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Sonic the Hedgehog
Ultra Sonic

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Ultra Sonic".

[Scene: Robotropolis building]

Sally: That’s it. Section 2, module 14.
Sonic and Sally: Let’s do it to it.
Sonic: Hold it, Sal.
Snively: Maximum ferrite field, 95.7 percent roboticization factor.
Sonic: Which one controls the old Robotocizer?
Sally: First, we shut down the alarm. That should do it.
Sonic: Should?
Sally: Well he could have a back-up.
Sonic: No prob, we can handle it.
Sally: The difficult part will be getting into that Robotocizer’s software, so that we can deactivate it.
Sonic: Come on, Sal. With my looks and your brains, we’re unstoppable.
Sally: You’re…partly right.
Sonic: Which part?
Sally: Guess.
Sonic: Huh, the incredible good looks part, right?
Sally: You’re dreaming again.
Sonic: That is not a dream, that is one hedgehog hunk.
Sally: Sonic, will you get serious?!
Sonic: Yo, I am serious.
Dr. Robotnik: Snively! The robotocizer is in sabotage mode!
Snively: I’ll check it, sir. The hedgehog! SWATbots, sector six red corridor!
Sonic: Excuse me, is this where we catch the monorail for Knothole?
Snively: Go ahead and joke hedgehog, but this time we’ve got you!
Sonic: What you’ve got Snively is a big, fat, zip-o!
Snively: Guess again, rodent. What I have is your worthless hide.
Sally: *gasp* *cough* The fire extinguishers!
Sonic: What? He can’t take a joke? Hold tight, Sal! Woah!
Sally: Any ideas?
Sonic: The foam!
Sonic and Sally: Woaah!
Sonic: Past cool! Now let’s hope that the hover-pad is still where we left it! Waah! We’re in gear!
Sally: Sonic! Behind us!
Sonic: Hang on, Sal!
Sally: They’re still behind us!
Sonic: Adios, SWATbots! When the hedgehog brain is really cookin’, those chumps don’t stand a chance.
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: No prob.
Sonic and Sally: Woooaaah!
Sally: Maybe the old hedgehog brain is a little over-cooked?!
Sonic: A minor mistake, no biggie. We gotta be close to that subway station. *gasp* Oh man.
Sally: No biggie, huh?
Sonic: Okay, a major biggie. How come they’re not shooting at us?
Sally: They’re saving us for the Robotocizer.
Sonic: Well it ain’t gonna happen. Hang tight.
Sally: Sonic…
Sonic: Chill, I know what I’m doin’.
Sally: Huh, that would be a first.
Sonic: Very funny.
Sally: Thank you.
Sonic: Outta the way, SWATbutts! Hedgehog comin’ through! Ha ha! Am I cool or am I cool?
Sally: That was absolutely crazy, Sonic!
Sonic: Hehee, yeah it was, wasn’t it?
Sally: You are impossible!
Sonic: Thank you, thank you. See that subway station anywhere, Sal?
Sally: Yes, there! Sonic!
Sonic: Hang on!
Sally: Wuh, at least we made it to the rendezvous point.
Sonic: Let’s juice!
Sally: Ahhhhh!

[Scene change: Subway station]

Sally: Worker-Bots!
Sonic: Sal…there! That bot is…my Uncle Chuck!
Sally: You’re right!
Sonic: I’ve gotta get him out of here!
Sally: Sonic, wait! There’s too many SWATbots.
Sonic: I can handle the SWATbots.
Sally: Sonic use your head, it’s too risky! We need a plan.
Sonic: You’re right.
Sally: Where’s the Crystal Mine?
Sonic: I don’t have a clue, but we’re gonna find out. Let’s juice!
Rotor: Sonic! We scoped out Robotnik’s junkyard, but we couldn’t find any old Robotocizer parts. How’d you guys do?
Sally: Not much better I’m afraid, except that-
Sonic: We found my Uncle Chuck!
Bunnie: Oh, Sonic that is so excitin’!
Rotor: Yeah, where is he?!
Sonic: On a train, headin’ for the Crystal Mine.
Antoine: Where is dis crystal of mine?
Sonic: That way!
Sally: Well, we’d better start walking.
Rotor: Hey guys! Here’s our ride to the mine. Incoming!
Antoine: Uh, perhaps it is time to fly!

[Scene change: Outside Crystal mine]

Sally: Ugh, I can’t believe this. Robotnik’s pollution is everywhere.
Rotor: Man, would I love to turn Robotnik into a can-opener.
Sonic: Cool it, Rote! Keep your eyeballs peeled for Uncle Chuck. There he is! I’ll get him!
Sally: Sonic! Be careful.
Sonic: Yo, Uncle Chuck! Wait up! Uncle Chuck, chill will ya? It’s me!
Uncle Chuck: *Growl*
Sonic: Uncle Chuck! What are you doin’?!
Uncle Chuck: *Growl* Raargh!
Sonic: Yo! It’s me, Sonic!
Uncle Chuck: Grrrrrr.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck, it’s me, Sonic! You’re one and only too cool nephew! Don’t you remember?
Uncle Chuck: Yaargh!
Sonic: Bunnie! Grab him!
Bunnie: Guh! Easy does it Sugar, I won’t hurt ya.
Sonic: Get him out of here, Bunnie!
Uncle Chuck: *Growl*
Antoine: Sacrebleu! This is terrible what Robotnik has done to him.
Sonic: Don’t worry, Uncle Chuck, we’ll get you back to normal. Got any ideas, Sal?
Sally: Well, the roboticization process is still a big mystery. But maybe…just maybe, we can jog his memory.
Sonic: Yeah, past cool, Sal! Uncle Chuck, this is one of the power rings you invented for me, remember? Sal, it’s workin’! Attaway Chuck! It’s me, Sonic, your fave nephew! Please remember!
Uncle Chuck: …Sonic, is that you, sonny?
Sonic: Uncle Chuck! Yes! Man, I sure missed you!
Uncle Chuck: I missed you, too. Still good-lookin’ and always cookin’, eh Sonny boy?
Sonic: You got it, Unc. Shakin’ and bakin’.
Uncle Chuck: Princess Sal! Rotor! Bunnie! Oh, it’s a real treat to see you again.
Sally: Welcome back, Charles.
Rotor: How you doin’, Chuck?
Antoine: Dr. Hedgehog, bonjour.
Uncle Chuck: Bonjour, Antoine.
Sonic: Come on, Uncle Chuck. We’re bailing you out of this dump.
Antoine: Oh, oui oui, yes. The better the sooner.
Uncle Chuck: Not yet, Sonic. There’s something much more important than me that I need your help on.
Sonic: More important than you? Like what?
Uncle Chuck: I’ll have to show you. Down in the mine. Bit of a snag, here. The elevators gone until the next shift.
Sonic: Forget the shift, there’s always the shaft. Bunnie, waste these doors.
Bunnie: My pleasure. Ugh!
Uncle Chuck: Sweet thinkin’, Sonny! Let’s get slidin’!
Sonic: Is he my uncle or what?
Antoine: Waaaahhhh!
Sonic: So what are we looking for, Uncle Chuck?
Uncle Chuck: It’s something you gotta see with your own eyes. Ugh! Check it out, Sonny.
Sonic: Oh man! That is large!
Uncle Chuck: Robotnik is mining this Energy Crystal to replace his limited oil supply. They’re hostin’ it outta here today! We have to stop it!
Bunnie: What’ll happen if they do get it out?
Uncle Chuck: Removing that active crystal will destroy the whole eco-system.
Sally: You’re right, we do have to stop Robotnik…but how?
Uncle Chuck: Only one way: We shut him down here, and at the control center. Sal, that’s where you come in.
Sally: Okay, let’s do it!
Uncle Chuck: That’s it Sal.
Sally: The control center?
Uncle Chuck: Right, that’s where you gotta cut the main power circuits. Sonny, after you get them, come on back here.
Sonic: You got it! Uncle Chuck, you feelin’ okay?
Uncle Chuck: Fine. Don’t worry about me, we don’t have much time.
Sonic: I’m outta here! Hey leadhead! Back at cha! Hey, electro-breath! Get ready for a laser lunch!

[Scene change: Mine control center]

Antoine: Slice of pie, n'est pas?
Rotor: Antoine, it’s “a piece of cake.”
Antoine: Yes, I’m happy this is so.

[Scene change: Mine]

Uncle Chuck: I’ll go first.
Sonic: Careful, Uncle Chuck! What’s next, Uncle Chuck?
Uncle Chuck: You’re about to meet the most powerful bot of all!
Sonic: Man, that is one serious bot!
Uncle Chuck: It’s a dino-bot, a deadly planet-devouring machine.
Sonic: I wish the dude was on our side.
Uncle Chuck: That’s my plan, Sonic! But first we gotta get to its controls inside. Just follow me. See you inside!
Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Bunnie: Oh my stars, do we have to do that?!
Sonic: No problem, come on!
Bunnie: Oh, I hate this part!
Uncle Chuck: Let’s go, Sonny-boy!
Sonic: Woah! Bunnie, can’t you jam its jaws open?!
Bunnie: I’ll sure give it a try Sugarhog! Come on, move!
Sonic: Alright, Bunnie! Now let’s find Uncle Chuck!

[Scene change: Mine Control Center]

Sally: The main control panel is just beyond that bot. Rotor, there’s a toggle switch on his foot!
Rotor: I’ll get him to turn, you flip the switch. Hey! Woah! Sally, hit the switch!
Sally: Got it!
Antoine: Gringo!
Rotor: Antoine, it’s “Bingo,” not “Gringo!” Let go, tinhead! Woah!
Sally: Rotor, over here!

[Scene change: Mine]

Sonic: This bot’s flipped out Uncle Chuck!
Uncle Chuck: Let’s hope he doesn’t clear his throat.
Bunnie: Amen to that. Let me give ya a hand there, Charlie. There ya go.
Uncle Chuck: Thanks, Bunnie. Now let’s figure out how to control this baby.
Sonic: Control it to do what?
Uncle Chuck: To chop suey those cables! Yes, the control board! Now let’s see if dino-bot will work for us.
Bunnie: What’s that?!
Uncle Chuck: The cranes! We gotta work fast. Come on Sally, pick up! Good job, Sal. Now shut down the mine’s main circuits.
Sally: Okay, but…I don’t see a control panel for the cranes!
Uncle Chuck: Must be separate, keep lookin’!
Sally: Will do…maybe one of these…
Uncle Chuck: Now, let’s get this T-bot crankin’. Hit it, Bunnie! This T-bot’s workin’ for us now!
Bunnie: All right!
Sonic: Better juice, Uncle Chuck! Those cranes are startin’ to life the ol’ crystal! Large move, shred that sucker!...The claw is down!
Uncle Chuck: We’ll have to use the laser drill to destroy the crystal!...The crystal absorbed the laser energy! We’ve got to take out those cables! This is it, we cut it loose now, or Mobius is finished!...We did it, Sonny-boy!
Sonic and Bunnie: Yes! All right!
Uncle Chuck: Now we gotta hook up with the others and get outta here!
Sally: That’s it, everything is shut down except for emergency power, let’s get back to the elevator!
Uncle Chuck: Let’s go, let’s go!
Sonic: There’s our ride out of here!... Uncle Chuck? What’s up? Uncle Chuck? Oh man!
Uncle Chuck: It’s alright Sonic, we saved Mobius. That’s the important thing.
Sonic: We’ve gotta getcha back to Knothol, warp seven!
Uncle Chuck: It’s too…It’s too late, Sonic.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck?
Uncle Chuck: *growl*
Sonic: No way am I leaving you here!
Sally: Sonic, he’s turned back!
Sonic: You’ve gotta come with me!
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Bunnie: Come on, Sugarhog!
Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Sally: Sonic, we have to leave him!

[Scene change: Train]

Sonic: I shoulda saved him…
Bunnie: Y’all did what you could honey, we couldn’t bring him back, he’s loyal to Robotnik.
Sally: We’ll get him back another day Sonic, promise.
Rotor: Yeah, and look what we did with Uncle Chuck; we totaled that crystal!
Antoine: Se magnifique!
Sally: You know I was able to copy some of the Robotocizer software. One day we’ll be able to change Uncle Chuck back…permanently.
Rotor: Along with all our families.
Sonic: Hang in Uncle Chuck, we’ll be back…