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The Ultimate Annihilator is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It was the ultimate weapon created by the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik, capable of utterly erasing matter from reality. It also had the ability to fire an omega wave, which caused chaos throughout Mobius.


The Ultimate Annihilator is a large gray cannon powered by rare ore, with the ability to erase its target from existence. When activated, it fires a large beam to a directing satellite, which channels it to its desired target.[1]



In response to every scientist in Old Megaopolis being called to devise a weapon capable of ending the Great War, Dr. Julian Kintrobor (Later known as Robotnik) devised the Ultimate Annihilator, which required a special type of mineral to power it, prompting Robotnik to appeal to the Overlander authorities, asking for a shipment of the ore. However, the request was denied due to Julian's intent of testing the machine on other Overlanders, sentencing him to ten years in prison and stopping the creation of the Ultimate Annihilator.[2]


The directing satellite used to channel the Ultimate Annihilator's beams, from Sonic Super Special #6.

At some point, Robotnik finally managed to create the Ultimate Annihilator, which still required the rare ore as a means of powering it. Knowing some could be found in Downunda, he ordered his regional Sub-Boss Crocbot to harvest some and deliver it to Robotropolis. While lacking the ore, the Ultimate Annihilator still had enough energy for one small test, which Robotnik used to erase an Overlander captive from existence. Meanwhile, Snively secretly reprogrammed the Ultimate Annihilator to only target Robotnik's DNA. Despite facing an uprising at the Downunda Prison Camp at the time, Crocbot managed to gather the ore and transport in to Robotropolis. Robotnik then initiated phase two of the Ultimate Annihilator, known as "Knothole Wipeout". Despite Sonic the Hedgehog's best efforts, he was unable to stop it from activating, and blasting Knothole. Meanwhile, Bunnie and Antoine managed to plant a miniature Thermo-Nuclear Timebomb on the Ultimate Annihilator, which soon exploded, dealing heavy damage to it, and causing the Annihilator to create an omega wave, which destroyed both itself, and due to Snively's sabotage, Robotnik.[3][4]



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