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Welcome to my profile! I'm Eycestar, a retired Administrator and Bureaucrat of the Sonic News Network. I'm no longer active here, though you may sometimes see me make a few edits every now and then. If you need to reach me, you can find me on my DeviantArt account where I am most active. If you need help editing around the wiki or help reporting a user editing in bad faith, please contact one of the admins listed here.

My fan character: Alter the Wolf

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, writing my fanon series "Protector of Chaos", star gazing... Sounds like Alter?

Favorite Movie(s): The Matrix Trilogy

Favorite Non-Sonic Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Devil May Cry, BioShock, Pokémon, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball Z, Bayonetta, Alan Wake, and many more.

Favorite Sonic Game: Sonic Battle - I actually love all Sonic games, I just play this one the most. So far, my favorite console game is Sonic Free Riders. I like the experience that this game delivers, and I'm a fan of the Sonic Riders series.

Favorite Sonic Musician: LeeBro - I'm a huge fan of his music in and out of the Sonic series. I am always looking forward to his next release.

Favorite Sonic Songs: Just about every single song that has ever been composed for the Sonic series.

Favorite Sonic Hero: Silver the Hedgehog - I like characters that come from the future. Also, I think his psychic abilities are pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing Silver in more main series games. I feel that Sega is wasting his talents by just putting him in spinoff games and only making him available to play as in party modes.

Favorite Sonic Villain: Mephiles the Dark

Favorite Sonic Boss: Mephiles Phase 2

Favorite Final Boss: Perfect Dark Gaia (Xbox 360 Version) - I love the gameplay of this final boss battle. Super Sonic's appearance here is flawless in my opinion.


This is a list of friends that I have on this wiki. If you consider me to be your friend or a trustworthy person, then please feel free to add your name to the bottom of this list.

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