Just call me Alex. I discovered Sonic when I was 4, when my father bought a Dreamcast and it came with a demo disc with Sonic Adventure on it. I became a fan and have been a fan since then. I’ve met so many other fans and made lots of friends on Sonic community forums (such as Sonic United, Sonic Zone Forum, Sonic Stadium, Prower Palace and TailsxCream boards), created my own fan characters, learned how to sprite, etc. I am a fan of Sonic X, the Japanese version and not the English version.

I am also a good artist. I also have a scanner and some advanced Photoshop skills. My favorite character would have to be Tails, because he’s quite clever, searches for his own independence and does what he feels is right. He's also pretty techno-savvy like me.

Sonic X Series 2 Japanese fansub project

  • Goal: Provide subs for the Japanese version of Sonic X (24 episodes in total). Subs will be in .srt format, and can be applied to the high quality Raw Japanese episodes. .srt files will be available for download once complete.
  • Project date: March 23, 2010
  • Resources: for RAW high quality episodes for a rough translation guide
Other previously subbed episodes in low quality
  • Tools: VisualSubSync

Progress report

My Sonic collection







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