Occupation: Being a Sonic Fan! Whoo!

Interests: Percussion Ensemble, Art,and Model Railroading(Choo Choo!) XD

School: Concord High School, NC, Yeah!

Likes: Hanging at Home with my dogs, Being with family and Friends

Favorite Sonic Game: Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Generations (its hard to decide, Ahhhh!!!!)

Dislikes: Teachers Pets, Copy Cats, or Noobs and People with Pissy Atitudes :(

Favorite Character: You should already know who that is. This wiki is named after him. Clue: He's Blue and runs really fast, has hyper friction speed shoes.

Least Favorite Game: Sonic 06, the Disaster. Who wouldnt hate that game with passion :(

Least Favorite Character: Fat Cat with purple skin who loves to fish all day with his pet frog.

Favorite Quote : "Its No Use! Take This!"

Anything else you should know about me: I'm in my schools marching band, whoo!

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