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Eggman's Robot at background

Unnamed Eggman's robot as seen in intro demo of Sonic the Fighters.

Unnamed Eggman Robots are only briefly seen in the intro demo of Sonic the Fighters, one of them is standing at the side of Eggman whilst he is watching the main screen inside the Death Egg II. Numerous robots can also be seen on the computer screen deployed by Eggman from the space station to terrorize earth. These robots aren't seen in the game outside of the intro demo. These robots appear as bulky, Eggman-looking robots with drill arms, jet packs and rotating head with a large mustache. Their feet are flat and resemble skis.

This robot can be made playable by hacking the game. The robot does not have a grayscale version of itself and has the exact same moveset as Eggman's final machine at Egg Hangar. During gameplay, the robot rotates its head every six seconds as part of his idle animation. The only known difference from Eggman's machine's moveset is that the robot has triple punch move, and its speed lines are purple instead of white.


  • It is not known if these Eggman's created robots are somehow related to Eggrobos or any other similarly-shaped, robotic servants. They are also similarly mass-produced robots like Egg Pawns.





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