Chapter 2: Captured Agent

?: I see you have a Chaos Emerald.

Alt: A Chaos Emerald?

?: Yes, confirmed the black hedgehog. Each Chaos Emerald holds power of its own. This power can then be used to distort space and time, allowing one to travel through time and spacial dimensions. That process is called Chaos Control.

Alt: So that's what that echidna girl was talking about before she disappeared.

?: Echidna girl? Hmph! Sounds like you met Tikal in there.

Alt: So her name is Tikal... Do you know her?

?: No, not really.

Alt: Well, who are you then?

Shad: I am Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog, and you?

Alt: I am Alter the Wolf.

Shad: Well Alter, I should get you out of here.

Alt: Why?

Shad: You're not safe now that you have that emerald. The Doctor will likely be trying to track your location to come take it.

Alt: You mean Dr. Eggman?

Shad: So you've heard of him I presume? Then I shouldn't have to tell you how dangerous he can be.

Alt: I've only heard rumors about Dr. Eggman but I'm sure I can take him on.

Shad: Hmph! You sure are confident.

<beep-beep, beep-beep!>

Alt: What is that?

Shad: That's my G.U.N. communicator.

<beep-beep, beep-beep!>

Alt: You work for G.U.N.?

Shad: Yes, let's see who this is.

Shadow answers his communicator.

?: Shadow!, cried a female's voice. Eggman's spotted me with a Chaos Emerald! I need help!

Shad: Where are you Rouge?

R: I'm at Emerald Town's jewelry store, of course!

Shadow shakes his head.

Shad: I'll be there soon.<click!>

Shadow looks at Alter thoughtfully.

Shad: Hey, Alter! You heard everything right?

Alt: Yes. It sounds like this Rouge person needs your help.

Shad: That's right. Why don't you come along? I want to see if you can really handle the Doctor.

Alt: Very well, but don't get in my way.

Shadow smirks.

Shad: Hmph! That's my line!

Shadow pulls out his Emerald green Chaos Emerald.

Alt: Oh, so you have one too?

Shad: Yes, here we go.

Shadow lifts his emerald in the air.

Shad: Chaos Control!

Alter and Shadow are transported to Emerald Town's jewelry store. Alter looks around.

Alt: I don't see Dr. Eggman anywhere.

Shad: He and Rouge must be inside. Let's go, but be cautious. I'm sure the Doctor will have something waiting for us inside.

Alt: Right.

Alter and Shadow enter the store and find the place a mess.

Alt: Their must have been quite a battle going on.

Egg Pawns can be seen blown to smithereens all over the floor. Shadow examines an Egg Pawn.

Shad: Hmm... Their's no way Rouge could have done this by herself. If I had to guess, I'd say she had Omega with her when Eggman attacked.

Alt: Who is Omega?

Shad: You'll see. Let's move on. We have to get to Rouge quickly. Omega's strong, but he is not invincible.

Shadow starts to tinker with his communicator.

Alt: What are you doing?

Shad: I'm going to use my communicator to track Rouge's location through her communicator.

<beep-beep, beep-beep...>

Shad: Found her! She's three floors above us. We'll take this elevator.

Alt: Or we could take the big hole that's in the ceiling over there.

Shadow observed the big hole in the ceiling.

Shad: That would be the work of Omega. He probably did that as an escape route for himself and Rouge. But maybe we should just take the elevator. It's too high for us to just simply jump up to.

Alt: That's why you have me.

Shadow watched as Alter created a platform of ice out of thin air.

Shad: How did you do that?

Alt: I can use cryokinesis to control and even create ice out of thin air.

Alter and Shadow stepped onto the platform and Alter navigated the platform upwards to the third floor.

Shad: Excellent. Rouge is very close now.

Alt: Hey Shadow, do you hear something clicking?

Shad: Hmm, yes. It's coming from behind this door.

Shadow opens the door and finds Rouge tied up to a chair with tape around her mouth.


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