE thing.

Part 2: ~The Mission~

Shad: Alter, do you remember what I said before we left you alone at Emerald Town's jewelry store?

Alt: Yeah. You said something about reporting back to G.U.N.

Shad: And that's exactly what we did. You see, G.U.N. ordered Rouge and myself to get back the Chaos Emerald that Tails failed to protect from the Doctor. I was assigned to check out Central City and Central Highway for any signs of the Doctor. But I had no luck. The Doctor was nowhere in sight. As I was just getting ready to leave, I noticed that the sky was starting to glow an amethyst purple. At first, I thought I had been chosen to guard another Chaos Emerald. But that's when I saw you.


Alt: Did all of that really just happen?

Alter looked down at the stone he was still holding.

Alt: So, it was all real. Everything.

?: Yes, it was, said a voice.


R: Around that time, I was infiltrating the Doctor's not-so-secret base, Gimme Shelter, in Night Babylon with Omega. We found the Chaos Emerald almost too easily. I knew this had to be a trap. And sure enough, there was Metal Sonic. He started to come after me, but Omega intercepted him. Then, the Doctor appeared with at least 30 Egg Pawns.


R: Or so we thought. Omega and I escaped Gimme Shelter and made our way to Emerald Town to deliver the emerald to Tails.


Shad: What! That's how the Doctor caught up to you?!

R: Hey, what can I say?

Shad: You could've jeopardized the mission!

R: Yeah, but I didn't.

Shad: Grrr...

R: Well, yes. The Doctor did catch up and we were forced into the store by the Doctor's freshly made Egg Pawns.


R: Yes, Omega. We all know it was you.


R: Yes, yes, Omega. Well Alter, you should know the rest of that tale.

Alt: Such as the clicking chair?

R: Mmm... Right. The clicking chair...

Shad: I still can't believe you got knocked out by the Doctor.

R: I told you I was trying to escape! He snucked up behind me and judo-chopped me!

Amy: OMG! That is so embarrassing!

R: You're telling me! I don't think Shadow's ever going to forget that...

Shad: Nope.


R: Oh, not you too Omega...

Shad: Hmph! Alright, now to our report to G.U.N.

Part 3: ~The Investigation~

Shad: After we left, we arrived at G.U.N.'s headquaters. Once inside, we reported to the Commander. The Commander was pleased with our success in retrieving the emerald, and even more pleased when I told him about you.

Alt: What exactly did you tell him about me?

Shad: I just told him that you are a Chosen One and that I believe you were capable of protecting your emerald. But, the Commander wasn't entirely convinced that you could be trusted. He wanted to know if you really would devote yourself into helping us until the very end. He also wanted to know if you were pure of heart and willing to help others in need. I tried to tell him that it wasn't necessary to do anything, as I believed that you could be trusted after seeing with my own eyes that you really could handle the Doctor.

R: Hey, Shadow! You're making it seem like you were the only one there!


R: See? Omega thinks so too.

Shad: Hmph! You and Omega didn't say anything important!

R: But we were still there!

E-123 Ω: I CONCUR.

Shad: Hmph! Anyway, the Commander had his mind made up. So, he ordered me to start investigating you.

Blz: Silver and I will take it from here, Shadow.

Shad: Fine.

Blz: Alright, Alter. Before I tell you how Silver and I got involved in the investigation, their is something that you need to know.

Alt: If it's about your battle with Orbot and Cubot, then save your breath. I figured it was all a lie when Silver attacked me.

Silv: Uh, yeah... Sorry about that.

Alt: Just get on with it.

Blz: ...Right. After Shadow got his orders to start the investigation on you, he immediately contacted myself and Silver. He asked us to come up with a plan to get closer to you. I opened a portal with the Sol Emeralds right in front of you and pretended to be in a coma.

Silv: While you were helping Blaze, I was keeping an eye on you from a nearby building, observing your actions. I was completely shocked when you used Chaos Control because I had no idea where you and Blaze were teleported to.{{}}

Alt: Hmm... Keep going.

Blz: After I left your house Alter, I did go see Amy and Cream. But I also had to inform Silver of my whereabouts.

R: Mmm... And I thought I was sneaky...

Shad: Don't interrupt!

R: Well, excuse me!

Blz: Once I was at Amy's Room in Central City, Amy and Cream welcomed me in right away.

Amy: Yep! Blaze was so happy to see us, right Cream?

Crm: She sure was! I've never seen Blaze so happy before!

Blaze begins to blush from embarrassment.

Blz: I... was just a little happy to see you two...


Blz: Quiet!

Crm: Hee hee!

Blz: Ugh!

Silv: Umm... I guess I'll take it from here. Blaze used her Sol Emeralds to home in on my location. When she found me, she told me that you were resting, which was very perfect for us. You see, Blaze and I also had a little mission of our own. In the future, their is a dark figure who is destroying my world.

Alt: What does that have to do with me?

Silv: The Dark Fang.

Alt: What are you talking about?

Silv: In my future, you are the Dark Fang. I wasn't too sure at first that you were the same guy from my future, but after what I just saw, I'd say you match the Dark Fang perfectly. You have terrorized this planet for centuries!

Shad: Now I'm interested.

Amy: That's crazy! Alter would never do that!

Blz: It's true, Amy. Alter has some dark power sleeping inside of him. You saw it yourself.

Amy: Yeah, but...

Silv: The only way I can prevent the future from getting devestated by the Dark Fang is to either destroy the dark power dormant in Alter.

R: Or?

Blz: Destroy Alter.

R: I suggest we try the first one! So, how do you do that?

Silv: The plan was to destroy the dark power while it is weak, which is here in the past. But apparentley, even here in the past, the dark power is still too strong to destroy. It's pointless! The future will remain exactly as it is!

Alt: If what you say is true, then I will submit to you.

R & Amy: What are you saying?!

Alt: I won't allow the Dark Fang to continue his ambitions, even if it means I have to sacrifice myself to prevent that from happening.

Amy: Oh, Alter!

Amy begins to cry.

Shad: That's pretty bold of you... Silver, their has to be another way to save your future.

Silv: I'm afraid not.

Meph: (You can't be serious...)

Alt: (Mephiles? What do you mean? Of course I'm serious! I won't use your power anymore. Not if it means the destruction of the future.)

Meph: (You say you're serious? Well, for starters, you haven't even mentioned me yet.)

Alt: (Well...)

Meph: (And I can train you to master umbrakinesis. That way, the Dark Fang will never show up and you won't have to die. Think about it.)

Silv: Well, Alter... Are you ready? The sooner we do this, the sooner the future will be safe again.

Alt: Sorry. I've had a change of heart.

Silv: Wh-!

Alter begins to charge up his dark power.

Silv: No!

Shad: Quick! Everyone attack him! Chaos Spear!

Everyone sends their best attack towards Alter, but he blocks it with a barrier of ice and dark energy.

Alt: It's no use! Chaos Control!

Meph: (Mwahahahahaha!)

Alter is warpped away.

Shad: Noooooo!

Silv: All hope for the future is lost...

Amy: Alter...


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