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Sonic Underground
Underground Masquerade (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Underground episode "Underground Masquerade".

[Scene: City, day.]

Queen Aleena: [Narrating] Sometimes you have to take a step back to realize how far you've come. In Manic's case however, that one simple step could turn into a slide of no return.
[Several citizens are seen walking in a city street. Suddenly, a revving Sound is heard, and the citizens panic, and dash away. The sound is revealed to have come from Sleet and Dingo's tank, followed by two Swatbots on a bike which speed by barely missing the citizens. Inside the tank, Dingo is seen driving, while Sleet stands behind him.]
Dingo: Outta the way, Robotnik revenue tax collectors coming through! Sleet, don't you think it's a crime to give Dr. Robotnik all these taxes we worked so hard to collect?
Sleet: Unfortunately Dingo, Dr. Robotnik would have us arrested if we kept the Duke's tax payment to ourselves.....Unless of course we could find someone else to take the blame, while we take the cash!
[A citizen is shown on a sidewalk walking a giant caterpillar, while Max observes. Max notices the citizen is carrying a coin purse. He stealthily tails the citizen and eventually gets close enough to steal the citizen's wallet from the purse. He stops walking, and opens the wallet. To has disdain, he finds it completely empty.]
Max: [Gasp] Nothing! [Angry] Hey mister, it's adults like you who make life tough for kids like me! [He throws the wallet back at the citizen, who catches it, surprised. Sleet and Dingo's tank emerges from a street, and Max notices a golden hood ornament shaped like Dr. Robotnik attached to its front.]
Max: Now that's better, things are starting to look up! [Max climbs up the gutter of a nearby building. He makes his way to the roof, and dashes off after the tank, jumping from roof to roof. He pulls a rope out of his purse, ties it to a chimney, and jumps off the building.] Yaahoo! [Max bungees down, plucking the gold ornament and returning to the roof.]
Dingo: Huh?
Sleet: Hey you, put that back!
Max: Later jits!
[The tank screeches to a halt, and deploys two Swatbos on a bike. Max dashes away across the rooftops.]
Sleet: After him, you idiots! [Sleet exits the tank, kicks one of the Swatbots off the bike, and rides it himself.] ...On second thought, I'll do it myself. [He drives away.]

[Scene change: In another part of the city, the Camper Van is driving through the streets. Max jumps down from a roof onto a pipe, and lands in front of it. The Sonic Underground are shown inside it, with Sonic driving.]

Manic and Sonia: [Surprised] Sonic, look out!
Sonic: Got it covered! [He slams on the brake pedal. The Camper Van stops, and opens one of its side-doors. Max walks in.]
Max: Thanks! Now turn around and burn rubber! Weirdo geekoids are after me!
Sonic: Any particular reason we should care?
Max: [Thinks for a minute.] Here they come! [Points at Sleet, who's approaching the camper on a motorbike.]
Sonic: Dingo and Sleet are after you?
Manic: In that case compadre, the Sonic Underground is at your service!
Sonic: Time to juice! [The camper drives away, with Sleet pursing them on his motorbike, and Dingo pursuing them on foot. The exhaust from Sleet's bike impedes Dingo's vision, and he runs into a metal pipe. ]
Sleet: The Sonic Underground....What an unexpected treat. [Chuckles]
Sonic: Take the wheel, Manic, while I take out old dog-face! [Sonic hands Manic the wheel, and runs out the door, right towards Sleet.] Hey Sleet-meat, is that as fast as you can go?
Sleet: It's fast enough to catch you, Hedgehog.
Sonic: Then knock yourself out! [Sonic uses his Super Sonic Triple Spin to bound over Sleet, and dodge around a corner. Sleet looks in front of him, and sees a ramp sitting directly in the path of his bike.]
Sleet: Oh nooooo..... [Sleet's bike speeds up the ramp, sending the bike and Sleet flying through the air.]
Sonic: Perfect takeoff. Ooh, classic trajectory. [Sleet lands in a pile of garbage. Sonia is shown standing in the doorway of the camper, directly behind Sonic.]
Sonia: And what an exquisite landing!

[Scene change: Max and the Sonic Underground are in another part of the city. Several other children are playing music on instruments, while citizens listen.]

Max: Hey c'mon Manic, I want you to meet my posse!
Manic: [Chuckles] Aw man, I can't tell you how all of this takes me back.
Sonia: [Disgusted] Ugh! Take a look at all those barbaric ruffians.
Sonic: Forget look, just listen! Maybe me can use them in our gig tonight, at the dukes masquerade ball.
Sonia: No way, Sonic. You know that mother may be at the ball in disguise. And if she saw in instrument like an accordion in our band, she might disown us all!
[A thief is shown juggling several oranges in front of two wealthy nobles.]
Thief: Keep your eyes on the oranges, ladies and gents, because the hand--[Swipes the first noble's wallet.]--Is quicker--[Swipes the second noble's jewel necklace.]--then the eye! [He tosses the stolen items towards Max. However, Sonic dashes in front of them, and grabs them himself.]
Sonic: Woah, no offense max. [The nobles realize there items are gone.] Excuse me, I think you dropped these. [Returns the items the the nobles.].
[Cuts to next scene. the Camper Van is driving through the city streets.]
Max: Sorry, I didn't mean to get you guys mixed up in a hassle.
Manic: Don't sweat it, Max.
Sonic: Any place we can drop you?
[Cuts to next scene. Sleet and DIngo have parked their tank where the Sonic Underground just was.]
Dingo: Well?
Sleet: The Sonic Underground just left. The question is, why are they consorting with underage hoodlums? More importantly, how can we twist this situation to our advantage?
Dingo: Well, maybe we could-
Sleet: -Infiltrate their pimply band of thieves to find out? Brilliant thinking, Dingo. [He pulls out the Shapeshift Remote, and uses it to turn Dingo into a thief.] You are now Urchino, one slick trickster with sleight-of-hand skills to match.
Dingo: Not bad, Sleet. I like this new me!
Sleet: Unfortunately, since your brain's still the same defective cabbage as ever, I'll be listening to everything that's going on, and feeding you every word. [Sticks a tiny device in Dingo's ear.] Now go and wait untill one of the little monsters takes you in, [Puts on a listening helmet.] and I'll decide whether to arrest the Sonic Underground now, or save them for something even better.

[Scene change: In another part of the city, the camper is parked outside an alleyway, with a door leading into the thieves hideout. Inside the hideout, the Sonic Underground and the thieves are staring at a pile of stolen valuables.]

Max: But guys, we can't give it back, I can't remember who we took it from!
Manic: Look little bro, Sonic's right. Stealing's wrong. I know. I've been there.
Max: Soon as you tell me how else we can survive, sign me up. Until then-
Sonia: Wait, Max. We're playing at the ball tonight. Maybe he can help find you homes!
Max: Now you're talking, girl. And maybe me and Allegra and Clifton can jam with you. Sorta show the Duke what he's getting. [Allegra grabs a fiddle, Clifton grabs an accordion, and they both start playing music.]
Sonia: I had to go and open my mouth...
Sonic; Come on sis, you gotta admit it, the kids can play.

[Scene change: In another part of the city the same thief from before is preforming by juggling oranges again, while a Disguised Dingo watches.]

Sleet: [Through earpiece] Get ready, Urchino.
Dingo: [To the thief] Yo, bro! What up?
Thief: Just bringing some snacks back from the market. [He stops juggling the oranges.]
Dingo: Looks like you forgot something! [He pretends to pull a coin out of the thief's ear, flips it across his fingers, and unclenches his hand to show that the coin has disappeared much to the thief's amazement.]
Thief: Woah, slick move! Where'd you learn that? [Dingo punches the theif on the forehead, and unclenches his fist to reveal the coin is back.]
Dingo: Keep the change. [Flips the coin at the thief.] Whatcha' doing for excitement thees days?
Thief: Hanging out with my pals....You want to come?
[Sleet is shown in his tank, remotely directing Dingo what to say through the earpiece.]
Sleet: [Through earpiece] Beats counting flies.
Dingo: Beats counting flies.
Sleet: So far, so good.

[Scene change: In the thief's hideout, Manic and is conversing with the thieves, while Sonic and Sonia look on in annoyance.]

Manic: Back when I was in circulation, I used to like the "sneeze technique" for lifting necklaces.
Sonia: [Annoyed] Great, we're trying to find homes for these kids, and Manik's conducting a clinic for pickpockets!
Manic: Watch carefully! [Manik pretends to sneeze on Allegra, and pulls out a handkerchief.] Oh, wipeout! Oh ma'am, I'm so sorry! Let me clean you up. [He wipes Allegra's neck, grabbing her necklace in the process.] I'm so sorry ma'am! [Pulls the handkerchief back.] Check it out! [Reveals the stolen necklace.] Looks like the Manic-man still has the touch! [The thieves applaud.]
Max: That was incredible!
[Dingo and the thief appear in the doorway.]
Dingo: Not bad, not bad. Nothing exceptional, but not bad.
Manic: So, I'm out of practice, okay? I suppose you've got better?
Thief: Matter of fact, he does! The slickest I've ever seen! Everybody, meet Urchino!
Dingo: Yo!
Max: Cool, Urchino, welcome! But check this out, Allegra, Clifton, and I are gonna play at the duke's masquerade ball, with the Sonic Underground.
[Sleet is shown walking down a staircase outside the entrance to the hideout, followed by a Swatbot.]
Sleet: And that news is music to my ears. Troopers, follow me! I'm going to be rich, and the Sonic Underground is going to be history!
Sonic: Hey Manic, let's close the door on pickpocket high and teach these kids what they can play at the ball, okay?
Manic: No problemo bro, It's just this whole scene takes me back to my childhood!
Sonia: That's just what we're worried about, Manic. Too long a visit to your childhood can land you in Ja- [A Swatbot laser is fired at them, which they barely dodge.]
Sonic: Woah! [Dashes behind a crate, and looks over it to see Sleet commanding a horde of Swatbots.] It's Sleet and the Swatbots! [Sonia is shown evading several lasers, before landing next to the others.]
Sonia: How'd they find us? [Dodges another laser.]
Sleet: That's for me to know, and you to never find out, Hedgehog! [Several more Swatbots are shown advancing from behind sleet. They all fire lasers at the group. Max whispers something to Sonic.]
Sonic: Hang onto your hairdo's everyone, 'cause we're spinning outta here! [Sonic uses the Super Sonic Triple Spin to create a whirlwind that pulls all the thieves, Sonia, and Manic through the entryway. Sleet and the Swatbots narrowly avoid being pulled in. Sonic dashes back into the doorway, and transforms his Medallion into a guitar.] And now, a word from my guitar. [He fires a laser at the ceiling, causing it to cave in, blocking off Sleet, his Swatbots, and Dingo.]
Dingo: Looks like they got away.
Sleet: Which was the whole point, you see Urchino, It's time to plan the Sonic Underground's final criminal act, which will get them arrested, while allowing Dr. Robotnik's heroic tax collectors (Meaning us) to take off with the Duke of Velcronia's gold, scot-free!

[Scene change: In another part of the city, Max emerges from a manhole, followed by the Sonic Underground and the rest of the thieves.

Max: Phew! That was some wild ride!
Sonic: Don't thank me, thank the Sonic world 'round express!
Sonia: Uh-oh. We've got our sound check with Duke in two minutes!
Sonic: [to Manic] Hey, can you get our new band members up to speed, while Sonia and I are gone?
Manic: [Transforms his Medallion into a drum set.] Ready to rock, amigos and amigas?
[Allegra and Clifton pull out their instruments.]
Max: Let's do it!
Sonic: Later, dudes! [He and Sonia dash off.]
Manic: Here Max, trade! [Tosses max his drumsticks.]
Thief: Wait a minute, where's Urchino?
Manic: [sigh] As much as that guy bugged me, I can't leave him in there with Sleet-sleeze. [Starts walking towards the manhole.]
Dingo: [Walks up] I appreciate the thought, but I can take care of myself!
Thief: Urchino! How'd you get away from those ugly robo-dudes?
Dingo: When you're the main man, you don't ask how, ya' just do it!
Max: Wow!
Manic: [shrugs] The dude talks a good game, but the question is, do you wanna chat, or do you chat?
Max: No big choice there, Manic! A-one, a-two, a-one-two-three-four! [Starts playing on the drums.]

[Scene change: The Duke's castle, day. Sonic, Sonia and the Duke are staring at a several bars of gold in the the treasury chamber.]

Sonic: Bummer man, did you have to give all this look to Robuttnik for taxes?
Duke of Velcronia: If I don't, he'll toss me in jail! [They walk out of the treasury, and the duke closes the door. Sonia is shown looking at a computer.]
Sonia: And all the secret work you're doing for the resistance with your wealth and power would be lost!
Duke of Velcronia: Which is why I have all the electronic security, to make sure no one takes my down payment on freedom! [One of the Duke's robots rolls past.]

[Scene change: Sonic, Sonia, and the Duke are in a large room, with a table spread out with food in it. Sonic sees a plate of chili dogs, and his mouth starts watering.]

Sonia: [gasp]
Sonic: It's a true gentleman and a scholar who knows that the chili dog is a hedgehog's best friend.
Sonia: Not this hedgehog. [A door is heard opening.]
Sleet: Duke, are you there?
Sonic: Time to make ourselves scarce! [Grabs onto Sonia's arm, and dashes off, hiding behind a tapestry. Sleet enters.]
Sleet: Just making sure you have all my money.
Duke of Velcronia: All Dr. Robotnik's money, you mean.
Sleet: Of course. Just remember though, it's only because you are such an upstanding citizen that you're allowed your yearly ball.
Duke of Velcronia: Well, right now I'm preparing for my authorized ball, so if you don't mind... [He and sleet walk out of the room.]

[Scene change: City, night. Max is playing the drums, while Manic, Dingo, and the rest of the thieves listen. He tosses the drumsticks in the air, and Dingo catches one of them.]

Dingo: Nice, Max but now it's time to move on to more...Important affairs.
Manic: You're talking crazy, Urchino! What's more than music?
Dingo: Would scorin' a fortune for the Freedom Fighters' resistance qualify? [He picks up three glass bottles, juggles them, and tosses one to Manic. He catches it.]
Manik: Oh... Can't argue with that. [He and "Uchino" continue tossing the bottles back and forth.]
Dingo: Then listen! When I was givin' Sleet the slip, I heard about a huge tax payment he's collecting from the Duke.
Manik: But if we steal that, the Duke-uw gets in trouble!
Dingo: Not if we wait until Sleet takes possession of it! [Grabs Allegra's fiddle, and starts juggling it along with the bottles, much to her annoyance.] Then, he takes the bomb!
Manik: [Chuckles] I'm starting to like the way you think!
[Sleet is shown in his tank, directing Dingo what to say.]
Sleet: Now say, "The only problem is..''
Dingo: The only problem is, I'm not sure you still got what it takes! [Throws all the juggled items at Manic.]
Manic: Try me! [He catches the first bottle, but misses the fiddle, causing him to drop it. All of the items land on his head.]
Dingo: [Walks over to Manic.] If you can get through the Duke's security system to his treasure room, and prove it by bringing back one small meaningless coin, I'll know I can trust you to help me pull off the real thing. [He holds out his hand, and Manic takes it.]
Manic: Hey man, I'll do anything to support the resistance! Hey Max, can I count on you to cover me while I'm gone?
Max: From one to ten and back again!
[Sleet is shown in the cockpit of his tank.]
Sleet: [Through earpiece.] Excellent work, Dingo. Now that he's taken the bait, the hedgehog will do all the work, and get all the blame, while you and I will get all the gold! [Laughs]
[Scene change: The Duke's castle, night. Several citizens are seen attending the masquerade ball, with the Sonic Underground, and three of the thieves onstage. They transform their Medallions into instruments, while the thieves play on a fiddle, accordion, and drums.]
Sonic: Sonic Underground? It's time to rock and roll. [The crowd cheers, and they start playing.]
Sonia: Any sign of mother?
Sonic: Not yet. You guys ready?
Manic: Ready!
Sonia: Sorry about the accordion, mother.
Sonic: Then let the good times roll!
["Let the Good Times Roll" plays. While it plays, a cloaked figure is shown watching the performance.]
Manic: [Swaps masks with Max.] Max, it's time! [Max takes over Manic's position as drummer, while Manic unscrews the lid on an air duct, and uses it to escape. He hides from a security robot, and climbs into another air vent grants him access to the computer room. He presses some buttons on the computer, and leaves the room. Dingo is seen approaching it. Manic is seen outside the treasury room's door, imputing a code. Dingo cuts some wires using an knife. The door opens, and Manic is inside the treasury room. He steals a coin from the vault, and leaves. He enters another room, where he presses three buttons on a device and dashes off. He returns to the stage, trading masks with Max again, and continues drumming. Soon, they stop playing, and the audience applauds. Dingo the the thieves are shown walking down a hallway, where they see a flashing green light.]]
Dingo: It's okay, the security's turned off.
Thief: But we were supposed to wait and steal the treasure from Sleet, not the Duke!
Dingo: We'll steal it when I say we steal it! [He presses some of the buttons beside the door, and it opens. The thieves both shake their heads, but Sleet walks up behind them.]
Sleet: Perhaps you misunderstood, I am calling the shots.... [He pulls out the Shapshift Remote and transforms Dingo back into his normal form. The thieves are aghast.]
Dingo:.....But I'm the one who gets to carry 'em out! [He approaches the thieves, which cower at his sight.] So lemmie repeat: You're going to steal that treasure, or I'm gonna let you have it with one of my fists! [Holds out his fist.]

[Scene change: stage. The audience continue applauding the performance.]

Duke of Velcronia: Fantastic performance, well done! And kids, you can tell your friends there are good homes waiting for all of you.
Max: Incredible!
[Sleet arrives, followed by several Swatbots.]
Sleet: I thought I had your assurance that your tax payment was present, and secure.
Sonic: Who invited him?
Duke of Velcronia: Not me! The money is there, and you'll get it. Now leave my ball IMMEDIATELY!
Sleet: Money is not there, because the Sonic Underground has already taken it! [Pulls off Manic's mask.] Police, search this hedgehog! [A police-themed Swatbot searches Manic, finds the gold coin he stole, and holds it up.]
Sonic: Manic!
Sonia: How could you?
Sleet: The better question would be "Where'd you hide the rest of it?" [A cuff emerges from the Swatbot's arm, and clamps down on Manic.]
Manic: There is no "Rest of it". I Just took the one coin on a dare.
Sleet: [To Duke] Well, you get your gold...
Sonic: I hate to say it, Manic-bro, but you really let us down.
Sleet: [To Duke] ....But until you do, you still have to pay your taxes in full.
Duke of Velcronia: But that will ruin me!
Sleet: Tell that to your hedgehog "friends".
Duke of Velcronia: [Angry] Officers! Take all of these ingrates to the city jail! [The Swatbots approach the Sonic Underground.]
Sonic: I think most of us can do more outside of jail!
Sonia: I'll second that notion, and give it a tune! [She transforms her Medallion into a piano keyboard, and starts playing it, creating Purple mist that stops the Swatbots.

[Scene change: City, night. Sonic and Sonia are driving the camper down a street. Clifton and Allegra are riding in it.]

Sonic: Hey, do you think Manic was telling the truth, that he did it on a dare?
Sonia: [Glares at Allegra and Clifton.] It was these kids! They suckered our brother back into his old criminal way of life!
Sonic: [Shakes his head.] Nu-uh, chill that, sis. Manic would be the first to tell you anything he did, he did by a choice.
Sonia: [To Allegra and Clifton] Sorry kids, Sonic's right. After all, Manic would blew your chances for real homes as well.
Sonic: On the other hand, if we can find that money and get the Duke off the hook...

[Scene change: Prison, day. Manic is sitting behind bars.]

Manic: Ugh... What could've happened to that money? What does it matter, I'm the one who majorly goofed up.

[Scene change: another part of the city, day. Max is walking through a tunnel.]

Max: I can't believe Manic double-crossed us. No homes for my pals, the duke's in big trouble, and the Sonic Underground is done for! [Cackling is heard. Max goes to investigate its source. He sees sleet and Dingo in the hideout, laughing. Two other thieves are behind them. Max tries to sneak by, but one of the thieves notices him.]
Max: Sshhh! [He hides behind a curtain, finding a box of items there. He grabs a camera, and starts recording Sleet and Dingo.]
Sleet: This is so...Wonderful. That smart-aleck Manic did all the work-[Pulls out the Shapeshift Remote and transforms Dingo back into a thief.]
Dingo: And now we're rich, and he's in jail! Sleet, this was your sneakiest plot yet!
Sleet: I must say, "Guchino", you weren't bad yourself. [Transforms dingo back to normal. Sleet and Dingo continue laughing.]
Thief: Yeah? [Steps towards Sleet] And now we're gonna bust the both of 'ya!
Sleet: And who, pray tell, is going to believe a gaggle of underage pickpockets like you? [Max dashes from his hiding place, holding the camera.]
Dingo: Anyone, Max was videotaping us!
Sleet: Grab him!
[Max runs up a flight of stairs, with Sleet and Dingo following close behind. However, the same cloaked figure from before appears, and pushes a cylindrical object down at them. It rolls down the stairs, knocking them down. The cloaked figure then runs off. Max continues running, and accidentally crashes into Sonic, who was running the opposite direction.]
Max: ...Sonic? What are you doing here?
Sonic: Trying to get to the bottom of the Duke's missing money!
Max: Well then you're gonna wanna look at this! [Shows Sonic the camera.] It was all a setup, so sleet and Dingo could steal the loot, and Manic would take fall!
[Sleet and Dingo arrive.]
Dingo: There he is!
Sleet: Don't let him get away!
Sonic: In that case, it's time to juice 'n jam! [Dashes off with Max.]

[Scene change: Prison, day. The camper pulls up, and Sonic exits.]

Sonic: Hey Manic, pack your bags! We're busting you outta here! [Manic hears this, and is overjoyed. Sonic transforms his Medallion into a guitar, and blasts a hole in the prison wall. Manic climbs out. Sonia walks up.]
Sonia: Sonic, now that we know the truth, I want Manic outta there too, but the police will be after us in a minute!
Sonic: I know, that's the whole idea!
Manic: Aw, guys, I'm so sorry.
Sonic: First things first, Manic, get in the van. [They all enter the van, and it drives away. Soon, they are pursued by a police cruiser. Sonic slams on the brakes.]
Manic: Uh... I appreciate the jailbreak and all, but is there any reason for driving so slow?
Sonic: Only clearing your name and getting the Dukes money back. [The camper screeches to a halt.] Everybody out! [They all dash out of the van. The police cruiser lands, and two police Swatbots exit. They find Sonic, leaning against a wall.] I'm waaaiting! [Sonic dashes off, with the Swatbots following. He dodges into an alcove with the rest of the gang, and the Swatbots run past.]

[Scene change: Hideout, day. Sleet and Dingo are shoving all the gold into large sacks.]

Sleet: Good, we've got to hide this loot, and then get a hold of that video and- [The police Swatbots walk in.]-Hello officers....[The Swatbots approach them.] As you can see, through some great detective work, Dingo and I have recovered the stolen loot! [The Swatbots glance at each other. Suddenly, the recording is projected on a wall.]
Sleet (Recording): This is so...Wonderful. That smart-aleck Manic did all the work- [Sonic is revealed to be the one casting the projection, for behind a rock.]
Dingo (Recording): And now we're rich, and he's in jail! Sleet, this was your sneakiest plot yet!
Sleet (Recording): I must say, "Guchino", you weren't bad yourself. [They laugh.]
[Sleet and Dingo are handcuffed, arrested, and marched off by the police Swatbots.]
Sleet: However will we explain this to Dr. Robotnik?

[Scene change: The Duke's castle, day. The Duke is talking to Sonic Underground and the thieves.]

Duke of Velcronia: I should've known better then to doubt my friends, old and new. I hope you like your new homes. [The thieves cheer.]
Manic: You didn't steal this one max, you really, really earned it.
Max: You got that one right, Manic, my old thieving ways are history! From now on, I'm a freedom fighter, walking and talking the straight and narrow!
Manic: You and me both!
Sonic: And now that we got that settled....
Sonic, Max, and Manic: It's time to juice and Jam!