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"Unnamed Episode"[1] is the seventieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 11 March 2017 in the United States and on 9 April 2017 in France.


When the people of the Unnamed Village find out that their village used to be called "Badgerville" after Sticks' evil ancestor, anti-badger sentiment runs rampant. They decide to rename the town to something more agreeable, and an election is held. Eggman buys votes and is able to rename the village Eggman City, then uses a hidden clause to seize power and become a worse tyrant than Sticks' ancestor. In the end, Sticks saves the day, takes back the village, and renames it Hedgehog Village, after Amy, the friend who stuck by her.







The episode begins at the Mayor's Mansion, with Mayor Fink himself stating to the crowd of villagers in front of him (with Team Sonic among them) that the Unnamed Village needs a new attraction since Sonic untied their large ball of twine; the hedgehog defends his actions by reminding them that it was to stop a rockslide. Amy suggests that they should sell T-shirts to get the village's name out, which prompts the others to wonder what the name of the village really is. Amy opts to check the library, but Tails decides to just use the internet, much to the pink hedgehog's annoyance.

Tails tells them that the Village was named Badgerville after its founder Jebediah Badger, an evil bank owner and land developer who gained power through corruption of the system and forced people out of their homes to develop land and grow his fortune. Eventually, the villagers' ancestors rose up and ran him out of town, destroying any of the signs bearing the Badgerville name and Jebediah's face and being too lazy to put up new ones; on a technicality, the town is still named Badgerville to this day. Sticks in particular is shocked by this news, as she reveals to everyone's horror that Jebediah was her great-great-grandfather.

Joined by Amy in her burrow, Sticks tells her best friend how upset she is that her ancestor stood for everything she dislikes, but Amy assures her that she had nothing to do with his actions and should not be ashamed, which makes her feel better. Later, the two are walking through the Village Center, and Sticks is unnerved by the angry glares the villagers are giving her, no doubt because of her ancestry. The Ice Cream Vendor in particular will not stand for their village being named after a "no-good badger" and suggests they come up with a new name, but when Sticks attempts to approach to agree with them, they run away. Further upset by this, Sticks decides to lay low for awhile, making Amy promise not to let the others name the Village something stupid.

There is another town meeting in the Mayor's Mansion to decide the Village's new name, with such suggestions as "Sonic-Topia" from Sonic and Knuckles' simple "Knuckles" (saying he really likes that name for some reason). Amy opts that the Village should be renamed "Pleasant Valley", a name that everyone else agrees with. Mayor Fink is close to approving the name when Eggman bursts in, wishing to rename the Village as "Eggman City" and let the villagers decide the name; when Amy fires back with the fact that everyone liked Pleasant Valley, Eggman tells her there is a process to renaming a town, unless they want to use Jebediah's method.

Later, Amy and Sticks attempt to get people to vote for the name "Pleasant Valley", but are only met with scorn from the villagers for Sticks' involvement; meanwhile, Eggman attracts the villagers with free T-shirts and smear campaigns against Amy for being an associate of Sticks', the latter finally pushing the badger to her breaking point. Team Sonic (sans Sticks) later waits in line with the other villagers to vote, with Tails attempting to convince an upset Amy that he is certain the election process will work in their favor. Much to the contrary, Soar the Eagle reports that Eggman won in a landslide and the name "Eggman City" will be used, interviewing Eggman for his thoughts; Eggman reveals there was a hidden clause within the ordinance renaming the Village that grants him absolute power over it.

Soon, Eggman is in the mayor's office with Orbot and Cubot by his side. He decides that now that he is ruler, he has some big plans in order, the first of which is finally getting the Fennec Garbage Man to take out his lair's trash in an orderly fashion. He then decides to go to the Village Center in the Eggmobile, along with a large bulldozer piloted by Orbot and Cubot so he can destroy the town and make room for his theme park. Team Sonic arrives to stop him, but Eggman states his position of power makes his actions perfectly legal, forcing them to stand down. Amy vows that they will find a way to stop him legally and attempts to spur the others to go to the library with her, only to go alone once the boys make it clear they do not wish to go along, much to their relief.

Amy spends a long time in the library, diligently studying several books until she finds something that can remove Eggman from power. She races to Sticks' Burrow, where she finds the badger packing up her stuff to leave town, having decided the Village is no longer the right place for her. Amy tells her that she found out something important through public records; despite the fact that Jebediah Badger was run out of town, he never gave up the land the Village was built on and as such, it goes to his latest descendant, who is Sticks. The badger is overjoyed to learn she owns everything in the Village (including things Amy does not believe to exist), and the two leave to stop Eggman.

Amy returns to the Village Center with Sticks, where Eggman is preparing to set his plan into motion as the other members of Team Sonic attempt to get him to stop; she informs everyone that Sticks is the rightful owner of the Village and their votes did not matter, with the badger adding that she is giving the power back to the people. Not discouraged by no longer being supreme ruler, Eggman decides to continue his plan anyway by forcefully taking control of the bulldozer and destroying the local youth center, sending several Ball Bots to attack Team Sonic. They easily destroy the bots as Amy moves the kids out of the youth center, and Sticks jams her bō staff into the joystick Eggman is using to operate the bulldozer, forcing it to go backwards and out of the Village.

Mayor Fink apologizes to Sticks for her mean treatment at the hands of the villagers and states they would be honored to keep the name "Badgerville" after her heroics, but Sticks instead suggests they name the Village after someone selfless and honorable: Hedgehog Village. Sonic is at first flattered that she would name the Village after him, but Sticks corrects him by saying she named it after Amy because she stood by her throughout her ordeal; the two share a hug as Knuckles asks if they are sure they do not want to use his name for the Village (and is still unsure of why he likes the name so much).



The outline for the episode was completed on 19 August 2015 and the record draft was completed 8 October 2015.[3]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French L'épisode sans nom The unnamed episode
Italian La città senza nome The nameless city
Polish Bezimienne miasteczko A nameless town
Spanish (Latin America) El episodio sin nombre The unnamed episode
Ukrainian Серія без назви Untitled series


  • Eight days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[4]
  • The episode's name is a play on Hedgehog Village's nickname, "Unnamed Village".

The cameo of the cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #201 in the episode.


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