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The Ultimate Meter[1] is a game mechanic that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is an energy gauge for powering the Team Ultimates.


The Ultimate Meter is a simple, slightly curved energy bar that appears behind the rear of the playable characters' racecars during a race. The meter itself is gray, while its energy bar is white.


In the gameplay of Team Sonic Racing, the Ultimate Meter is a mechanic available to all racing characters in the game. When starting a race, each character's Ultimate Meter will be empty. When a character's Ultimate Meter is full however, their character icon on the HUD will turn from blue to yellow.

In order to fill up the Ultimate Meter, the player has to execute the following team actions:

When successfully completing one of the team actions above, the name of the team action will appear on the HUD, right next to the character icon of the character who performed it. At the same time, yellow stars can be seen being added to the Ultimate Meter from that character's icon. Also worth noting is that whenever one of the player's two teammates, whom the player will be racing alongside with during each race, performs a Ultimate Meter-charging team action, the player's Ultimate Meter will be filled up as well and vice versa.[1]

By pressing Triangle/Y button.png/Switch x.png while the Ultimate Meter is full, the player can initiate the Team Ultimate, which grants their playable character an unstoppable speed boost. Also, while a character's Team Ultimate is active, their Ultimate Meter can be seen beneath their character icon on the HUD. The duration and effectiveness of the Team Ultimate will be increased if all three team members activate the Team Ultimate at the same time or if they roll over racing opponents while their Team Ultimate is active. While using the Team Ultimate however, the Ultimate Meter will slowly decrease; once it empties, the Team Ultimate ends.[1] The Ultimate Meter is also different for each player, which is why it may take longer time for some characters and shorter time for others to fill it up.


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