Chapter 12: The Darkness Unleashed

Part 1: Alter vs. Jake

Alter: Now, where were we?

Jake: I was about to tear you to pieces for threatening my master!

Alter: Hmph! Let's see you try.

Jake: Chaos Blade!

Jake charged at Alter, full speed. Alter countered and created a blade of his own out of ice infused with darkness.

Jake: Ha! You think you can best an expert swordsman like me? This will be over in no time.

Alter: You talk too much.

Alter and Jake clashed together. However, Jake was right. Alter didn't stand a chance in bladed combat. Instead, Alter began to use a series of Dark Palms which surprisingly appeared to be an effective counter measure against the blows of Jake's blade. The two kept on trying and trying to hit one another, but they always ended up clashing. Finally, Alter hit Jake in the ribs and sent him flying into an ice wall! Alter charged at Jake and yelled, "Where's your master now?" Jake quickly spun Alter around and smashed him into the ice wall.

Jake: Is this what you want for yourself? To become what you want to destroy? Look at yourself, Alter! Look at what you have become!

Alter looked at the wall of ice and saw his reflection. He looked at his eyes and noticed that they glowed purple, just like the Dark Fang's eyes.

Alter: H-how could this have happened?

Jake: You did this to yourself.

Alter: What can I do? I've taken out everyone! I can't go back now!

Jake: It's not too late. Just let go, Alter. Let go.

Alter: I- I...

Mephiles: (What do you think you are doing? Finish him!)

Alter: (You... Syber was right about you...)

Mephiles: (No. Do not believe his lies. I am helping you change the future by preventing you from becoming the Dark Fang.)

Alter: (Enough! My eyes show that you have been using me. I am not your puppet anymore. Now watch as I change the future.)

Mephiles: (You have no idea who you are dealing with.)

Alter: (Sigh. Syber, I know you are listening. Silence him.)

Alter can hear Mephiles in his mind in pain, assuring him that Syber did just that.

Alter: Jake, I need you to contact Rouge. Tell her to bring the Emeralds.

Jake: Understood.

Jake takes out his G.U.N. communicator and proceeds to contact Rouge.

<beep beep... beep beep...>

Rouge: Rouge speaking.

Jake: Rouge. This is Jake. Bring the Chaos Emeralds.

Rouge: Oh, I don't think so! Not with all of this madness going on!

Amy snatches Rouge's communicator out of her hand.

Rouge: Hey!

Amy: Yeah, Jake! What are you thinking?!

Jake: I've convinced Alter. He's going to cooperate.

Amy: Really?! That's wonderful! Hurry up, Rouge! Let's get back to them!

Rouge: I hear you, Pinky.

Rouge ends the call.

Jake: They'll be here soon Alter.

Alter: Yes, all of this will be over soon. I will correct my mistakes.

About 5 minutes later, Rouge, Amy, Cream, and Omega arrive with the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge looks around the area at the unconscious bodies of Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Tails, and Knuckles. Rouge and Omega step over to Shadow. Rouge smirks.

Rouge: Hm... I've never seen Shadow so... Oh, what's the word?


Rouge: Haha. He looks so peaceful down there... on the ground... unconscious... Mmm hmm...

Omega: ...

Rouge: What?

Alter: Let's get this over with. Bring me the Chaos Emeralds.

Rouge: Hey Pinky! Bring over the Emeralds.

Amy and Cream bring the Chaos Emeralds to Alter. The Chaos Emeralds begin to levitate around Alter.

Alter: ...

Jake: Relax Alter.

Alter breathes in, then breathes out slowly.

Alter: Thanks. Let's do this.

Alter walks over to the Altar of the Chaos Emeralds and stands in front of the Master Emerald.

Alter: I have no idea what to do...

Tikal: (The servers are the seven Chaos.)

Alter: (Huh? Tikal?)

Tikal: (Focus on the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. Keep them in perfect harmony, and say my Prayer. Do you remember it?)

Alter: (Yes, I could never forget that.)

Tikal: (Good. You should know what to do now.)

Alter looks at the Master Emerald, then at each Chaos Emerald, then he closes his eyes.

Alter: The servers are, the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one who unifies the Chaos.

The Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds begin to glow very brightly.

Alter: Master Emerald, please, expel the darkness in my heart! Release me from the strings of Mephiles!

The Master Emerald commanded the Chaos Emeralds to do just that. The Chaos Emeralds began to spin around Alter very fast. Alter begins to feel Mephiles separating from his conscious and his umbrakinesis begins to fade. Once the process was over, the Chaos Emeralds began to slow down, and a cloud of dark energy began to form.

Cream: Amy, I'm scared...

Amy: What is that?

Alter: Mephiles...

Mephiles: Mwahahahahahahahaha! You may have separated me from your conscious, but now I am free to make my own move. Now, who shall be my next host?

Rouge: Well don't look at me!

Mephiles: Hmm... The others are beaten up pretty bad. I would use Omega, but he's not organic. That leaves... Jake!

Mephiles begins to make his move toward Jake.

Part 2: Alter vs. Mephiles

Alter: Jake!!! Get out of here!

Jake: In your dreams! Chaos Blade!

Mephiles passes by each of the Chaos Emeralds before he goes at Jake. As he passes by each one, he absorbs their energy. Jake braces himself for the impact, but there never was an impact. Due to Mephiles being completely composed of gas in this state, he completely avoided Jake's attack, and used the energy that he absorbed from the Emeralds to transfer himself into Jake. Jake gained a dark aura and his yellow stripes and scar turned gray. The coloring of his eyes were reversed so he now had green eyes and red eye whites. Even his Inhibitor Rings had turned silver. However, his blue jet shoes remained the same.

Mephiles: Mwahahahaha! Oh how ironic fate can be. This boy wanted to destroy the darkness but in the end, became it. You are of no further use to me Alter. Now that I have absorbed the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds, I have full control over this form! For I am Mephiles! Mephiles the Dark!

Alter: Ugh!

Rouge: This doesn't look good. Hey Omega, I say we get out of here and go steal some jewels.


Rouge: Mmm... I think I can live with that.

Amy: Rouge!

Rouge: What? It's true.

Syber: Rouge, this is not the time for jokes. Now shut up.

Syber rematerialized standing next to Alter as he did before. He looked at the Mephiles possessed Jake and frowned.

Syber: Alter. As much as I hate fighting with others, you may need some help with this.

Mephiles: You should listen to your friend Alter. It won't make a difference in the outcome though. It will only delay the inevitable.

Alter: Syber, I appreciate your offer, but I have to handle this myself. I owe it to Jake to set him free from the darkness, just as he did for me.

Syber: Fine. Have it your way. But make it fast. The moment you get him out of Jake, he's mine.

Alter: Deal.

Meph: You dare face me alone? What are you going to do? Make me catch a cold? This will be all too easy. Now, let's test out this new body, and the abilities that come with it. Dark Blade!

A dark version of Chaos Blade is created and Mephiles prepares for battle.

Alter: I'm putting an end to your games, Mephiles.

Mephiles: Now why would you want to do that? Games are so much fun.

Alter: Hmph. The future of the world depends on me. I can't let you continue your ambitions.

Mephiles: Ah. But how can you stop me, when you couldn't even stop yourself?

Alter: I-I...

Amy: Alter! Don't listen to him!

Alter: What?

Rouge: You can do this Alter! We're all depending on you!

Cream: You can do it, Mr. Alter!

Cheese: Chao, chao!

Alter: I see...

Mephiles: Pitiful fools. This wolf is nothing more than a mutt. He cannot do any more to me than a fly can do to a cow.

Alter: Enough talking. I'm ending this now!

Mephiles: Then show me what you can do without my aid Alter!

Alter shoots ice shards at Mephiles, then quickly jumped in the air and fired more ice shards, however, Mephiles merely swats the shards away with his Dark Blade. While in the air, Alter creates an ice platform and flies towards Mephiles, attempting to ram into him. Mephiles dodges the attack, but Alter jumps off the platform and kicks it towards Mephiles while shooting more ice shards. Mephiles gets hit with the ice platform, but before the shards hit, he regains his balance, dodges them, and counter attacks by jumping up at Alter and slashing at his torso. Alter is filled with a rush of pain as the Dark Blade impacts his body. He feels a burst of darkness within him.

Mephiles: Do you feel that Alter? That's your friend begging to be killed! What was his name? Jack?

Alter: You creep! His name... is Jake!

Alter said as he fired an Ice Fang at Mephiles. A torrent of ice shoots out from his hand and hits Mephiles head on, sending him flying across Angel Island in an arctic blast. When he finally hits the ground, the icy torrent freezes most of his body, only his head, one arm, and one leg remaining unfrozen.

Rouge: Is it over? Did you beat him, Alter?

Alter: No, I'm afraid not. It's going to take more that that to finish him off.

Alter pursues Mephiles to the other side of Angel Island to resume his attack.

Mephiles: Did you think you could defeat me that easily?

Mephiles uses his free arm to crush the ice and free himself. He then begins to slowly limp towards Alter.

Alter: I'll tell you this now, there's no way I'm going to let you win this fight. I'm going to stop you, here and now!

Mephiles: Such large talk from such a small pup. Prove to me that you're not all bark and no bite!

Alter: Hmph. Just look at yourself. I'll let your damage speak for me.

Mephiles: This is nothing more than a flesh wound. And as you know, this isn't even my flesh. You can destroy this body if you tried hard enough. But I will simply rise again and take a new form. This will continue until you've fulfill your destiny as the Dark Fang! You will destroy all of your friends! Mwahahaha!

Alter: If you think I am going to allow that to happen, then you must take me for a fool, a mistake that you do not want to make.

Mephiles: Mistake or not, you are indeed a fool for thinking you can defeat me.

Mephiles creates another Dark Blade.

Mephiles: This is the end, Alter! DARK BARRAGE!

Mephiles creates multiple Dark Blades that surround Alter and begin to extend.

Mephiles: Any last words, Protector of Chaos?

Alter: Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Mephiles: What? Enough of this foolishness! Time to perish!

Mephiles waves his arm as he directs the Dark Blades. They extend and launch themselves at Alter. Alter jumps in the air and lands on top of one of the swords. He runs up the blade of the sword, then jumps onto another sword once he gets to the tip. Alter continues to do this in great succession. Mephiles now sees that Alter is trying to get close to him, so he directs two swords to intercept Alter and strike him down. Alter falls, but before he hits the ground, he regains his composure and performs a double jump. Then, he creates a platform and attempts to get to Mephiles again, but Mephiles commands the swords to strike Alter all at once, immediately knocking Alter to the ground. Alter lifts his head up a little and looks at Mephiles.

Alter: (This can't be it... I can't let him control Jake any longer...)

Mephiles: This is the end, Protector of Chaos.

Mephiles hovers all of the dark blades above Alter, then shoots them directly at Alter. While on the ground, Alter becomes intangible and sinks beneath the surface as the swords pierce the ground where he once was. Mephiles looks at the spot where the swords struck, assuming that he had won, but was surprised when a fierce blizzard begins to tear through the air. Alter, still underground, makes his way right under Mephiles then raises his hand above the surface and grabs Mephiles' ankle, freezing the entire lower half of his body, as he emerges from the ground. Mephiles quickly spots Alter and swings his sword at him. Alter dodges the attack, and grabs Mephiles' arm, and freezes the upper portion of Mephiles' body covering it in ice, leaving only his face untouched. Alter makes the blizzard fiercer, as it hovers himself and Mephiles in mid air.

Mephiles: I can't break out of this! The blizzard has made the ice completely solid! Ugh!

Alter: This is how it ends, Mephiles. This is how it is supposed to be.

Alter lifts his hands in the air, summoning dragons made of pure crystallized ice. These dragons begin to ram into Mephiles, striking him one by one, and shooting ice fangs at him, completely immobilizing him. The dragons begin to fade away, as Alter ends the blizzard. Mephiles falls down to the ground hard, making the ice that had formed on his body shatter, whilst Alter floats down gently on his feet, completely exhausted from his attack. Alter looks at Mephiles, knowing that Mephiles can't fight anymore after that attack, but was somewhat surprised to see that Mephiles was moving slightly. Mephiles tries to get back up, but Jake's body is so damaged, that he can barely move with it. Mephiles looks up towards the sky and yells in agony and frustration. Just then, the Master Emerald began to glow very brightly, and the sky began to darken, as a limp creature appears at the Master Emerald, completely angered by all of the fighting.

Part 3: Dark Perfect Chaos

Alter: What is this creature?

Mephiles: Mwahahahahaha! Chaos! You couldn't have chosen a more perfect time to make an appearance!

Mephiles barely found the strength to stand up, but wobbled a little as he did. He then looked at Alter.

Mephiles: I admit, with Jake's body in this current state, there is no way I can defeat you. However, if you think this is over, then think again.

Mephiles separates himself from Jake's conscious, appearing in his gaseous form. Jake begins to fall to the ground as Mephiles slowly makes his way to Chaos.

Alter: He's going to try to posses Chaos! I have to stop him! But, Jake... If he falls like that, his damage could get worse...

Alter quickly runs up to Jake, and catches him just before he hits the ground. Just as he catches Jake, Mephiles manages to possess Chaos, then uses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Dark Perfect Chaos, a large reptilian like creature with glowing purple eyes and a sinister aura. In Dark Perfect Chaos' wake, the entire area became swamped in a sea of water with waves of dark energy dancing above the surface. Alter creates a platform and flies off towards Syber and the others. To his surprise, they were safe thanks to Silver, who had lifted a sizable section of the island out of the ground and above the water. It was floating higher above the island to get farther away from Dark Perfect Chaos. Alter lands the platform on the small landmass, then lays Jake down near Rouge.

Rouge: Alter! Are you and Jake alright?

Alter: I can manage, but Jake is going to need a lot of time to heal.

Amy: But what about Mephiles and Chaos?

Everyone turned in the direction of Dark Perfect Chaos as Chaos began to roar, signaling a battle cry.

Alter: I don't really know... I'm supposed to be the protector of that thing, but I'm pretty sure I can't do it alone. Tikal selected other Protectors for a reason. We have to do more than protect our Chaos Emeralds, we should also have the power to take down this beast. But I have no idea how to do that. It's way too powerful in this form.

Syber: You are an imbecile.

Alter: W-what?!

Syber: You want to help Chaos? Use the Chaos Emeralds. That is all you will require. You were chosen to be a Protector for a reason. I believe it is time you proved your worth.

Silver: He's right, Alter. You can do this!

Amy: We're all counting on you, Alter!

Cream: You can do it, Mr. Alter!

Cheese: Chao Chao!

Rouge: Come back with that handsome face of yours still intact, darling.

Alter: You guys...

Syber: Ugh, your kindness disgusts me.

The Chaos Emeralds appear in a circle around Syber, and they slowly float towards Alter. Alter relaxes himself and calms his mind as the Chaos Emeralds begin to encircle him, spinning around him. Alter slightly crouches down as he focuses the power that the Chaos Emeralds were transferring into him, when suddenly, there was a burst of light all around him. The light began to fade as Alter's form came back into view. Alter had changed completely. The top portion of his hair was now spiked up all the way, not going in any particular pattern, while the back portion remained laid down but a little longer. His fur was now a brilliant glow of gold, his hair sharing a lighter shade of gold. His jacket and shoes remained the same black color, and his gloves remained dark gray, however the glowing design on his shoes and the energy in his marbles on his gloves now beamed a bright gold color. Alter's eyes flared a magnificent ruby red. He had a fiery emerald aura and there were small sparks of electricity surrounding him. Alter stood up all the way, and clenched his hands in a fist, studying his new power.


Alter: And that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Alter floats off the ground, and beings to boost in the direction of Dark Perfect Chaos.


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