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Tell the commanding generals that the United Federation will never surrender to terrorists!

President, Shadow the Hedgehog

The United Federation,[1][2] also known as the Federal Government[3] (連邦政府[4] Renbō Seifu?) is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a federal presidential state on earth. Its capital is Central City,[5] and has been involved in various conflicts against hostile forces like the Eggman Empire and the Black Arms.



A shot of Central City, the capital city of the United Federation, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

The United Federation has a republican government with a President who resides in the capital city of Central City in a building known as the White House. It also has at least one ministry: the Minister of Finance, in charge of the country's finances.[6] In terms of foreign relations, the United Federation appears to enjoy warm relations with Japan, another sovereign state.[7]

The United Federation's armed forces are the Guardian Units of Nations,[8] which also operates internationally and houses several powerful weapons and robots in order to combat threats such as the Eggman Empire and the Black Arms. In itself, the United Federation appears to be a developed nation with modern cities.



Fifty years ago, the then-president of the United Federation requested Gerald Robotnik to research the secrets of immortality. Initially against the idea, he eventually complied so he could use the research to develop a cure for a terminal illness afflicting his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik. The project itself became known as "Project Shadow" and was carried out on the Space Colony ARK. The end results ended up being a prototype named the Biolizard and, with the aid of the alien Black Doom, the Ultimate Lifeform named Shadow the Hedgehog.[9][10]

However, the government began to grow wary of what terrible weapons Gerald was building aboard the ARK. As such, under the premise of there having been an accident, the military sent G.U.N. forces to either capture or kill all aboard the ARK, with Gerald suffering the former fate and his granddaughter Maria the latter. Gerald was subsequently sent to Prison Island to continue his research under supervision before he was executed. The government also found Shadow, who had been ejected from the ARK, and encapsulated him on Prison Island.[9][11][12]

Sonic Adventure 2[]

In Sonic Adventure 2, the disgraceful Dr. Eggman broke into Prison Island to seize the weapon mentioned in his grandfather's diary. He soon came face to face with Shadow the Hedgehog, who offered Eggman the Eclipse Cannon aboard the Space Colony ARK to make the world his own.[9]

Sonic SA2 1

GUN cornering Sonic, mistaking him for Shadow.

Shadow would go on to invade a federal bank to obtain the Chaos Emerald within, indirectly causing G.U.N. to mistake him for Sonic the Hedgehog. Because of this, Sonic was arrested by the United Federation and incarcerated on Prison Island. With Eggman returning to Prison Island alongside Shadow and the undercover government agent Rouge the Bat, the island fell into chaos as the government forces attempted to fight off the intruders. In the end, the intruders and Sonic escaped the island before it was blown up by Eggman. With Eggman having gathered enough Chaos Emeralds to partially power the Eclipse Cannon, he fired the cannon at the Moon as a warning to the President of the United Federation. However, Sonic and his allies managed to track Eggman down and confront him aboard the ARK, where they stopped the Eclipse Cannon from firing at the United Federation.[9]

Sonic Battle[]

In Sonic Battle, the United Federation became aware that Dr. Eggman had gained possession of an ancient superweapon called the "Gizoid". As per the request of the President, Rouge attempted to find out more about the Gizoid and Eggman's plans. Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman and a number of other parties had several battles for control of the Gizoid within the United Federation's territories.[13]

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the United Federation was attacked by the Black Arms during their invasion of earth. Due to Shadow the Hedgehog's presence in the region, the majority of the Black Arms arrived in the United Federation, causing major damage across its various territories. In response, GUN sent out its forces to combat the aliens around the world.[10]


Sonic and Shadow chase the Black Arms out of Westopolis, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Over the course of the war, the United Federation suffered many losses against the Black Arms. This included having their mainframe compromised, an assassination attempt on the President, and having the Space Colony ARK and its Artificial Chaos units fall under the Black Arms' control temporarily. At the same time, however, the government also had its own fair share of victories thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. This included chasing the Black Arms out of Westopolis, pushing the aliens back into the Death Ruins, and successfully invading the Black Arms' home base, the Black Comet.[10]

Ultimately, the United Federation came out of the war victorious when the Eclipse Cannon destroyed the Black Comet.[10]

Sonic Frontiers[]

In Sonic Frontiers, elements of the United Federation would appear all over Cyber Space due to that dimension gaining information from all around the planet.[2]


In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the United Federation was a government that controlled most of the human and Overlander settlements on Mobius. The country was formed by the communication between the remaining human cities in the aftermath of the Xorda's attack on the planet during the 21st century. Recently, it partook in the Second Robotnik War in the side of the Freedom Fighters against the tyrannical regime of the Eggman Empire.

After the Super Genesis Wave rewrote history, the United Federation became mostly identical to its game counterpart. The country holds sovereignty over territories all around Sonic's World that include Westopolis, Apotos, Empire City, Holoska, Shamar, Mazuri, Spagonia, Chun-Nan, and Adabat. Closely allied with the Kingdom of Acorn, the United Federation joined the ongoing Eggman War against the Eggman Empire, and has also fought against other threats that include the Black Arms and the Shattered World Crisis.



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