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Ursule's Trading Post (ウルスレ取引所 Urusure Torihikijo?) is one of the Shops that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed. It is located in Holoska and is owned and run by Ursule. Ursule's Trading Post is the only shop of its kind within miles of Holoska, a predicament that fits Ursule perfectly since it means that she gets all the customers in the area.


In Sonic Unleashed, the player can buy items from Ursule's Trading Post with Rings, such as edible items and collectible objects in the game, such as Souvenirs, Records and Videotapes. Videotapes and Records bought from Ursule's Trading Post are automatically sent to the Collection Room, while other items are put away in the Inventory.

List of Ursule's Trading Post products

Edible items

Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Smoked Mohn Smoked Mohn.png A river fish caught in the spring and cured. Oddly spicy. 30
Canned Horror Canned Horror.png Tiny but potent fermented fish whose odor carries for miles. 100
Perma-Meat Perma-Meat.png Meat frozen in the permafrost. Good luck defrosting this one. 30
Prehistoric Ice Prehistoric Ice.png Just the thing if you want a cool drink. People here don't. 10
Chili Dog Chili Dog.png Sonic's favorite, a jumbo frank slathered with spicy chili. 50
Sparkle Gelatin Sparkle Gelatin.png Jiggly sparkly jelly that melts your jaded heart. 30
Cookie Cookie.png Cream filling between two crunchy biscuits. Addictive! 20
Candy Candy.png A bite-sized candy. Don't try to talk while you're chewing! 10



Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Photo Frame SU Holoska Photo Frame.png A standing frame containing a photo of Holoska. 100
Miniature Flag SU Holoska Miniature Flag.png A replica of the national flag of Holoska. 100
Nesting Dolls SU Nesting Dolls.png Dolls of decreasing sizes, placed one inside the last (Appears after after clearing Rooftop Run Night Act 1 and Cool Edge Day Act 1). 140
Model Sled SU Model Sled.png A sled built to scale so it can be put on display (Appears after after clearing Rooftop Run Night Act 1 and Cool Edge Day Act 1). 160


Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Record 44 Record.png Holoska - Day 100
Record 45 Record.png Holoska - Night 100


Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Videotape 47 Video Tape.png Hope and Despair (Appears after beating the game). 100
Videotape 55 Video Tape.png To the Surface (Appears after beating the game). 100

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