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Quotation1 Meet UT. The universal translator, designed to translate any language into our own. Quotation2
Miles "Tails" Prower, "Translate This"

UT (short for Universal Translator) is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a robot created by Miles "Tails" Prower with the ability to translate any language, including underlying opinions in speech.


UT is a diminutive robot, its actual body being only half as tall as Tails. It has an orange and gray cylinder-formed head with an grip on top, two dial indicators for eyes, a triangle-shaped area on the front resembling a nose and an instrument pad for mouth. On each side of its head it is a tall, thin parabola which has a red wire wrapping around it. It also has a small orange and gray cylinder-shaped body with a red button the front and a thick cable on its left side leading to its back. It has two black wheels for feet.


TV series

Season one

UT was created by Tails as his most brilliant invention. Tails gave a demonstration of UT's abilities to his team, but UT quickly began translating the team's conversations into what they really meant, revealing sensitive info that forced Tails to shut UT down. The following night, UT was kidnapped by Orbot and Cubot and replaced with a fake one so Dr. Eggman could turn Team Sonic against themselves. At Eggman's lair, Eggman took a liking to UT when it voiced his self-praise. Tails soon arrived and made Eggman release UT in exchange of him becoming his assistant, and Tails left a goodbye recording on UT. UT returned to Team Sonic where it showed Tails' recording and translated it into a call for help, as Tails planned. As the team went to the lair to save Tails, UT saved Tails from falling off a cliff. After freeing Tails, everyone had taken a liking to UT, except for Sticks, who threw it into the ocean.[2]

Recovered at some point, UT was taken over by Tails' Hypnobot which Eggman had stolen so he could form a new army with Tails' inventions. However, UT returned to Tails' side once Tails regained control of Hypnobot.[3]


Though possessing an A.I.,[3] UT is completely emotionless and acts more like a drone than an individual, remaining completely impartial regardless of who is in possession of it. Regardless, it has shown loyalty towards Tails as it saved him from falling off a cliff.[2]

Powers and abilities

UT is capable of translating any language it hears into that of their own, such as translating bird chirps into regular language. If what it hears does not need to be translated, UT can translate the underlying opinions and subtext in speeches into what they really mean, making it akin to a mind reader. It is also capable of recording audio and videos and display them as holographic videos.[2]


"The fact that you pre-chew my food is repulsive."
—UT translating chirping birds.
"Pretty lame."
—UT translating Amy's "That's great, Tails!"
"Wait, this thing reads minds. Get it out of my head."
—UT translating Sticks' "Wait, this thing reads minds? Get it out of my head!"
"He's not the sharpest tool in the shed."
—UT translating Sonic's "Don't be offended Sticks! Knuckles didn't mean to think that!"
"Shut that thing up, before it tells Sonic that I loooooo..."
—UT translating Amy's "Tails, I think it would be best if you shut that thing off. We don't want it to reveal anything too ... sensitive."
"Let's turn off the monitors and focus on praising Dr. Eggman."
—UT translating Eggman's "I'd think we've seen enough of this!"


  • Mike Pollock originally voiced the character during the Sonic Boom Live Cast Reading of the episode. It is unknown why they changed it, or whether it was just done for convenience sake, so Roger Craig Smith did not have to read more than one section of script.



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