aka Eddie Rivers

  • I live in Erde-Tyrene
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Bad Machinima Maker
  • I am Cuate
Live Life-Crush 40

Live Life-Crush 40

i love this song

Coollogo com-82411198

favorite non sonic games

Hi my name is Ediskrad327 but you can call me Edis, i joined this wiki because i like the sonic games a lot. tambien hablo español para que no me teman los que si saben!!!.



if anyone knows about easter eggs in sonic games (you know like the sonic 06 cover in empire city newspaper or the chao garden and central park street signs in sonic 06) please let me know about them, i LOVE looking for easter eggs in video games.

Say hello to my cliche phrase by ediskrad327

2 characters i plan to use one pf these Days, Arianna and E3 and no his name has nothing to do with the electronic entertainment Expo >:(

i have a huge adition on the Dr Pepper soda and i rather old emoticons like this one :P and i hate sonadow with every fiber in my soul but that's not important.

if you leave me a message be patient, i will eventually aswer it

YouTube Poop Robotnik's Pingas Machine

YouTube Poop Robotnik's Pingas Machine

best video in the world

even though i suport some couples i think the wiki isn't the place to ad information about them. good places for that kind of info would be

the fanon wiki of sonic



either one is a more apropiate place for that sort of information BUT NOT HERE.

Vandals feel the rath of the undo button


What the...?

Cool people i know here

Neo Metal Sonic

a little drawing i made

  • SalaComMander :awesome vids! and heck of a Sonic voice
  • Bullet Francisco: nice guy, he's cool
  • Katrins: cute drawing style :3
  • 'Sonic th Hedgehog' (when he is in character...whch lately isn' tvery much time:P )
  • Genesjs (IGN haters UNITE!)
  • =PKMNthehedgehog=


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