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The Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier is a device invented by Tails used to increase Sonics speed.


Sonic wearing the chestplate device.

The control panel is metal with a yellow console. It has a white dial rotor to adjust how fast Sonic can go and gauges that monitor how fast Sonic is going.[1]

The chestplate is metalic with yellow parts, brown straps and a circular blue center.

It sends amplification signals to the chestplate Sonic wears to reach unparralel speeds. It uses state of the art blast processing technology. It grants Sonic various abilities such as boosting, moving so fast appearing in two places at once, and with increase speeds his molecules moved so fast he ended up in another plane of existance.[1]


TV series

Season Two

After various tests to see if possible to increase Sonic's speed, Tails invented the device to allow Sonic to move faster than he was capable of. However he ended up on another plane of existance. Tails used another chestplate to go into the other plane to help Sonic. The two manage to leave the plane of existance by running faster than the machine was capable of, losing the control panel in the other plane of existance.[1]



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