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Unga Bunga is a boss that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It was a giant robot made by D-Fekt from totem poles in Kodiak Frontier to battle Team Sonic.


Unga Bunga is a several stories tall robot composed of multiple totem pole segments. These segments come together as nine visible parts: six body fragments, a head with horns protruding from the sides and curling upwards, and two large arms and hands. Unga Bunga is mostly garnet, with some blue and black. Being held together by D-Fekt's powers, it has nothing connecting its parts.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

When Sonic and Amy gave chase on Kodiak Frontier, D-Fekt came across several totem pole pieces which he built Unga Bunga's body from using his magnetic powers. He then inserted himself into the forehead of the inactive robot, brining Unga Bunga to life. Springing up from its idle position, Unga Bunga battled Sonic and Amy, only to be destroyed by the heroes, while D-Fekt fled in the aftermath.

Powers and abilities

Thanks to its size, Unga Bunga possesses strength great enough to cause large tremors by hammering into the ground. Because it has no solid joints, it has completely articulated limbs, allowing it to rotate them like rolling pins to flatten its foes with significant force. Additionally, Unga Bunga can breathe fire, which it uses to set its hands ablaze for extra damage when hitting enemies.


Since D-Fekt is the one holding Unga Bunga together, harming him causes Unga Bunga's structure to destabilize.


Unga Bunga is the first boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and can be fought with Sonic and Amy after clearing Cliffside Blizzard in Kodiak Frontier. The boss battle takes place in a closed-off arena with "pillars" appearing in the second phase.

Boss guide

The battle requires the player to switch between Sonic and Amy. First, Unga Bunga will spin one of its hands around and jab it toward the player. It will then breath fire onto its hand, and try to smash the player with it. When Unga Bunga misses, the player must attack its hand with the Homing Attack. Unga Bunga will then repeat this pattern. After hitting its hand again, the second phase of the battle will start.

A dizzy Unga Bunga will drives its one arm into the left side of the screen. Switch then to Amy as blocks of ice fall from the left side of the screen. From there, Amy must use Transform Terrain to make Unga Bunga's arm rise into the air while using Fire Mode to melt incoming ice blocks. Once this is accomplished, switch back to Sonic and freeze the water blocks that lead to the top of Unga Bunga's head while scaling them. When the player has hit D-Fekt, Unga Bunga loses one of its horns, and the phases repeat. Complete this phase and Unga Bunga will fall apart, marking the completion of this boss.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Richard Jacques 2:05
Kodiak Boss


  • Unga Bunga is based off a totem pole, which are common in Native American tribes. These are based mostly on the Pacific coast of North America, where there are many evergreen forests and very cold winters, similar to Unga Bunga's level.
  • Unga Bunga is the only boss in the game which only Sonic damages, as Amy never attacks Unga Bunga herself.