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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a device invented by Tails to increase Sonic's speed.



Bandaged sonic

Sonic wearing the chestplate device.

The Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier consist of two components: the control panel and the chest plate. The control panel is a metal panel with a yellow console. It has a white dial rotor to adjust how fast on can go and gauges that monitor how fast one is going. The chestplate is metallic with yellow parts, brown straps and a circular blue center.

Features and abilities


Sonic with his speed bolstered by the device.

Using state of the art "blast processing" technology, the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier sends amplification signals to its chestplate, allowing the wearer to reach superspeeds surpassing Sonic's. For speedsters like Sonic, the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier's speed boost is added to their own natural speed. This means that even when the device makes speedsters faster than what they are capable of, such people can surpass the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier's default top speed.[1]

When pushed to the limit, the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier can make one's molecules vibrate so fast that they are left out of phase with their plane of existence. This leaves the user suck in a state where they are unable to perceive those on the main plane (be they organic beings or robots) and vice versa, although the user is still able to interact with the environment. Repeating the process will return the user to their original plane. However, the controller cannot sent its amplification signals across the planes.[1]

The Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier's control comes equipped with a tracker that records its chestplate's location. After some recalibrations, the controller allowed the wielders of the controller and chestplate to communicate with each other across the planes by making them able to partially perceive each other.[1]


TV series

Season Two


Sonic entering another plane of existence due to the device.

As a part of various tests to increase Sonic's speed, Tails invented the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier. However, Sonic ended up stuck on another plane of existence when using the device. Tails subsequently used another chestplate to enter Sonic's plane to rescue him. While the device lacked the power for both of them to return home, Sonic was able to run faster than the machine was capable of and pulled Tails with him as he rejoined their home plane, losing the control panel on the other plane in the process.[1]



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