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The Unbolterizer is an object that that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a weapon for Tails' Plane developed by Miles "Tails" Prower which is capable of breaking down artificial constructs.



The Unbolterizer is a handgun-like weapon akin to the Cyclone Blaster, except the Unbolterizer is slightly smaller and has a thinner barrel, two lower handles on the end, and cords on the outside.

Features and abilities

Unbolterizer effect

Giant Robot's arm getting blown apart by the Unbolterizer.

When used, the Unbolterizer fires a beam that causes artificial constructs, such as remote controls, metal cages and robots, to instantly fall apart.[1][2] This makes it a lethal weapon to even the strongest robots. Conversely, it can also fire beams that can short-circuit electronic systems without disassembling their machines.[3] Interestingly enough, the Unbolterizer's beams can ricochet off the surfaces they hit.[1]

The Unbolterizer can be attached to the bottom of Tails' Plane where it can be guided with laser targeting.[1]


TV series

Season one

SB Tails Been Working On It To Himself

Tails working on the Unbolterizer.

Created by Tails, the Unbolterizer was first used by the fox in an attempt to help his team defeat Octopus Bot, despite it being untested. However, the Unbolterizer malfunctioned and triggered a rock slide with its shot that nearly killed his team. Ridden with guilt, Tails retreated to his workshop until he could fix the Unbolterizer, and soon discovered he forgot to use a counterweight to compensate for changes in velocity (and that there was a fish inside it). After doing a successful test with the Unbolterizer at Dr. Eggman's lair, Tails used it to free his team, who had been captured by T.W. Barker, by breaking the cages holding them.[1] The Unbolterizer was later deployed again by Tails to destroy Giant Robot and save its captive Zooey.[2]

Season two

During a dogfight with one of Morristown's sentries, Tails used the Unbolterizer on his plane to shoot down the sentry's ship without destroying it.[3] Tails later tried using the Unbolterizer from his plane again to help his team when Eggman attacked them with his robots, only for the device to malfunction. Thankfully, Tails was able to fix the weapon and use it to blow Eggman's robots to pieces.[4] When Dr. Eggman later attacked Team Sonic with his Ball Bots, Tails used a portable Unbolterizer to fight off the robots.[5]



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