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  • I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Estudiar
  • I am Femenino
  • Bio Me gustan mucho las rapiditas de pollo y Secret Chiefs 3. Estoy estudiando arte y diseño digital en la facultad.
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Hello! I'm Alltails but most people choose to call me Belén. I'm no longer active around here but you can find me in the Spanish Sonic Wiki if you want to. Have a nice day!
==My Fan Character==
Is called Batty the Bat, he lives in Sunlight and he loves fruits.His best friend is Doomer, another bat, and they fight with the evil fox who´s called Sliat.They met in a railway station and they started to be enemies so then Captain Machi joined to Sliat and then Sky helped Doomer and Batty.
<gallery captionalign="left" captionposition="below" captionsize="medium" bordersize="small" bordercolor="accent">
Concept.jpg|Old desing of Sliat and Batty
Img009.jpg|Batty second desing
<gallery captionalign="left">
Batty Bat.jpg|Batty made in my Tablet
Tom.jpg|Batty´s cousin, Tom the cat.
Sliat Prower.jpg|Sliat in the Tablet
Batty Uncolor.jpg|Batty Uncolored
Batty as a Pony.png|Batty as a pony
Earth.png|Another Batty Character, Earth
Flopii and Batty by Alltails.jpg|Flopii (owned by [[User:FlopiSega|FlopiSega]]) and Batty
Batty.png|Batty by [[User:Fira Andzani|Fira]] (it´s great! thanks nWn)
SamBattyTogether.png|Sam (owned by DaisySonicFan2000) and Batty made by [[User:DaisySonicFan2000|DSF2000]] (It´s awsome!)
Batty3.jpg|Batty by [[User:SonicRollOut|SonicRollOut]] (nicely nice!)
=='''​'''Friends(in the order I met them)==
I´m shy so, you can request me in my [[User talk:Alltails|talk page]].
[[User:Fira Andzani|Fira Andzani]] (first friend)
[[User:FlopiSega|FlopiSega]] (good friend, she talk Spanish too!)
[[User:Rose Wolf|Rose Wolf]]
[[User:Sly the Fox|Sly the Fox]]
==About Me==
*My name is Belén La Regina.
*My fave Sonic character is Tails.
*I like Pokemon.
*I'm a pegasister.
*I love cats.
*I love astronomy.
==Games ==
===Games I own:===
<gallery captionalign="left">
564.jpg|''[[Sonic Free Riders]]''
936full-sonic-&-sega-all--stars-racing-cover.jpg|''[[Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]'' (Xbox 360)
Sega superstars tennis (360).jpg|''[[Sega Superstars Tennis]]'' (Xbox 360)
Sonic adventure dx.jpg|''[[Sonic Adventure DX]]'' (for PC)
256px-Sonic Heroes Coverart.png|''[[Sonic Heroes]]'' (for PC)
===Games I like to own:===
<gallery captionalign="left">
5922SG 360 PACK-FRONT.jpg|''[[Sonic Generations]]'' (I want it for Xbox)
Box 141916-hd.jpg|''[[Sonic Unleashed]]'' (for Xbox too)
==My Drawings ==
<gallery captionalign="left" widths="80" position="center">
Sliat Fox.jpg|Sliat
Chip.jpg|[[Chip]] (with geometric figures)
Za.jpg|Zak and Flopy in a magic temple
Sonic Recital.jpg|Unnamed fox,Batty and some Sonic Characters
Angry.jpg|[[Tails]] of [[Sonic Channel]] (with some other things)
Welcome.jpg|[[Tails]] with a welcome announcement
Team dar.jpg|[[Team Dark]] (one of my difficult pictures)
Time.jpg|[[Time Eater]]! (was hard but I did!)
===Real Drawings:===
<gallery captionalign="left">
Concept.jpg|Batty And Sliat Artwork
img009.jpg|Batty The Bat
Charmy Bee.jpg|[[Charmy Bee]]
6F0ACEB8-E954-4D25-864E-6104362619E9.jpg|[[Amy Rose]]
Rouge.jpg|[[Rouge the Bat]]
Miles.jpg|[[Miles "Tails" Prower]]
Wave the Swallow.jpg|[[Wave the Swallow]]
Fira by Alltails.jpg|Fira the Cat (character of Fira Andzani - cause I made it)
Blazy.jpg|[[Blaze the Cat]]
Shadow drawing by Alltails.jpg|A [[Shadow]] drawing
Tailshug.jpg|[[Miles "Tails" Prower]] "...a hug?"
Cast 1.jpg|A quick drawing of some characters (face only)
Tails1.jpg|[[Tails]] made with marker
Tails with fira steps.jpg|[[Tails]] made with Fira steps (colored in paint)
Tails Hint.jpg|another [[Tails]] pic made with some Fira steps (with big head)
Sonic Heroes!.jpg|A ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'' pic I made
Shadow Hedgehog by Alltails.jpg|Another pic I made of [[Shadow]]
Sly.jpg|Sly new desing (owned by Sly the Fox).Cause I made it
BigBYALLTAILS.jpg|[[Big the Cat]] but now with sunglasses
===Tablet Drawings:===
I not only draw in paper I got my own Tablet!
<gallery captionalign="left">
Batty Bat.jpg|Batty the Bat (my first drawing in my Tablet)
ShadowTablet.jpg|[[Shadow the Hedgehog]] (second drawing)
Blaze.jpg|[[Blaze the Cat]]
MilesERR.jpg|[[Tails]] (Riders Series)
Batty.jpg|Batty the Bat (second desing)
Sliat Prower.jpg|Sliat using his computer (you know this name is stupid but I create this character after Batty.Now he is the main evil character)
Flopii and Batty by Alltails.jpg|Batty and Flopii (Flopii is of FlopiiSega - Made by me)
Colored Shadow.jpg|Now he is colored in my Tablet.
Tom.jpg|Tom the Cat (Batty´s Cousin)
SilverIcon.jpg|[[Silver]] Icon
Jazz the Wolf.jpg|Jazz the Wolf
Batty Uncolor.jpg|Batty Uncolored
Wave Team.jpg|[[Wave the Swallow]]
'''I am: Online'''/Offline/Inactive
'''Mood:''' normal
'''Avatar:''' Sasha Cat
'''Thoughts:''' (no thoughts)
==Signatures and Talk Bubbles ==[[User:Alltails|<span style="color:yellow;background:#000000">Leave it to me!</span>]] -------> credit goes to [[User:Fira Andzani|Fira Andzani]].[[User:Alltails|<span style="color:Blue;background:#000000">Meta Knight!</span>]] --------> another signature by me.
|image = Batty.png
|color = DarkViolet
|name = Alltails
|textcolor = White
|sig = Leave it to me!
|text = My Talk Bubble (credit of Batty Image by Fira Andzani)|color2 = White|textcolor2 = Purple}}
|image = Tails May.png
|color = Black
|name = Alltails
|textcolor = White
|sig = Leave it to me!
|text = Another Talk Bubble by me|color2 = White|textcolor2 = Grey}}
==User box ==
[[File:BoxUser.png|thumb|400px]]Are these:
==Leave a sig!==
*[[User:Alltails|<span style="color:yellow;background:#000000">Leave it to me!</span>]] 23:37, July 18, 2012 (UTC)
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*Long time no see! [[User:Rose Wolf| ♥♥Sonic Fan Forever♥♥ ]] ([[User talk:Rose Wolf|talk]]) 16:51, July 29, 2012 (UTC)
*Piece o' cake! ''[[User:DaisySonicFan2000|<span style="color:YellowGreen;">Daisyiih-Sonikku</span>]]'' ''[[User talk:DaisySonicFan2000|<span style="color:Gold;">I'm talking with you!</span>]]'' 23:31, July 30, 2012 (UTC).
*Might as well :3 [[File:Dashie.gif]][[User:Sly the Fox|<span style="color:salmon;"> ♥Dashie is best pony♥</span>]] [[User talk:Sly the Fox|<span style="color:salmon;">/)^3^(\</span>]] [[File:Dashie.gif]] 00:48, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

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Hello! I'm Alltails but most people choose to call me Belén. I'm no longer active around here but you can find me in the Spanish Sonic Wiki if you want to. Have a nice day!

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