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Sonic the Hedgehog
Ultra Sonic

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"Ultra Sonic" is the third episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the third episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fourth episode of the series. It first aired on 2 October 1993.



Races and species:





The episode begins with Sonic and Sally breaking into a ventilation shaft in Robotropolis to destroy the Roboticizer. During the trip through the shaft, Sonic stops Sally and pulls out the grill in the floor, revealing the room with the Robocitizer, which Snively is working on. In order to ensure a safe mission, Sally disconnects the alarm by pulling a cable apart. However, she notes that it will be more difficult to deactivate the Roboticizer's software. Sonic is unconcerned though, saying that with his "good looks" and Sally's "brains", they are unstoppable. This makes Sally begin teasing Sonic about his skills and appearance, which Sonic takes as a compliment. As soon as Sally initiates the Roboticizer's sabotage mode however, Dr. Robotnik hears an alarm and informs Snively of the intruders. Using a scanner, Snively detects Sonic and Sally in the ventilation shaft and sends a group of Swat-Bots to take care of the two Freedom Fighters. Snively then notices Sonic and Sally in the ventilation shaft, prompting Sonic to mock Snively. In response, Snively activates the ventilation shaft's fire extinguisher, forcing Sonic and Sally to work on escaping the ventilation shaft. With some difficulty, they open a cover leading outside, only to discover that their escape route leads to a steep drop. To make matter worse, they are under fire from both Swat-Bots and Hover Units. Fortunately, Sonic sees that the fire extinguishers' leaking foam has formed a cushion on a footbridge below them. Sonic thus has him and Sally jump into the foam, ensuring them a safe landing. The two of them then run to the Hover Pad they used to get there.

With Sonic taking the wheel, Sonic and Sally escape the building, only for several Hover Units to arrive and pursue them. Using several aerial maneuvers, Sonic hides himself and Sally inside a building while the Hover Units pass them. However, after Sonic takes the Hover Pad out from its hiding place, a Hover Unit comes in and rams the Hover Pad, sending Sonic and Sally spinning through midair. However, Sonic regains control and begins flying himself and Sally towards their rendezvous point at the subway. However, the Hover Units soon return and resume their chase after them. Sonic wonders why they are not shooting at them, and Sally explains that they are saving them for the Roboticizer. Having none of that, Sonic pulls off a risky aerial maneuver that forces the Hover Units to scatter. Meanwhile, Sally scolds Sonic for his recklessness, which Sonic takes as praise.

Eventually, Sonic and Sally arrive at the entrance to the subway. It is then that their Hover Pad is shot down. Fortunately, Sonic manages to land it safely, and he and Sally manage to evacuate to the subway in time. Deep inside the subway, Sonic and Sally see some Swat-Bots leading several Worker-Bots into a train heading for the Crystal Mine. Among the Worker-Bots, Sonic sees his roboticized Uncle Chuck. Sonic wants to rescue Chuck, but Sally stops him, saying that there are too many Swat-Bots for them to handle and that they need a plan. As the train heads for the Crystal Mine, Sonic decides to head after it with Sally to find out what that place is. Just then however, they are halted by Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine, who have been to the scrapyard without finding any old parts from the Roboticizer. As the gang catches up with each other's progress, Sonic reveals that they have found his Uncle Chuck, who is heading for the Crystal Mine. While Bunnie responds with enthusiasm, Antoine wonders where the Crystal Mine is. After Sonic points in the direction the train went, Sally expects them to follow the train track on foot. Rotor, however, notices an unused transporter vehicle nearby. The group of heroes proceed to enter the transporter, just as they come under attack by Swat-Bots, and head towards the Crystal Mine.

Arriving in the Crystal Mine, Sally and Rotor are disgusted by all the pollution present. As they hide from view, Sonic and co. see the Swat-Bots lead the Worker-Bots and Chuck towards an elevator. Reacting quickly, Sonic runs out of hiding and catches up to Chuck. Sonic believes that his uncle will recognize him, but instead, Chuck attacks him and turns on the alarm. Sonic tries to remind Chuck of who he is, but to no avail. Fortunately, Bunnie manages to overpower and restrain Chuck while Sonic turns off the alarm. The heroes then hide underneath a platform with Chuck. As the group wonders about how they can help the savage Chuck back to normal, Sally figures they might be able to jog Chuck's memory with a Power Ring. Pulling a Power Ring out of Sonic's backpack, Sally hands it over to Chuck. Moments later, Chuck regains consciousness and his free will thanks to the Power Ring he invented. As Chuck starts to recognize Sonic, the blue hedgehog and his uncle share a tearful hug. Chuck then proceeds to greet all the heroes present. After the warming reunion, Sonic wants to take Chuck out of the mine, but Chuck insists that there are more important matters underground that he needs the heroes' help with. Taking the heroes with him to show them, Chuck runs into a snafu when they find the elevator closed for the current shift. Fortunately, Sonic has Bunnie force the entrance open. The group then rides down the elevator shaft via the elevator cables.

Down in the mines, Chuck shows Sonic and co. a giant Energy Crystal that Robotnik's forces are going to hoist of the mine today. Chuck explains that Robotnik plans to use this crystal to replace his dwindling oil supply. However, removing this much active crystal will destroy Mobius's ecosystem. Sally agrees that they have to stop Robotnik, but is at a loss of what to do. Chuck explains that their only option is to go to the control center and shot down the crane lifting the Energy Crystal out of the mine. Chuck also explains that he is going to need Sally's help, which she accepts.

While the group stays in hiding, Chuck shows Sonic and co. the control center where Sally has to cut the main power circuits. Chuck then tells Sonic that after he gets the Swat-Bot guarding the control room, he has to come back here, which Sonic accepts. Suddenly however, Chuck feels a disturbance in his head for a moment. Sonic gets worried, but Chuck tells him not to concern himself with him. Sonic subsequently proceeds up to the Swat-Bot and gets its attention by throwing a piece of scrap at it. As Sonic taunts the Swat-Bot, the Swat-Bot fires its laser at him, but Sonic deflects the laser back at the Swat-Bot with a mirror, destroying the robot. As Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine move towards the door to the control center, however, another Swat-Bot comes out of it. Regardless, the heroes manage to avoid detection, and Sally, Rotor and Antoine sneak into the control center while Sonic stays outside and gets the Swat-Bot's attention. The Swat-Bot proceeds to fire a laser at Sonic, but Sonic dodges it, causing the laser to hit the door and bounce back at the Swat-Bot, knocking it out.

Behind the door, Sally, Rotor and Antoine proceed to sneak through the unguarded corridors. Meanwhile, Chuck takes Sonic and Bunnie downstairs. Once at the bottom of the mine, Chuck shows Sonic and Bunnie the most powerful robot of them all: the Dinobot, a deadly planet-eating machine. As Sonic wishes that it was on their side, Chuck notes that he plans to take control of it. Telling them to follow his lead, Chuck jumps onto the back of the Dinobot, with Sonic and Bunnie following suit. Suddenly however, the Dinobot stops up and drops its head onto the ground, causing Sonic, Chuck and Bunnie to slide down on its snout. Slamming its head into the ground again, the Dinobot makes Chuck fall off, whom it then swallows. However, this was a part of Chuck's plan all along: by getting inside the Dinobot, he would be able to reach its control circuits. Sonic and Bunnie reluctantly follows Chuck's example and jumps into the mouth of the Dinobot. However, when the Dinobot tries to close its mouth, Sonic and Bunnie try to keep it open. Eventually, the Dinobot relents and opens its mouth again, giving Bunnie the opportunity to get to the edge of its mouth and jam its jaw open for good. Sonic and Bunnie then follow Chuck down the Dinobot's gullet.

Meanwhile, Sally, Rotor and Antoine reach the mine's control center, which is being operated by a robot with a on/off switch on its heel. The group tries to hit the robot's switch from their hiding places, but it is moving around too much. Rotor thus decides to distract the robot while Sally moves in to turn it off. As Rotor gets the robot's attention, Sally tries to get close to the robot from behind, but it moves away again. The robot eventually grabs Rotor and prepares to shoot him with its laser cannons. Fortunately, Sally manages to turn the robot off in the last second. With the robot now disabled, Sally and Rotor go to work on the controls. In the meantime, the Dinobot is on a rampage, smashing boulders. Inside the machine, Sonic, Bunnie and Chuck have reached the control panel. Chuck tries to pull the shutdown switch himself, but it is too heavy for him. Bunnie thus steps in and manages to flip the switch, shutting the Dinobot down. Chuck then starts rummaging through the Dinobot's system to find the controls, his plan being to use the Dinobot to cut the cables hoisting the giant Energy Crystal out of the mine. Just as Chuck finds the control panel however, the crane begins to lift the Energy Crystal, forcing Chuck to work faster.

Contacting Sally via the com in the Dinobot, Chuck instructs Sally to turn off the crane. Sally, however, cannot find the controls for the crane. Figuring that the controls must be in a separate place, Chuck instructs Sally to keep looking. While Sally and Rotor keep trying the different controls, Chuck and Bunnie start up the Dinobot again, but with Chuck controlling it now and using it against the local Swat-Bots. Using the Dinobot's claw, Chuck prepares to cut the cable hoisting up the Energy Crystal. However, the Swat-Bots manage to tie up the Dinobot's claw with grappling hooks and force it down. Chuck thus tries to destroy the Energy Crystal with the Dinobot's laser, only for the Energy Crystal to absorb the laser's energy. Not giving up, Chuck uses the Dinobot's laser to cut one of the cables tied around the Energy Crystal. Before Chuck can fire another shot though, the Swat-Bots begin tying down the Dinobot with more grappling hooks. Eventually, after a long struggle, the Dinobot gets knocked down. As the Energy Crystal is about to leave the mine however, Chuck managed to lift the Dinobot's head in time to fire another laser that cuts another cable around the Energy Crystal. Having lost too many cables, the Energy Crystal's cables snap and the Energy Crystal itself crashes back into the mine. The crane that carried it earlier is also destroyed.

With Mobius saved, Sonic, Bunnie and Chuck flee the Dinobot to hook up with the others. Meanwhile, Sally, Rotor and Antoine have managed to shut off all the mine*s systems, except for the emergency power. As the alarm sounds, both groups of heroes retreat toward the elevator. Sally's group eventually reaches the elevator first. Meanwhile, Sonic, Chuck and Bunnie try to shake off the Swat-Bots shooting at them. In an effort to escape the Swat-Bots, Chuck and Bunnie hide in a trolley from the mine, which Sonic begins pushing towards the elevator. Upon reaching the elevator, Sally's groups arrives and opens it for Sonic, Chuck and Bunnie to enter. The reassembled group of heroes then escape the Swat-Bots by riding the elevator back up to the train tracks. As everyone hurry towards the train in order to escape the Crystal Mine however, Chuck suddenly collapses as he feels the disturbances in his head returning, prompting Sonic to stop up. With the Power Ring's effect wearing off, Chuck gives it back to Sonic as his free will and consciousness fade. Regardless, Sonic still wants to take Chuck back to Knothole Village, but Chuck tells him it is too late as he reverts back to a savage robot. However, Sonic still refuses to leave Chuck behind, even as a Hover Unit approaches. In the end, Bunnie forces Sonic out of Chuck's grip and onboard the train with the others. The train then takes off, allowing the Knothole Freedom Fighters to escape the Hover Unit.

Onboard the train, Sonic cries over his inability to rescue his uncle. The heroes console him, however, especially Sally, who tells Sonic that she managed to get a copy of the Roboticizer's software, which means that they have a chance to one day reverse the effects of Roboticization and get their families back. His resolve renewed, Sonic promises his uncle that they will be back one day.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Ultra Sonic Ultra Sonic
French Ultra Sonic Ultra Sonic
German Mein Onkel, der Roboter
Die Rettung von Mobius
My uncle, the robot
Rescuing Mobius
Italian Ultra Sonic Ultra Sonic
Korean 최강의 소닉 (부제: 척 삼촌과의 재회) Sonic the Strongest (Subtitle: Reunion with Uncle Chuck)
Latin American Velocidad ultrasónica Ultrasonic speed
Russian Ультра Соник Ultra Sonic
Spanish Ultra Sonic Ultra Sonic
Ukrainian Ультра Сонік Ultra Sonic