Chapter 6: Recuperation

?: Chao! Chao!

Alt: Huh?

?: I think you're right Cheese. He's waking up!

Alt: Huh? Who's there?

?: Let's go tell Blaze and Amy, Cheese!

Chee: Chaooo!

Alt: Huh?

Alter opened his eyes and saw a little bunny and a chao running out of his room.

Alt: Who are they? And what are they doing in my house?

Alter got out of bed and put his shoes back on. Alter then makes his way downstairs and finds Blaze with a pink hedgehog and the bunny with her chao in his living room.

Blz: I see you're awake, sleepy-head.

Alt: Uh...

Alter scratches his head.

Amy: Hi Alter! I'm Amy Rose. And this is Cream and her chao, Cheese.

Chee: Chao!

Crm: Cheese says "It's nice to meet you, Alter!"

Alt: Uh... Yeah. How long was I sleeping?

Blz: Just a few hours. So, how do you feel?

Alt: Mmm...

Alter stretched his arms.

Alt: I feel great!

Blz: Good. I thought you would.

Alt: Alright, lets go find Silver!

Blz: No, Alter. You need to eat something!

Alt: Eat?

Blz: Yes. Eating is just as important as sleeping. It's what you need.

Amy: Yeah! Come on Alter! We made a pizza while you were sleeping.

Crm: Yaaay! Pizza!

Chee: Chaooo!

Blz: Well?

Alt: Oh, alright...

Crm: Yaaay!

Chee: Chaooo!

After the meal, Amy and Cream cleaned everything up while Alter talked with Blaze.

Alt: So, Blaze...

Blz: Yeah?

Alt: You never told me what happened to you.

Blz: That's because you never asked.

Alter smirked.

Blz: I suppose you deserve to know what happened... Alright. Listen closely. Before you found me, I was in the middle of a very fierce battle with Orbot and Cubot alongside Silver.

Alt: Who are they?

Blz: Orbot and Cubot are Eggman's... little underlings. They don't look tough, but when they are controlling a colossal robot made by Eggman himself, they can be really dangerous. Silver and I fought with everything we had, but in the end, they managed to take my Chaos Emerald.

Alt: You're a Protector of Chaos too?!

Blz: Yes. Now, you said that when you found me, I had fallen out of a portal... Is that correct?

Alt: Yeah, that's right.

Blz: Then the Sol Emeralds must have saved me.

Alt: The Sol Emeralds?

Blaze took out her Sol Emeralds and showed them to Alter.

Alt: ...!

Blz: Wow, you're speechless. They're beautiful, aren't they?

Alt: Yes. They have that same shine as the Chaos Emeralds.

Blz: I am the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Only I can use their true power.

Blaze put up the Sol Emeralds.

Blz: Sigh. If only I had used their power... I could have helped Silver. I have no idea if he's ok or not. He can be pretty insecure, especially when he's alone. That's why I have to know... if he survived.

Alt: Well, sitting here and doing nothing isn't going to help. We have to go find him now.

Blz: ...Yes. It's time.


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