• I live in England.
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Occupation? Don't have one.
  • I am Male.

Oh, hello there. I'm DarkofDragoon, and I'm fairly new on this wiki. Or any wiki, for that matter. I have created a fair few pages that hadn't been created before. I cannot remember how I first found out about Sonic, if you're wondering. I do remember first finding out about this place whilst googling sometime last year. I believe I was searching for something on Sonic Generations, prior to it's release, when new info was getting leaked twice per week. Anyway, I don't know much about wiki contributing, but I can make basic pages. If there's any tips you'd like to tell me, please do so. I don't really have any friends just yet. It'd be nice to make some.

About me, DarkofDragoon

I'm fifteen years old, and I come from England, so that's why you may think I spell some words wrong. For example: colour, boot (as in the boot of a car). I'm quite good in descriptive writing, but as a result of this, I'm absolutely rubbish at drawing things. Seriously. My drawing skills equal a four year old's. I'm that bad. I'm also on various of other sites, like YouTube, but not Facebook or Twitter. I actually dislike those sites, 'cause to be honest, they're pointless. Anyway, I'm an all-round nice guy. Hope to talk to you at some point :)

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