Chapter 7: It's a Trapthumb|right|300px|"Their's some kind of evil power..."

?: Aaah!

Amy: Huh? What was that?

Blz: Let's go see.

Everyone rushed out of Alter's house and witnessed a chaotic scene. Rouge was being attacked by a group of Egg Pawns.

Alt: Rouge!

R: Oh, Alter! We really must stop meeting like this!

Alt: Uh... What's going on here?

R: Eggman is trying to capture me so that he can use me as bait to lure in Shadow.

Alt: Not if I can help it. Cryo B-

Blz: No Alter!

Alt: Blaze! Why are you stopping me?! We have to help Rouge!

Blz: No. We have to find Silver.

Alt: But what about Rouge?

Amy: Don't worry Alter! Cream and I can take care of these Egg Pawns!

Blz: You see?

Alt: ...Fine. Let's go.

R: What! You're gonna leave me in the hands of Pinky?!

Amy: Hmph! I think we should leave her to the Egg Pawns!

Crm: Amy! You know we can't do that!

Chee: Chaoo!

R: Come on, Pinky! I was just kidding!

Amy: Hmph!

R: Tell you what, if you help me out of this, I'll help you get Sonic.

Amy: Sonic?! Well what are we waiting for?! Let's go Cream!

Crm: Yeah!

Blz: Let's get out of here Alter.

Alt: ...Right.

Alter and Blaze left Rouge in the care of Amy and Cream and headed for Central City.

Alt: So, how do we find Silver?

Blz: ...

Alt: Blaze?

Blz: Their is no need to find Silver.

Alt: What? What do you mean?

Blz: Now Silver!

Alt: Wha-!

A white hedgehog stepped out from behind a building.

Silv: Psychic Control!

Alt: Ugh! ...

Silv: ...

Blz: ...What do you see?

Silv: Their's some kind of evil power sleeping inside of him.

Blz: Evil?

Silv: Yeah.

Blz: Can you destroy it?

Silv: I can try...

Silver began to use more of his power to try to destroy the evil power dormant in Alter.

Alt: Aaaah!

Blz: Silver! You're hurting him!

Silv: I don't have a choice Blaze! I need to deal with this now!

Alt: Aaaah!

Blz: Silver, he's losing consciousness!

Silv: I'm almost done.

Alter began to hear a voice in his mind.


?: Alter...

Alt: Uh...

?: Alter...

Alt: Huh? Who's there? Who's calling me?

Meph: I am Mephiles... the Dark.


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