Chapter 11: The Dark Fang Strikes

Part 1: Alter vs. Blaze

Alter begins to walk around Blaze's dimension but stops suddenly.

Meph: (What's wrong?)

Alt: I have a problem.

Meph: (What is it?)

Alt: I don't even know where Blaze is.

Meph: (Maybe that raccoon girl knows.)

Alter looks off in the distance and spots out a little raccoon girl tending to a ship. Alter approaches her.

Alt: Hey raccoon girl! Do you know Blaze?

Mari: Crickey! Don't sneak up on me like that! And my name isn't raccoon girl! It's Marine! And I sure do know Blaze!

Alt: Take me to her now.

Mari: Why? Do you know her?

Alt: ...Yes.

Mari: Alrighty then skipper! Follow me!

Marine leads Alter to Blaze's location.

Mari: There she is!

Blz: Huh? Marine? Who...!

Alt: Its been a while Blaze. Cryo Blitz!

Blaze dodges the attack.

Mari: Hey! Whatcha doin mate?

Blz: Marine! Get back now!

Mari: Huh?

Alter grabs Marine.

Mari: Hey! Lemme go!

Blz: Ugh!

Alt: Alright Blaze, give me your emerald or Marine is finished.

Meph: (Mwahaha... So devious...)

Blz: Why are you doing this?!

Alt: I don't have to tell you anything! Now, don't make me repeat myself.

Mari: Oh! I get it now! Is this some type of game?

Alt & Blz: Quiet!

Mari: Eeeep!

Blz: Ugh! Here! Take it!

Blaze gives her Cyan Emerald to Alter.

Meph: (Excellent! Just five more to go!)

Blz: Now let her go!

Alt: Hmph!

Alter picks up Marine and stares deeply in her eyes.

Mari: Hey! Whatcha doin? Quit starin at me!

Blz: Alter!

Alt: ...Here. A deal's a deal.

Alter releases Marine.

Mari: Why I outta...

Blz:(So, his heart hasn't turned completely evil...) Marine! Get over here!

Marine hurries over to Blaze.

Meph: (Why did you let her go?)

Alt: (Just watch.)

Blz: Marine, go te-

Mari: Take this!

Marine attacks Blaze with her mysterious power, hitting Blaze directly.

Blz: Ugh! What are you doing?

Mari: Heh heh heh!

Blz: Alter! What did you do to her?!

Alt: Have a look at her eyes.

Blaze looked at Marine's eyes. They were purple.

Blz: ...! You're controlling her!

Alt: That's wrong Blaze. I'm controlling her shadow.

Meph: (I didn't even know you could that!)

Blz: Her shadow?

Mari: Enough of this here chit-chat! I want to finish her!

Alt: Hmph! Do as you want.

Mari: Ay-ay!

Blz: Marine, get a hold of yourself!

Marine launches another attack but Blaze dodges it. The attack exploded off in the distance, producing a loud sound.

Mari: Oi! Quit your movin' and lemme hit ya!

Meph: (Mwahaha... How amusing.)

Alt: (Agreed.)

Blz: Sigh. Why do I even bother... (The only way I can bring her back to her senses is to defeat Alter.) Burn! Flames of Hatyul!

Blaze begins to spin in a fiery tornado towards Alter.

Mari: Crickey!

Alt: Is this really the best you can do, Blaze? Marine! Intercept it!

Mari: Are you kidding?! I'll get fried!

Meph: (Mwahaha... Even when she's under your control, she still doesn't listen.)

Alt: Get out of my way!

Alter pushes Marine aside and begins to charge his dark power.

Alt: Shadow Wall!

A wall of ice infused with dark energy locks with Blaze's attack, but the wall begins to weaken.

Meph: (She's going to break through!)

Alt: I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Shadow Down!

A black hole opens under Blaze, stopping the attack.

Blz: No! Not again!

Mari: Strewth! You got her!

Blaze begins to sink deeper into the void.

Alt: Hmph! Did you really think you would triumph?

Blz: This isn't like you Alter! You're better than this!

Alt: Hmph! You don't know anything about me! No one does...

Blz: No! You're wrong. I know exactly who you are.

Alt: You don't know anything! I am a lone wolf! I do not rely on anyone but myself to complete a mission! And right now, my mission is to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds and destroy the Protectors! This is the only way the future can be safe! Any resistance is futile! This is who I am!

Meph: (I couldn't have said it any better!)

Blz: You've lost your mind over these pass few months... Just look at yourself. Do you not see that you've become the very thing that you're trying to prevent?

Alt: What?! That can't be right... It's not right! I am saving the future!

Blz: Sigh...

Mari: Finish her mate!

Meph: (I agree...)

Alt: This is the end Blaze!

The black hole now has Blaze by her head.

Alt: Heh heh!

Mari: Hee hee!


Alt: Who...?!

The Coconut Crew appears at the scene with the Jeweled Scepter.

Blz: Gardon! How did you guys find me?

Gard: We heard an explosion in the distance. I suspected that something was wrong so I took the Jeweled Scepter and we headed to the source of the explosion.

Mari: Oops!

Alt: Marine! Eliminate them!

Marine begins to run towards the Coconut Crew, but two of them simply grab hold of her.

Mari: Lemme go!

Alt: You've gotta be kidding me! Useless!

Gard: Marine! What's wrong with you?

Blz: She's being controlled by Alter! Use the Jeweled Scepter to cure her!

Gard: Right!

Gardon uses the power of the Jeweled Scepter to release Marine from Alter's control.

Gard: Marine! How are you feeling?

Mari: Uh.. Who? What? Where am I?

Blz: I think she's fine. Now, get me out of this!

Gard: Right! Everyone surround Alter!

The Coconut Crew surrounds Alter.

Alt: Hmph! And what do you think you're going to do? Dark Pulse!

Alter sends a wave of dark energy out in all directions, instantly knocking back the Coconut Crew. But Alter loses his concentration on his attack on Blaze, setting her free.

Gard: Now Princess! Use the power of the Sol Emeralds to tell Sonic and the others what transpired here!

Blz: Be careful!

Alt: Oh no you don't! Dark-

Marine attacks Alter.

Mari: Ace!

Alt: Ugh! Why you little...

Blaze uses the power of the Sol Emeralds to open a portal leading to Sonic's dimension and escapes.

Alt: Noooooo!

Mari: Ace! Ace! She got away!

Meph: (Don't worry about Blaze, for now. The important thing is that you have the emerald. Now, you must focus on collecting the others.)

Alt: (Right...)

Alter takes out his emerald, in preparation for Chaos Control.

Gardon points the Jeweled Scepter at Alter.

Gard: Surrender, you fiend!

Alt: Hmph!

Alter uses his cryokinesis to freeze Gardon in place.

Mari: Crickey!

Alt: I suggest the rest of you stand down or you will meet the same fate.

The Coconut Crew and Marine steps out of Alter's way.

Alt: That's what I thought. Chaos Control!

Alter is warpped to the future.

Part 2: Alter vs. Silver and Eggman Nega

Meph: (I sense that we are in a different timeline.)

Alt: Yes. We are in Silver's timeline, the future.

Meph: (So, he is your next target?)

Alt: That's right.

Alter looks around and notices how calm and peaceful the future is.

Alt: Everything is so... quiet. It would be a shame if someone were to stir up trouble.

Meph: (Indeed it would!)

Alter begins to walk around but is blocked by a robot resembling Metal Sonic.

Alt: Hey! Get out of my way!

?: Hee hee hee! I'm afraid Metal Sonic Version 3.0 won't be going anywhere until you kindly hand over those Chaos Emeralds!

Alt: Hmph! Who are you?

Nega: How rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Doctor Eggman Nega!

Alt: Hmm... Eggman's decendant...

Nega: Now, about the Chaos Emeralds...

Alt: Dark Gazer!

A laser of pure dark energy shot out of Alter's palm and pierced right through 3.0.

Nega: Nooooo!

Alt: Cryo Blitz!

Alter's attack headed straight for Nega but suddenly stopped in midair.

Nega: Ack!

Alt: Huh?

Meph: (Why did you stop your attack?)

Alt: (I didn't! Unless...)

Alter looks up and spots Silver levitating in one spot looking back at him.

Nega: Ah, Silver!

Silv: Why have you come here Alter?

Alt: I am after the Chaos Emeralds. Need I say more?

Silv: But that emerald that you have... That's Blaze's emerald!

Alt: Indeed. Blaze had to learn the hard way that I wasn't messing around.

Silv: What did you do to her?!

Alt: Do you want to find out?

Silv: ENOUGH! Haaaa!

Silver launches Alter's Cryo Blitz back at him.

Alt: Hmph!

Alter focuses on the ice and they dissapear in thin air.

Meph: (Clever...)

Silv: Nooo!

Nega: How about this!

Nega launches multiple missles at Alter.

Alt: Child's play.

Alter crouches down and starts a spin dash. Alter bounces himself at the missles, knocking them into each other, creating a cloud of smoke that gave him cover.

Nega: I can't see him!

Silv: Don't look with your eyes, Eggman Nega. Use your mind.

Nega: Ha! You rely on nature for all of your problems! I say let the machines do all the work!

Silv: This is strange... I can't sense him anywhere!

Nega: See?

Silv: No, wait! Look up at the top of that building!

Nega and Silver looked up and saw Alter at the top of a building charging his dark power.

Alt: Dark Storm!

Alter sends a single sphere of dark energy up to the sky and it bursts into many streams of energy that came crashing down on all nearby buildings. The sky begins to darken and lightning begins to flash. Many people are seen running away and trying to find cover.


Meph: (Yes! Destroy everything!)

Silv: Noooo! My future...

Nega gets hit by a incoming attack.

Nega: Aaaaah! I'm getting out of here!

Silv: Hey, wait!

Nega flies off, leaving Silver alone with Alter.

Alt: Hmph! You haven't seen anything yet! Dark Blizzard!

A very fierce blizzard begins to take place with even more dark energy raining down everywhere.

(Crowd of People): Aaaaaaah! It's The Dark Fang!

Alt: What?

Silv: I told you before that you are rather famous in my future as The Dark Fang. Just look at yourself. Look at what you're doing!

Alt: But, I'm from the present! How could I possibly be famous here?

?: Heh heh heh! That would be my doing.

Alt: Huh?

Alter turned around and saw a wolf with the exact same hair and fur color, but with purple eyes.

Alt: You're The Dark Fang? Me?

Dark Fang: That is correct. I travel from timeline to timeline, spreading as much darkness as I possibly can. And It's all thanks to you!

Alt: This isn't making any sense! I'm supposed to be preventing your existence by collecting the Chaos Emeralds!

Meph: (You are!)

Alt: (Mephiles?! What do you mean? The Dark Fang is clearly right in front of me! I'm becoming that!)

Meph: (Don't forget, you still haven't collected all seven Chaos Emeralds. When you do, he will fade from existence. I promise. Now, continue your mission. Get Silver's Emerald!)

Alt: (Right.) Alright Silver... Hey! Where did he go?

Dark Fang: He flew off while you were talking to Mephiles.

Alt: Hey! How do you know about Mephiles?

Dark Fang: Do I really have to answer that?

Alt: Oh, right. You're my future doppelganger...

Dark Fang: You'd better hurry before he escapes to the present.

Alt: R-right.

Alter makes a platform of ice out of thin air and stands on it.

Alt: Here goes!

Alter begins to fly off in pursuit of Silver. It doesn't take long for him to catch up to him.

Alt: I see him!

Meph: (Good. Take him down.)

Alt: Cryo Blitz!

The attack misses.

Alt: Dang!

Silv: Huh? How did you catch up so fast?! I better speed it up!

Silver boosts his speed up a little.

Alt: Oh no you don't!

Alter uses his dark power to boost up the speed of his platform. He brings himself right next to Silver.

Alt: Heh heh!

Silv: Ha! You fell for it!

Alt: Wh-!

Silv: Chaos Control!

Silver's Chaos Emerald connected with Alter's Chaos Emerald and they were warpped to the present.

Part 3: Alter vs. the Protectors and Syber

Alt: What?! Where am I?!

Meph: (I sense that we are in the present.)

Alt: (The present?)

Meph: (Yes. We are at the Altar of the Emeralds on Angel Island. And look who's here.)

Shad: Alter, this ends now!

Alt: Huh?

Alter looked around. He was surrounded by Shadow, Omega, Silver, Blaze, a red echidna, a yellow fox, a blue hedgehog, and a hedgehog that looked just like Shadow.

Alt: Ah, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, we meet at last. I'm not too familiar with the Shadow look-a-like.

Shad: This is Jake the Hedgehog, my ultimate apprentice.

Tails: How do you know us?

Alt: Oh, I've heard many stories of your adventures, but I have to say, you guys aren't exactly what I was expecting.

Knuckles: What'd you say?!

Sonic: Cool it Knux.

Knuckles: But he-

Jake: Knuckles, enough. We're not here to fight.

Alt: Then why are you here?

?: To release you from Mephiles' hold over you.

A dark, mysterious hedgehog stepped from behind Alter and stood right next to him.

Alt: And you are?

Meph: (And more importantly, how does he know about me?)

Syber: I am the Trancendant Plasma. The name is Syber the Hedgehog, but you may refer to me as Syber. And to answer your question, Mephiles, my third eye sees all.

Alt: (He must be able to read my mind with his third eye.)

Syber: Or something similar. I've been following you for a while, Alter. I must say, I've never seen anyone as foolish as you.

Alt: Enough!

Alter begins to attack but stops as he notices everyone getting ready to help Syber.

Shad: If you attack, we attack. It's your choice.

Syber: Hmph! As if I needed your help.

Meph: (Alter look! They have the remaining emeralds!)

Alt: (Oh?)

Alter looks over at Amy, Cream, and Rouge in a G.U.N. vehicle with the last Chaos Emeralds.

Alt: (This won't take long...)

Syber: Rouge, get away from here. He's going to move for the Chaos Emeralds.

Shad: Rouge! Get out of here!

R: Huh? I thought you were going to have Knuckles perform that ritual thing?

Alt: What was that?

Shad: Ugh! You idiot!

R: Oops!

Amy: Go! But don't go too far. We have to stay in the area so that the Chaos Emeralds aren't too far away from Knuckles!

R: Here we go!

Shad: Wait!

R: What now?

Shad: Omega! Go with them! We can't take any chances.


R: Well, hurry up!

Omega gets in the G.U.N. vehicle and Rouge drives off into Mystic Ruins.

Alt: So, that was your plan! Well, that's not going to happen!

Alter begins to pursue Rouge, but he is blocked off by the Protectors and Jake. Syber stood where he was.

Jake: Alter don't do this! We only want to help you!

Syber: He speaks the truth. We are here to sever the strings the puppetmaster has over you.

Alt: Hmph! Get out of my way! I'm perfectly fine.

Silv: Come to your senses! Mephiles is using you! You have become the Dark Fang!

Meph: (All lies.)

Alt: (You don't have to say anything. I don't care what they think. I will save the future. No, not just the future. I will save the whole universe from the Dark Fang. They can't stop me.)

Syber: (I find it interesting how Alter seems to still be able to make his own decisions. It looks as though Mephiles is merely influencing him. If that is the case, then there still may be a chance.) The puppet's mind may be too far gone. It seems we do not have a choice.

Sonic: Woo-hoo! It's butt kicking time! Are you guys ready?

Tails: I guess so...

Knuckles: It's our duty as the Protectors to stop him! Bring it!

Jake: Sigh.

Shad: Hmph! Let's get this over with.

Silv: I will fight for the future!

Blz: You had this coming Alter! We're not holding anything back!

Alt: Hmph! Shall we begin? Shadow Wall!

A huge wall of ice infused with dark energy begins to surround the whole area, preventing escape.

Shad: Hmph! Chaos Spear!

Jake: Chaos Blade!

Shadow and Jake try to break down the wall but fail.

Jake: Huh?

Shad: Damn! What is this!?

Alt: It's no use. This is a very special barrier that I created with the combination of my Cryokinesis and my Umbrakinesis. It is impossible to break.

Knuckles: Oh yeah? How about this!?

Knuckles punches the barrier as hard as he can, but fails too.

Knuckles: Ouch!

Tails: Are you okay, Knuckles?

Sonic: He'll be fine.

Blz: So what if we can't destroy this barrier! You only made it that much easier for us to bring you down!

Alt: You wish. Dark Blizzard!

A powerful blizzard begins to take place in the barrier with dark energy swirling everywhere.

Knuckles: Alright, I've had enough!

Knuckles begins to attack Alter, but Alter uses Cryo Phase to become intangible. Knuckles tries to hit Alter with multiple blows, but his attacks go right through Alter.

Knuckles: Hey! Why can't I hit him?

Tails: He's intangible, Knuckles!

Knuckles: In-tan-gi what?

Tails: Knuckles, watch out!

Knuckles: Wh-!

Alt: Dark Blitz!

Alter shoots multiple ice shards at Knuckles, hitting him directly. Knuckles falls to the ground wounded.


Silv: Noooooooo!!! How are we gonna do the ritual now!?

Shad: That fool... Everyone! We don't have a choice! Attack!

Sonic: Hey, since when did you become the leader?

Shad: Shut up and attack.

Sonic: Fine. I'll find out later.

Sonic and Shadow begin to perform a homing attack on Alter. Alter quickly creates a wall of ice infused with dark energy that blocks the hedgehog's attack and petrifies them in place. Alter puts his hands on the wall, a wave of dark energy shoots out of Alter's hand blasting Sonic and Shadow away. Sonic and Shadow land unconscious.

Jake: No! Alter stop what you're doing!

Alt: Bah! Not until all of the Chaos Emeralds are mine!

Blz: Let's go Silver!

Silv: I'm right behind you!

Blaze begins to rush at Alter with Silver levitating not too far behind.

Alt: Hmm...

Alter looks off in the distance and sees Tails flying towards him preparing to attack with a dummy ring bomb.

Alter (Perfect timing.)

Meph: (I think I know what you're up to!)

Blaze begins to spin in a fiery tornado towards Alter.

Alt: This old trick?

Meph: (You'd figure she would have learned something from your last battle.)

Silv: Please! We're full of suprises! Psychic Control!

Silver uses his psychic power to increase the strength of Blaze's attack. Silver also has full control of Blaze's attack now. Silver lifts Blaze in the air and throws her towards Alter at a tremendous velocity.

Alter: Sigh. I told you, this trick is old.

Alter creates a ramp with his cryokinesis that sends Blaze upwards towards an incoming Tails. When Blaze's attack made contact with Tails' dummy ring bomb, it exploded, knocking out both of them as they fall towards the earth. Silver begins to focus his psychic power on grabbing hold of Tails and Blaze before they hit the earth.

Silv: Got them!

Alt: Thanks!

Silv: Huh?

Alt: Dark Blitz!

Alter shoots multiple ice shards at Tails and Blaze, but Silver grabs the attack. Silver then fires a blast of psychokinetic energy at Alter to keep him busy, while he sets Blaze and Tails down. What Silver didn't know was that Alter had used Cryo Phase to sink into the ground to evade the attack. Silver turns around expecting to see Alter dealing with his attack. Alter made his way right below Silver and raises his hand above the ground and uses Dark Palm on Silver. Silver legs instantly froze and the ice spreaded all the way up to his head. Alter rises back up to the surface. He then looks at both Syber and Jake.

Alter: Why haven't you two tried to stop me?

Syber: ...

Alter: Well?

Jake: Because I can't bring myself to hurt a good person. In fact, I don't even think you're serious about taking the Chaos Emeralds.

Alter walks over to Shadow and picks him up. He then creates a very sharp piece of ice and holds it near Shadow's neck.

Jake: What are you doing?!

Alter: Do you think I'm serious now? If so, then try to stop me. Come save your master. It is your duty as the Ultimate Apprentice to do so.

Jake: You leave me no choice.

Jake begins to run towards Alter while producing a Chaos Blade. Alter tosses Shadow aside and makes his ice blade bigger to match Jake's Chaos Blade, then he infuses it with dark energy. As Jake was about to start his attack, Syber grabbed his arm and stopped him.

Jake: What the-

Syber: Jake, let me fight him first.

Jake: I can't let you go first. He threatend the life of my master. I have to redeem his honor!

Syber: Jake, your current objective is to make sure your master and the others are safe. For now, go look after them. I need to talk to Alter.

Jake: Fine...

Without another word, Syber dashed right up to Alter and stood directly in his face.

Syber: Alter the Wolf. Or, is it Dark Fang?

Alter: Hmph! Get out of my way.

Syber: No. You will listen, and you will answer me.

Alter: Hahahah! Or what?

Mephiles: (Don't underestimate him. He's different from the others.)

Syber: You should listen to him.

Syber punches Alter in the face. The force of the hit stunned him. Alter shakes his head and begins to generate a massive spear of ice and throws it at Syber. Syber jumps far back and moves far to the side, but the spear was following him. He then decides to destroy it, and fires a small stream of energy at it from two fingertips. The beam of energy destroys the spear, and it shatters into hundreds ofpieces, that begin to rain down on Syber. Syber avoids the attack by dissolving into thin air. The ice pieces have all hit the ground, and Syber reappears right where he was.

Syber: Why do you fight? Why do you attack the Protectors? What is the point in destroying the people who also want to protect the world?

Alter: I have a mission, a mission that must be completed for the sake of the future. I will not let anyone get in my way of getting the Chaos Emeralds. All who dare cross my path will meet complete oblivion!

Syber: Oblivion, huh? Hm. Ironic.

Syber rushes Alter with a combo of punches and kicks. Alter swiftly dodges the attack, then he counter attacks by shooting a wave of dark energy at Syber. Syber effortlessly dodged the attack, and closed in on Alter again, attacking him more.

Syber: You do realize that everything you have been doing has been ensuring the birth of the Dark Fang? If you were seriously on the right path to preventing his creation, do you honestly think you would have met him in the future?

Alter: No, that can't be right. It's not right!

Mephiles: (Do not listen to him. He is only trying to confuse you.)

Syber was fed up with Mephiles. His third eye began to focus energy.

Syber: (BE SILENT!)

Syber fires a mental blast of energy that no one could see. It hits mephiles, causing him pain and rendering him unable to speak.

Syber: From what i can see, the only thing you are doing is listening to some entity that has to live within you for its own survival. You have given your life to someone else to control. And I know from experience that it will lead to nothing but destruction.

Syber stops attacking.

Syber: Alter, why do you need more power? What is it you fear most?

Alter: I fear nothing. I want more power for power's sake. Is that so wrong?

Syber: Throwing your unnecesarry power at others will cause pain and suffering to others. That is the path you are headed down. Alter, stop listening to Mephiles. He will lead the world to ruin.

Syber starts to back away from Alter.

Syber: Very well. I'm done here. For now.

Syber continues to back away until he seemingly vanishes, and Alter's attention had returns to Jake.


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