Advance3 sonic

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I have a Twitter if anyone cares...


I also have a YouTube..., there I occasionaly upload gameplay videos, remixes, and orignal compositions.

Sorry to spam links :(

Other Stuff

I have an XBOX 360 (GT "clukin") and I play games like FortressCraft, Call of Duty - Don't hate me!! :'( , and of course, I play a lot of Sonic!

My favorite Sonic character is Manic The Hedgehog, and my favorite Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 2., but Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a close second.  If anyone wants to play XBOX with me then please send me a message!

I just cant get enough of the cheesy-ness from the old Sonic Cartoons.  I always go back to re-watch Sonic Underground on Netflix!

I study music theory and composition, and love composing original pieces!

Well thanks for reading my profile! Have a nice day!

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