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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The United States of America, also known as the United States or America,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. It is a country located on Earth.


Film series


At some point in the past, the evil Dr. Robotnik was employed by the US goverment. Since then, the doctor assissted with numerous incidents not only in the United States, but also outside of the country.

Ten years before the present day, Sonic the Hedgehog found himself a home in the United States after he parted ways with his guardian Longclaw on Mobius. However, he did not interact with anybody in the country, although he settled down in a cave and visited Green Hills in Montana often.

Sonic the Hedgehog

At some point, Sonic watched a junior league baseball game, and as such, wanted to play baseball himself. However, his frustrations over having no one but himself to play with made him build up so much energy that he accidentally unleashed an electromagnetic pulse that caused a blackout across the Pacific Northwest. Later, the U.S. government tasked Dr. Robotnik with investigating the incident.

The next day, with the government on the hunt for him, Sonic fled to Sheriff Tom Wachowski's house to hide in his shed so he could go to the Mushroom Planet with the use of a Ring in peace. However, he was found by Tom, and the latter shot him with a tranquilizer. As he passed out, Sonic accidently sent his remaining Rings to the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco. After recovering, Sonic had an argument with Tom, though the two were forced to escape when Tom got on the homicidal Robotnik's bad side. Afterward, Sonic convinced Tom to take him to San Francisco so he could recover his Rings and escape Earth.

Eventually, Sonic and Tom stopped at the Piston Pit, where Sonic created a bucket list. However, while Tom helped Sonic cross some things off Sonic's list, Sonic accidentally cause a bar brawl. However, he and Tom managed to escape unscratched. Later, Robotnik visited the bar in order to investigate the case of the hedgehog. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tom would stop at a motel.

The next day, Sonic and Tom were attacked by Robotnik's Badniks. Although they survived the encounter, Sonic was rendered unconscious. Because of this, Tom took to Maddie, who was visiting her sister and niece in San Francisco. After Maddie revitalized Sonic, Sonic, Tom and Maddie went to the Transamerica Pyramid and retrieved Sonic's Rings, only for them to be attacked by Robotnik aboard his Eggpod. While Sonic ended up sending Tom and Maddie to Green Hills with a Ring, he was pursued by Robotnik across several other countries, before ending up in Green Hills too. There, with Tom's help, Sonic managed to defeat Robotnik and sent him to the Mushroom Planet.

Some time after, Sonic was allowed to live with the Wachowskis, while all information about him and Robotnik were erased. Meanwhile, Tails arrived in the United States while looking for Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

After the events in San Francisco, the United States decided to have a global taskforce created to deal with any extraterrestrial threats, including Sonic, forming the Guardian Units of Nations and appointing Commander Walters as the head of it. In order to capture Sonic, Walters initiated Operation: Catfish, setting up a fake wedding in Hawaii where his agent, Randall Handel, would marry Rachel, Maddie Wachowski's sister and one of Sonic's human sympathizers, and if Sonic showed up, capture him.

Several months after his battle with Dr. Robotnik, Sonic began a secret career as a vigilante around the United States, but with limited success, prompting several conversations with Tom about heroism and responsibility which eventually go through to Sonic. Soon after, Tom and Maddie went on vacation in Hawaii to attend Rachel's wedding, leaving Sonic alone at home. Soon after, Tails arrived in the United States looking for Sonic to warn him of Knuckles the Echidna, who was looking for him in order to find the Master Emerald. Meanwhile, having made a deal with Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles was brought to Green Hills by Robotnik so the latter could have his revenge on Sonic using Knuckles. When it came to blows between Sonic and Knuckles however, Sonic was ultimately saved by Tails. Meanwhile, having learned of the Master Emerald during Knuckles' bout with Sonic, Robotnik forged an alliance with Knuckles under the guise of desiring to help Knuckles retrieve the Master Emerald so he could destroy Sonic with it, when he in truth planned to seize the relic for himself. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails discovered a lead on the compass leading to the Master Emerald after finding a message from Longclaw, who passed the duty of guarding the Master Emerald over to Sonic. With the compass in Siberia, Sonic left the United States with Tails. In the meantime, with resources provided by Agent Stone in Green Hills, Robotnik and Knuckles were able to track Sonic and Tails.

When he had to escape an avalanche, Sonic called Tom and got him to create a Ring portal for him and Tails to escape to Hawaii through, arriving in the middle of Rachel and Randall's wedding ceremony. Seizing the moment, Walters had his agents capture Sonic and Tails, and when Tom tried to intervene, he was arrested as well. However, Rachel later attacked Randall and Walters out of scorn for being used, while Maddie rescued Tom, Sonic, and Tails, with Sonic eventually going after Robotnik and Knuckles alone. When he then saw proof of Dr. Robotnik having returned and both national and world security threatened, Walters provided transport for Tom and Maddie back to Green Hills while ordering G.U.N. ground forces deployed to the town to surround Robotnik's headquarters in the Mean Bean Coffee Café. When Robotnik emerged in his Master Emerald-empowered state, Walters warned him that the United States government had already seized all his assets, but Robotnik responded by using G.U.N.'s armored vehicles and other technology he could acquire to build the Giant Eggman Robot, forcing G.U.N. into retreat for the time being. Soon after though, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles reached Green Hills and engaged Robotnik and his robot. Eventually, Sonic would distract Robotnik and his machine, allowing Tails and Knuckles to reach Robotnik and deprive him of the Master Emerald. Beaten, but not defeated, Robotnik used his robot to go after Sonic and the Master Emerald, only for Tom and Maddie to appear and save Sonic from certain doom. Sonic then tried using the Master Emerald to defeat Robotnik, only for it to shatter and release the Chaos Emeralds. Using the Chaos Emeralds however, Sonic became Super Sonic and defeated Robotnik. Afterwards, Sonic relinquished the Chaos Emeralds, which subsequently disappeared. Knuckles would them repair the Master Emerald, which he, Sonic, and Tails agreed to guard together. Afterwards, Sonic would resume his lifestyle in the United States, but with his new friends and foster family by his side.

In meantime, G.U.N. would sifting through the Giant Eggman Robot's wreckage for signs of Robotnik. Though Walters believed he could not have survived, an agent warned Walters that they found something while erasing Robotnik's files: a black ops research facility dating back fifty years that was related to Project Shadow.


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord

In the past, Sonic the Hedgehog was sent by Longclaw to the United States through a Ring after a group of power-hungry guys tried to take his power for themselves. On the planet, Sonic made himself a home near the town of Green Hills. However, due to Longclaw's requests, he did not interact with anybody, which made him feel lonely.[1]

At some point, Sonic decided to play baseball in Green Hills, but accidently caused a blackout. The government tasked Dr. Robotnik with investigating the incident. The next day, Sonic fled to Tom Wachowski's house to escape to another planet in peace with a Ring, only for him to be discovered by Tom. Later, Robotnik appeared with his robots. Sonic subsequently fled the scene, with Robotnik sending his robots in pursuit of him. Despite Tom's objections, the doctor told his robots to shoot him if he got in the way.[1]

After running from Dr. Robotnik's robots, Sonic explained his Rings to Tom. He also created a portal to San Francisco with a Ring after Tom told him of how good life was there. Unfortunately, Robotnik's robots showed up, making Sonic accidentally throw all his Rings through the portal. Convincing Tom to help him retrieve his Rings, Sonic headed to San Francisco with Tom. During their trip, Tom inspired Sonic to write a bucket list. Eventually, the duo made a brief stop at the Piston Pit to have some fun. Later, Sonic and Tom left the bar to continue their travel.[1]

The next day, Sonic and Tom were attacked by Robotnik's Badniks, though the former managed to defeat them. Arriving at San Francisco, the duo met up with Maddie Wachowski. Later, they went to the Transamerica Pyramid's roof, where Sonic's Rings were. However, when Sonic was about to leave the United States with a Ring, Robotnik showed up with his Eggpod and an armada of Badniks. As Sonic sent Tom and Maddie back to Green Hills with a Ring, he had a battle against Robotnik, traveling to other locations outside of the United States using Rings along the way. Eventually ending up in Green Hills, Sonic had a final showdown with Robotnik. Charging up, Sonic managed to completely destroy Robotnik's Eggpod. The next day, Sonic moved into the Wachowskis' attic.[1]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

After settling into the Wachowski house in Green Hills, Sonic began speeding around the town to socialize from a distance while hoping for a change to prove that he had what it took to be a hero. Meanwhile, while out on a trip out of town, Tom and Wade received an all-points bulletin about a bank robbery at the first bank in Walla Walla, Washington, prompting them to head there to provide assistance. Hearing about the same robbery on TV, Sonic headed there as well. At it turned out however, the bank robbers were only looking to retrieve a Robotnik Control Glove and a USB drive containing Dr. Robotnik's manifesto from the bank's safety deposit as a part of a job given to them by Agent Stone. Though Sonic made it to the bank, an undercover bank robber got him trapped in the vault. Afterward, one of the robbers got the control glove working and summoned Badniks to haul the vault away. Amazed by what the Badniks were capaable of, the robbers decided to keep the control glove. Sonic, however, made the Badniks drop the vault and subdued the robbers, who had the Robotnik Control Glove taken from them by a Badnik Agent Stone was using. Afterward, Sonic made everyone keep quiet about him before heading home. Tom, who had helped take out Badniks on the sidelines, proceeded to arrest the robbers.[2]

Meanwhile, Agent Stone obtained the Robotnik Control Glove and Robotnik's manifesto. With these tools at his disposal, Stone got himself a job at Karen's Coffee in Green Hills and began using Robotnik's methods and technology to rise through the ranks of the shop and ultimately take it for himself while disposing of those standing in his way within a week. Stone was then ready to move into phase two of Robotnik's manifesto.[3]


Around the World in 80 Seconds

After defeating Robotnik, Sonic went to several locations in the United States after starting a travel diary to keep track of the many locations he visited since making his home in Green Hills.

Sonic Drone Home

While Team Sonic were on a trip to return some library books in Green Hills, Sonic had them take a detour in order to investigate some noises in the Green Hills Junkyard. There, the team discovered Unit, a self-aware Badnik in the process of upgrading himself in order to conquer the world. Soon after, Team Sonic ended up fighting Unit. However, Knuckles got ejected from the junkyard while Sonic and Tails wound up cornered by Unit. However, by conversing with Unit, Sonic convinced the Badnik to pursue his own passion: poetry. While Unit recited his poems to Sonic and Tails however, Knuckles returned and smashed Unit's body. With Unit's core module still intact however, Tails convinced his team to adopt Unit.

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