aka jake (stop calling me "ami" please)

  • I live in the oletus manor + idol hell
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is a retail worker, valkyrieP, code enthusiast and novice figure collector
  • I am nonbinary (he/him please)
  • Bio icon credit:
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name. jake
gender. nonbinary
pronouns. he/him
personality. infj

About me

I used to be really active on this specific wiki, but then I dipped. But hi, I'm Jake, I am 18 and I am still a Sonic fan in this day and age. My interest in it dwindled a little during my early teenage years, but then it resurfaced again this year and in late 2018 so there's that.

I'm more active on the Sonic Fanon Wiki, working on my own fan characters, which can be viewed here.

Melissa is my most notable one and the most I have worked on. She has a page.

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