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Chapter 8: Feel The Darknessthumb|300px|right|"Feel the darkness. Embrace the darkness."

Alt: Mephiles... the Dark? Are you the evil that Silver was talking about?

Meph: Evil is... an understatement. I am the darkness that sleeps in the Amethyst emerald.

Alt: How did you get inside me?

Meph: When you first used Chaos Control to escape Tikal's sacred altar, I was transferred from the Chaos Emerald into you.

Alt: So, how do I get you back in the emerald?

Meph: Why would you want to do that? So long as I am in you, my power... is your power.

Alt: Tell me, what exactly is your power?

Meph: Umbrakinesis. So long as I am in you, you can use umbrakinesis to manipulate shadows and darkness.

Alt: So, how do I use it?

Meph: Feel the darkness. Embrace the darkness.

Alt: ...Which is you, right?

Meph: Yes. I am the darkness.

Alt: The darkness that sleeps in the Amethyst Emerald... Feel the darkness. Embrace the darkness... I know what to do.

Meph: Yes...

Mephiles appears in his gaseous form in front of Alter.

Meph: It is time for you to return to reality.

Mephiles spins around Alter. Alter closes his eyes and and breathes in calmly.


Silv: No! How could this happen?!

Blz: Silver, what's wrong?

Silv: Ugh! The evil power is beginning to awake! It's too strong... It's impossible for me to destroy it like this!

A purple aura begins to stir around Alter.

Blz: What's happening to him?

Silv: I'm not sure...

Alt: Heh heh heh!

Blaze approaches Alter slowly.

Blz: A-Alter?

Silv: Blaze! Get back!

Blz: Wh-!

Alt: Rrraaaaah!!!!

Alter increases his dark power.

Silv: Ugh!

Silver loses his hold on Alter.

Alt: Ha ha ha! Dark Storm!

Alter sends a single sphere of dark energy up to the sky and it bursts into many streams of energy that came crashing down on Central City, destroying many buildings in the process.

Silv: Oh no! Blaze! We have to stop him!

Alt: Hmph! You both will not leave here alive! Shadow Down!

A black hole begins to consume Silver and Blaze beneath their feet.

Silv & Blz: Aaaaah!

Alt: HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Blz: Alter, stop!

Alt: Why should I? You led me into a trap!

Silv: Ugh! We were only trying to help you!

Alt: Help me? Ha!

Blz: Please, Alter! You have to believe us! That power is corrupting you!

Alt: Corrupting... me?

Blz: Yes! You can't control it, but you can stop what you're doing!

Meph: (Don't listen to them Alter!)

Alt: Mephiles?

Meph: (Use your new power and finish them!)

Alt: My new power...

Blz: Silver! Who is he talking to?

Silv: Uh, Blaze... We have a problem of our own right now.

Silver and Blaze are sinking lower into the void.

Alt: Heh heh heh!

Blz: Looks like this is it...

?: Stop!

Alt: Huh?

Amy: Alter! Let them go!

Alt: Amy?

Crm: Please, Mr. Alter, listen to Amy!

Chee: Chao, chao!

Alt: Cream and Cheese too...

R: Alter!

Alt: Rouge?!


R: Mmm... Who's your handsome friend, Shadow?

Alt: I am Alter.

Shad: He's one of the... Chosen Ones.


Alt: STOP!!!!

Alter's attack ended and Silver and Blaze were freed. Alter returns to his normal state.

Silv: Whew... that was a close one.

Blz: Ugh... You were wreckless Silver...

Rouge runs over to Alter.

R: Alter! Are you ok?

Alter looked around at all of the damage he did to Central City.

Alt: I-I'll be fine.

Silv: Their's no question about it. He really is the one! You were right Blaze.

Blz: I didn't think he would be able to use that much power.

Alt: Alright, that's enough! I want answers. Now.


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