This is Axel Badnik, doing some research about many aspects of this franchise, which many here aren't bother to put there yet. Despite the overblown username, don't expect me doing any fan characters, fan fictions, mary sue stuff and such. I'm not much cared about the side of fan community, that has been made fun to the death outside of it. It's also good to know that neither do I like to generalize or judge it, but you can always think about more deeply for second. If some people here do really want to put effort to their stuff on this wikia site, I recommended to assist with us to bring a better reputation for this site in some form. Here's some good stuff in following links to read and watch, while increase your knowledge and different views on things. Anyway, good day sirs and respect each other's opinions.

PS: Why so generalized and skeptical about one cartoon hedgehog after many years? It's just videogame, have fun.

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