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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Most interesting.

— Unit, Sonic Drone Home

Unit, also referred to as the Drone,[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. He is a standard aerial Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik, albeit programmed with self-awareness and independent thoughts. After trying to fulfill his objective to conquer the world, he was convinced by Sonic the Hedgehog to follow his own passions, with Tails adopting him shortly thereafter.


Unit is a standard aerial Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik. As such, he resembles a metallic white egg with a red eye on the front and collapsible flaps around his body. He also has four black curves painted around his eye. In addition, unlike other Badnik models like his, he has metallic eyelids.

While in Green Hills Junkyard, Unit managed to build a body for himself, with his core module serving as its head. This body had a trashed front section of a car as its pelvis, an upper body made of various random components, and about thirteen thin mechanical arms that each wielded a different tool at their tips. However, he unusually only had four arms protruded at a time. The first of these arms was the shovel arm from an excavator, the second was a parabolic antenna on the end of its arm, the third had a traffic light for a hand, and the fourth had a two-fingered claw. His core module also had two antennae on top of it.



Sonic Drone Home

An aerial Badnik, Unit had been programmed with self-awareness and independent thoughts by Dr. Robotnik. Eventually though, he ended up in the Green Hills Junkyard. There, Unit spent his days and nights rummaging through the junk for parts to upgrade himself with in order to conquer the world.

Unit with his modified body attached to his main module, from Sonic Drone Home.

One day, while Unit was working on his upgrades in the junkyard, he detected the presence of Team Sonic, whom the Badnik proceeded to open fire upon with his new body. As Knuckles approached for a frontal attack, Unit trapped him in a refrigerator and sent him flying away. Unit then engaged Sonic and Tails using his new body's laser weapon. Unit soon got beaten into the ground by Sonic, but Unit managed to distract with a detached component of his. He also managed to deflect a bola fired by Tails at Sonic, incapacitating the latter. Before he could crush Sonic though, Tails saved him. Talking flight, Unit caught up to Tails and smashed both him and Sonic into the ground. Before Unit could finish Sonic however, Sonic questioned his reasons for doing what he did. Unit explained that he did it to take over the world, but Sonic pointed out that this was Robotnik's way of thinking and asked what he himself was into. As Unit admitted that he was into poetry, Sonic convinced him to conquer the world with poetry. With Sonic and Tails then offering to be his audience, Unit began reading his poems to them until Knuckles returned and smashed his body. Fortunately, Unit's core module survived, and Unit thanked the trio for their constructive criticism, seeing Knuckles' attack as disapproval of his last poem. Afterwards, Tails adopted Unit as a pet of sorts. When Knuckles expressed disapproval of Unit, Unit simply told him that he would be the first to submit to his prose once he has mastered the poetry needed to make the world cower with it.


Dr. Robotnik programmed Unit to think for itself.

— Unit, Sonic Drone Home

Unlike the typical Badnik drone, Unit is able to speak and is programmed to be both self-aware and capable of independent thoughts. While capable of remarkably life-like behavior though, Unit is still somewhat stiff in behavior and slightly less flexible than the average person.

Originally, Unit was fully dedicated to his objective, which was to conquer the world, and would show hostility towards biological entities. Also, whenever experiencing something new in particular, Unit would be most interested in it. However, his worldview got shifted when Sonic would ask him a question, something Unit had never experienced before. As it was then brought to his attention that trying to conquer the world was what Dr. Robotnik would want and not himself, Unit's mind was opened to many more possibilities, although his newfound ways are still subtly guided by his directive to conquer the world.

Unit reciting one of his poems, from Sonic Drone Home.

One of Unit's own preferences, and his personal passion, is poetry. However, he was shy about admitting it, having noted that it was too personal for him. However, thanks to encouragement from Sonic and Tails, Unit found the courage to fully embrace his passion and be open about it. Additionally, he is not too sensitive of an artist, as he welcomes constructive criticism of his poetry. He has since made it his goal to master poetry and make the world cower with it.

Powers and abilities

Unit possesses the standard aerial Badnik's ability to fly through midair, although he has yet to demonstrate their wide selection of armaments.

Perhaps Unit's most prominent and dangerous skills are his mechanical expertise and thought processes. Notably, he was able to build himself up into a dangerous machine all on his own using only parts from a junkyard. He is also quite cunning and intelligent, possessing accelerated thought processes far beyond the common mind, which allows him to make split-second and effective decisions. In addition, he can detect biological entities.

Unit's body made from junk in the Green Hills Junkyard, from Sonic Drone Home.

During his stay in the Green Hills Junkyard, Unit was able to built a powerful body for himself. This body was equipped with traffic light-based lasers, rejectable body parts that he could control from a distance, super strong limbs, a helicopter rotor for flight, and a multitude of tools. In addition, it was quite durable, being able to withstand a series of direct spin attacks from Sonic.

Unit stated himself that his battery life can last for one billion years.


Team Sonic

Originally, Unit perceived Team Sonic as his enemies, prompting him to take up arms against them. Over the course of their battle, Unit was able to outmatch and counter all of the team's strategies using his new body. However, when he had cornered Sonic, the hedgehog convinced him to follow his own passions, which was poetry. With Sonic and Tails willing to listen to his work, Unit abandoned his hostility towards Team Sonic and would recite his poems to them. Even when Knuckles returned and smashed him to pieces, Unit held no ill will against him, seeing his attack as nothing more than "destructive criticism" of his poems. However, he would make it clear to Knuckles, who did not trust him, that he intended to make the echidna the first to submit to his poetry once he had mastered it. When it came to Tails, the fox cub was the one to show Unit the most compassion and sympathy, which in turn led to Tails adopting Unit as a pet of sorts.



"Upgrade. Upgrade. Need to upgrade. Unit must upgrade and conquer the world."
—Unit working on upgrading himself, Sonic Drone Home
"Your speed is no match for this unit's processing power."
—Unit pursuing Tails, Sonic Drone Home
"No one has ever asked Unit a question before. Most interesting."
—Unit after receiving his first question, Sonic Drone Home
"Truthfully,... Unit's passion is... poetry."
—Unit admitting his passion, Sonic Drone Home
"Soon, Unit will master the poetic form and the world will cower. You will be the first to fall before this unit's superior prose."
—Unit telling his intentions to Knuckles, Sonic Drone Home


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