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Sonic Alliance

This story picks up where Sonic Unleashed left off (almost), Sonic & company had went back home and went back to opposing Eggman as usual.


This is solely a fanfic, and will not be made into a game, but if you volunteer to make one about this story. you are open to.--Akamia(Talk)(Want to see what I've been doing?) 04:25, 8 May 2009 (UTC)


Sonic: "Hi, I'm Sonic, and I've got a story for you."
Amy:"Oh, Sonic! I love it when you tell stories!"
Sonic:"Not now, Amy, This story is for the viewers of this page, which belongs to this guy named Akamia (I could have sworn I knew somebody else by that name...) who was kind enough to put this story in his page. I'll tell you the story after the one here is finished."
Amy:"Oh, alright!"
Sonic:"OK, Now let the story begin:"

Chapter 1: The Egg Disruptor

Sonic was battling Dr. Eggman(again) in his Egg Fleet, when Eggman dropped down in a new machine he calls the "Egg Disruptor".

"Why the huge mech, Egg-head? Losing your touch as we go?" Sonic quipped,
"This robot is guranteed to destroy you once and for all!" Eggman responded and laughed his signature laugh (think Sonic X laugh).
Knuckles was attacking Final Fortress' computer when suddenly the ship quaked, he made a run for the emergency exit (gravity was lowering fast, that means the ship was falling). Final Fortress fell into a portal. Shadow was on board, searching files for "Project: Dimension" and he was caught too.

Chapter 2: Enter the universes

What happened...? thought Sonic, as he woke up from the fall. He looked around, and was surprised at his sight: Dr. Eggman and his Egg Disruptor had dissapeared, and he was in an "inter-universal" hub of some kind.

"Huh?!" Sonic was taken by surprise by the sudden voice. He looked around and saw Shadow and Knuckles, equally surprised. "Who said that??" Sonic demanded.
"I did"
And a green hedgehog appeared to them "I am Jezz the Hedgehog, the creator of the Master Emerald and the Chaos it controls. I was watching you, Sonic Heroes, so that, one day, you could save the other universes from certain destruction!" And he paused for a second, then said "I also control time and what happens within it. Well, mostly: After creating the Chaos Emeralds, my powers were drained extremely. I left the world I had worked so hard to keep together, and used some of my powers to create warriors to defend the Chaos Emeralds: Chaos, the living embodiment of the Emerald's power; Tikal the Echidna, the daughter of the chief of the Knuckles tribe, who tried to defend the Emeralds from her crazed father; And now, in your generation, Knuckles the Echidna, descendant of the Knuckles tribe of which he is named. As for those who oppose Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik, his descendant's arch-enemy is Silver the Hedgehog, a psychokinetic warrior who fights for the good of his world; Originally he was going to be descended from someone else, but, after the events of the epic battle for the past, present and future, I decided to descend him from you, Sonic, who is a great hero, just like Silver in his time. Shadow... I don't know where he came from. I didn't plan for him to exist... but, in any case, he is a valuable ally to have."
"What epic battle??" Sonic asked.
"It was erased from time, but I still remember it all as if it were yesterday... in fact it was yesterday, to me." Jezz replied and laughed lightly. "But, in any case, I need those emeralds so I can help you with Eggman, who I sent back to his place because he cannot exist here. He still thinks you guys are on the Final Fortress (well, Sonic anyway) battling him, and you are, because I stopped time there so you can help me, so I can help you. I fight with Chaos powers just like Shadow, but much stronger. The Chaos Emeralds are scattered in seven universes, I have fed enough power to each one to cause a space-time rift so you can go to the other universes. However, once you use it in one universe, in the next it dissapears again, this time in that universe. The way home requires all seven Emeralds, and a Chaos Control, Doing so will bring me to your location and I will help you in defeating Eggman. The first Emerald is in the Glatorian universe. Get that Emerald and go to the Game & Watch universe (there you will be flat, and pitch black) Then head to the other four universes, The last Emerald is in a seventh universe that requires the power of six Chaos Emeralds to enter. Go, save the universes! Go!!" and with that, Jezz dropped them in the Glatorian universe. "Good luck, Sonic Heroes." echoed the voice of Jezz.

Chapter 3: Bara Magna

Team Sonic had run a few miles before stopping at a huge arena, and a crowd was cheering.

"Welcome to Atero, strangers!" said a voice.
Who ever that was, he obviously doesn't know who we are, or what we are here for... And it should stay that way! thought Shadow.
"We are Team Sonic, Mister... uh..." said Sonic.
"Raanu is fine." said a crimson armored figure.
"Ah... okaaaayyy, so... Can we go in now?" said Sonic.
Raanu was silent for a moment, then said "Sure, just don't get in the way of the fight inside." and with that, Raanu departed.
Sonic and co. went inside, and, right there, was a Chaos Emerald.
"Easy!" said Sonic, and went to get the emerald.
"Don't touch it!" Shadow called suddenly.
"Huh?" Sonic responded, but had already grabbed the Emerald. But then the ground started shaking, and a huge Vorox appeared out of the ground, and knocked the Emerald out of Sonic's hand.

Chapter 4: Giant Vorox

Sonic was surprised at the huge creature, and then decided that they could do a Team Blast, and they did "Homing Ground Shaker" (Knuckles does his Ground Shaker attack while being carried by Sonic & Shadow's Homing Attacks, scores two hits, one hit per Homing Attack.) That dizzies up the monster a little bit, but he still goes strong. Sonic and Shadow do a double spin kick to trip it, and Knuckles finished it with a "Maximum Heat Knuckle" and KO'ed it effectively. And then Team Sonic did a victory pose and bam! An "S" appeared next to them, "Job well done, team!" said Knuckles. And then they got the Emerald. "Chaos control!" said Shadow, and a portal appeared. The team jumped in, on to the next universe.

Chapter 5: Game & Watch

Team Sonic emerged from the portal, which now looked like a black spiral, and the Chaos Emerald they had dissapeared.

"BLEEP BEEP" said Sonic, Jezz didn't say anything about not being able to speak! he thought, and, instead of "talking", him and the others kept going, and did not notice that a big octopus was headed right for them! Shadow looked back and saw it, and yelled "BEEEEEEEEEEP!!".

Chapter 6: G & W Octopus

Team Sonic then turned around and did a triple homing attack on the monster, and it just faded away, with both Chaos Emeralds in it's "remains". Shadow got them both and said "Beep... BEEEP! (Chaos... CONTROL!)" and another portal appeared. Team Sonic jumped in and the portal dissapeared.

Chapter 7: Jezz's point of view

Note from author

This was meant to tie in with his motive in Sonic Heroes 2 and STiNG.

Jezz was in the hub, waiting for Team Sonic to get back.

"Well, they made it past Game & Watch and Bara Magna, but how are they going to make it out of this one?" Jezz pondered out loud, as he was the only one there. But when he looked at Sonic's world window, he decided to look around in it. He saw ARK, and so he explored it; And, right there, was a team of guardians (frozen in time by Jezz, due to Team Sonic's absence), and among those guardians was a hedgehog he only saw in his dreams (for Jezz can't know everything going on, even for all of his time control power) and he longed to find that hedgehog, even if it meant going out to space, If Sonic can fly with Emerald power in his world, then can I do the same in that world? thought Jezz (He never flew in his days with the Knuckles Tribe, as he never learned how), and he then started making plans to get to ARK, but they would come to action after him and Team Sonic defeated Eggman.

Chapter 8: Mobius Prime

Team Sonic landed from the portal.

"Where are we now?" asked Knuckles in awe, as the world they were in was a beautiful one.
"I don't know, Knuckles, I don't know." Sonic replied.
"We must get moving." Shadow said.
"Agreed!" said Sonic & Knuckles.
The team set out on the path, and along the way they saw... Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow?
"Huh?!" said the other Team Sonic, and, convinced they were imposters, they attacked Jezz's Team Sonic.

Chapter 9: Team Sonic, Part 1

"Stop right there, imposters!" yelled the other Sonic, and he tackled Sonic on the spot.
"Mmph!" grunted Sonic, and he did a Spin Dash to knock the other Sonic off of him. "You have some nerve, calling me the imposter! You look like the imposter to me!" he retorted.
Sonic looked around and saw that his friends were in a jam with their own duplicates; Knuckles was about to get fed a knuckle sandwich by Knuckles and Shadow & Shadow were hurling Chaos Spears at each other, neither with any effect.
"Let's finish this!" called Sonic, and Team Sonic did Homing Ground Shaker on the other Team Sonic.

Chapter 10: Team Sonic, Part 2

They battled hard, and they reached a stand-off, when a mysterious warrior came from a portal that appeared.

"I am Claws the Cat. I was sent by Jezz to assist you." And with that, Claws attacked the other Team Sonic, and defeated them quickly.
"Owww..." moaned the other Sonic.
"We came to find the Chaos Emeralds. Do you guys know where they are?" Sonic asked, as if he forgot all about the battle.
"We have plenty, but there are three oddly colored ones that we found." the other Sonic said.
"May we have the odd-colored ones, please?" Sonic asked.
"Uh... Okay, I guess. We don't need 'em" and with that, the other Team Sonic gave Claws and the team the three "odd-colored" Emeralds, and they warped away with Chaos Control.

Chapter 11: Mushroom Kingdom

Team Sonic & Claws landed on top of some kind of brick.

"Where are we?" wondered Sonic, half to himself.
Just then, a guy wearing a red cap and blue overalls jumped up and onto the team's position.
"Hi, Sonic!" said the guy in an italian accent.
"Mario!" said a shocked Sonic. "I haven't seen you since the olympics! Is Bowser still bothering you?" Sonic asked.
"Yes, he is." Mario said with a sigh. "And he has Princess Peach!"
"Let's rescue her, then we can get the Chaos Emeralds." Knuckles said.
"Bowser is using them to power his machine, Mecha Bowser." Mario responded.
Reminds me of another big guy. Sonic thought. But how did Bowser get the Chaos Emeralds so fast?
The team went to Bowser's Castle, and when they got there, the ground shook.
"Wh-what's happening??" asked Sonic. And a giant Koopa looking thing came out of the ground.
"HAR HAR! Sonic, I have all of your stupid Chaos Emeralds, and they are powering this robot. Try and stop it if you can! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha-(HACK!)" laughed the booming voice of Bowser.
He's enjoying this way too much! thought Shadow.[1]

Chapter 12: Mecha Bowser

Claws and Mario tried to do a move they made called "Musical Jump Punch" (Claws sends musical notes from his guitar while Mario does a Super Jump Punch, the notes boost his jump and his punch) That softened up the armor. Team Sonic did Homing Ground Shaker, and for the final blow, Hedgehog Overdrive (Sonic & Shadow do Sonic Overdrive as Knuckles throws them, double the firepower). "What?! NO!!" yelled Bowser as his machine fell apart, with four Chaos Emeralds in the remains. "Uh oh, time to go!" Bowser said, and ran. "Now to get the princess. Thanks, Team Sonic." Mario said, and went to find the princess. "Chaos Control!" Shadow said, and a portal appeared (again) and they jumped in.

Chapter 13: Valley of Peace

Team Sonic & Claws landed in what appeared to be China.

"We must have come home!" Claws said.
"Nope, still need more Emeralds." Sonic said.

The team went up a big staircase leading to a building they believe carries the Chaos Emeralds they were looking for.

"Hey! Who are you?" said a voice behind them.
"We are Team Sonic, and you are?" Shadow replied.
"I am the Dragon Warrior, and these guys?" and five beings came up behind the big panda at the door, "These are the Furious Five."
"Is that so? Well, their ferocity will end when I'm through... if you want a fight!" Shadow responded.
"A worthy challenge." said the panda, "Let's fight."

Chapter 14: The Furious Five

Sonic was facing off against Monkey and Mantis while Claws had his hands full with Tigress; Shadow battled Viper while Knuckles bopped and socked Crane.

"Why did I have to be the one with the doubleteam?!" Sonic shouted as he was blocking fists and kicks from Monkey, and getting pummeled by Mantis everywhere.
"CHAOS BLAST!" Shadow called as a blast of energy knocked Viper out. Knuckles finished Crane with a Maximum Heat Knuckle and Claws simply made Tigress faint from his guitar music (heavy metal, he was playing). Shadow and the others helped Sonic defeat the others.
"Impressive." the Dragon Warrior said, "Your next opponent--"
"NEXT OPPONENT?!" Sonic shouted.
"--will be me." the Dragon Warrior finished.

Chapter 15: Po, The Dragon Warrior

Po felled Team Sonic in no time at all, but he was having trouble with Claws, thanks to the heavy metal he was playing. Shadow had recovered, and hit Po with a Chaos Spear, then followed with a Homing Attack and Chaos Attack x5. Knuckles gathered the team and did Fire Dunk. Dazed, Po fell out the door and down, down, down, down...

Shadow got the Chaos Emeralds that were in the building and the team Chaos Controlled out of there.

Chapter 16: Jezz's Plan

Jezz was thinking of a plan to get to ARK when he remembered that he was supposed to keep an eye every now and then on Team Sonic's progress.

"Two more Emeralds left to find; They are getting pretty far pretty fast." Jezz said, and went back to thinking. I know! I'll have Super Sonic teach me how to fly, and then I'll fly to ARK... wait... After I get past the obstacles. Jezz thought with a smile. Let's get this finished fast. Next Universe: Moebius!

Chapter 17: Moebius

Team Sonic landed on what seemed to be Mobius Prime.

"Oh, man! I thought we had the Chaos Emerald we get from here already!" Sonic said.
"No... somethings not right here... something's out of place." Knuckles said.
"Halt, Sonic Hedgehog!" said a voice behind them.
"That's 'Sonic the Hedgehog', mister, and you are?" said Sonic as he turned around.
"In case you forgot, blue-face, my name is Scourge the Hedgehog, and don't you forget it again!" said the green hedgehog that was behind them.
"Forget it? I never even knew it! If you want to fight, then let's have at it!" Sonic said.

Chapter 18: Scourge the Hedgehog

Team Sonic did Double Overdrive to knock Scourge off balance, followed by Claws doing "Guitar Strike" (killer heavy metal) to finish him; He was easily defeated. He dropped six Emeralds.

"Chaos Control!" Shadow said, and the team left.

Chapter 19: Endless Ocean, Part 1

Note from Author

This is where the tie-in really is.

Team Sonic landed on a slab of stone.

"Where are we now?" Knuckles asked as he looked around.
"We are on an island, somewhere." Shadow said.
"Island?! I can't swim!" Sonic said.
"No, but you can run on water." Shadow pointed out.
"Oh yeah... Let's go!" Sonic said, and brought the team (minus Claws, as Jezz called him elsewhere) across the water and onto... another island?
"Better than no land, right?" Sonic said, half to himself, and ran to the island. They found, on the island, six Chaos Emeralds.
"Where's number seven?" Sonic wondered.
"I'll go to that mountain over there, you guys look on another island." Shadow said.
"Hmm... Okay, but meet in the island under that one we were on, 'cause it looks like there is one under there." Sonic said.
"Agreed." Shadow replied.

Shadow went to the mountain, and he could see most all of it. He heard battle noises, and he looked at where it came from. He saw oddly colored people fighting eachother. A grey-blue guy was running to a different position and tripped over something green. That's a Chaos Emerald! Shadow thought. He saw the guy pick up the Emerald, and that made Shadow angry. We need that to get back home, and now that "thing" has it!!

Chapter 20: Endless Ocean, Part 2

Sonic & Knuckles were on an island searching for the last Emerald (the island of Mata Nui, where they started).

"Shh! I hear something." Sonic alerted, and they ducked behind two rocks. They saw a gray-blue guy carrying a green glowing rock.
That's a Chaos Emerald! Knuckles thought. They jumped out at them. "Give us that Chaos Emerald!" He said.
"Chaos what??" the grey-blue guy said, confused.
This guy doesn't know what a Chaos Emerald is! Knuckles thought, This will do nicely.
"Will you please hand over that gem?" asked Sonic.
"It's useless to me. Sure." gray-blue said, and gave them the Emerald.
"Thanks." said Sonic, and they left.

Shadow was inside the place Sonic mentioned. He saw seven tall warriors flying in. Cheers were going on for them... until they died down. An evil voice was ringing out to them, and Shadow went to investigate. He saw Sonic & Knuckles in an alley.

"Where have you two been? Nevermind, let's just activate these Emeralds and fix everything!" Shadow said. They activated the Emeralds and they turned Super.
"Okay! Let's go!" Sonic said, and they raced out the tunnel they entered from. Outside, they saw behind them a big guy (bigger than Earth, as Shadow states). They introduced themselves to the enemy:
"I am Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog!"
"Call me Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!"
Knuckles, who decided to not get fancy, simply said "And I'm Knuckles!"
"I'll join in the fight!" said none other than "Gray-Blue". Him and his team came together and formed a super transformation of their own and started flying next to the trio.

Chapter 21: Makuta Teridax

Note from Author

This first part is not documented in the Bionicle version, but it will be here because of past "boss entries" as I call them. 3 Years later does not affect Team Sonic in any way, as their world is frozen in time at this moment. 3 Years Later is documented in the Bionicle version.

Super Sonic struck first, hitting the big guy in the eye. Super Shadow attacked next, with Chaos Lances, aimed at the nose. Super Knuckles punched the air and created a fireball, of which he proceeded to toss at the guy's other eye. the guy next to them did a combination of powers that froze the enemy's arm in place... for a few seconds.

"Ha! You can't stop me, for I am Makuta Teridax, Master of Shadows!" the big guy said and laughed evily.
"So that's your name, eh? Well, 'Makuta Teridax', let's have a little fun, shall we?" Super Shadow said, and did a Chaos Blast right in Teridax's face, then he started launching Chaos Lances down where his feet are, causing him to do a "tenderfeet dance".
"My turn!" Super Sonic said, and, with Super Knuckles' help, picked him up by the feet!! And knocked him off balance. He merely got back up and shrugged it off.
"He must be invincible!" Super Knuckles said.
"We must keep going... I'm Akamia, by the way." said the guy next to the trio, in Gray-blue's voice.
"Nice to meet you, Akamia... but now's not the time for anymore intros." Super Sonic pointed out.
"We must keep going!" Super Shadow said.
"Okay, let's go!" Super Sonic replied.

3 Years Later...

They were fighting still, untill a new warrior came by and went up to the head and did some kind of trick with the mask he was wearing. The eyes of Teridax were turning green as opposed to the red that was in them earlier.

"I am Mata Nui. My world (and me) have been restored! My thanks to you, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Toa Nui Akamia! Peace to you all" said the being that had once been Teridax.
"I guess we can go home now." Super Sonic said, "Let's go!"
"CHAOS CONTROL!" said the team, and they left that world.

Chapter 22: Jezz comes home

Team Sonic were floating in the air in their normal forms. Jezz suddenly appeared in front of them, with the Chaos Emeralds surrounding him.

"You have found the Chaos Emeralds. We shall go home." Jezz said, "CHAOS CONTROL!"

Chapter 23: The Story Begins (again)

Note from Author

Not really, they are just where they left off with Eggman... plus Jezz.

"Time to crush you, hedgehog!" Eggman yelled. He was about to deliver the blow when a green hedgehog blocked it.
"W-who are you??" Eggman said in panic.
"I am Jezz the Hedgehog, creator of the Chaos Emeralds!" Jezz said, "You have no place here!"
"Is that so? Take this!" Eggman said and fired a barrage of missiles, which exploded with little effect on Jezz.
"WHAT!? How can that be??" Eggman said.
"The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the Chaos." Jezz recited, and the Master Emerald appeared in front of him, and, as he had them already, so did the Chaos Emeralds.
"Perfect Transformation... INITIATE!" Jezz said and started to glow all eight colors of the Emeralds (if you count the Master). He trashed and bashed the Egg Disruptor untill it fell apart. Jezz deactivated his transformation and, carrying the Chaos Emeralds for he did not want them at Mystic Ruin just yet, gave them to Sonic and asked "Can you teach me how to fly?"
"Sure." Sonic said. and they walked to the surface of South Island.



  1. This references the first Eggmanland cutscene in Sonic Unleashed.
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