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Sonic Boom
Two Good to Be True (transcript)

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This is the transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Two Good to Be True".

[Scene: Seaside Island (Mirror Dimension), day.]

[In the Mirror Dimension, a broken Mirror Crab Bot is seen flying across the land. Mirror Tails is chasing a Mirror Motobug, but Mirror Amy breaks it with her hammer. Mirror Sticks throws her boomerang towards a Mirror Crab Bot and destroys it. A Mirror Octopus Bot emerges out of the bushes. It shoots ink at Team Sonic. The ink lands on the ground in a puddle and Mirror Sonic starts slipping on it.]
Mirror Sonic: I could use some help here.
Mirror Dave: I'm all over it.
[Sonic falls over.]
Mirror Dave: Anyone order a butt-kicking with a side of pain and extra humiliation sauce?
[Mirror Dave fires hamburgers towards the Mirror Octopus Bot. They mess up Mirror Eggman's windshield. The Octopus Bot shoots a laser that directly hits Amy at her feet, blowing her up in the air. Mirror Knuckles, riding on a pair of Hoverboards, catches her before she falls to the ground.]
Mirror Knuckles: I always knew you'd fall for me.
Mirror Amy: Ahh...
Mirror Eggman: Knuckles the Echidna, my arch-nemesis.
Mirror Knuckles: You never learn, do you, Egghead. You'll never defeat my team!
Mirror Sonic: We're a team? We should get matching uniforms!
Mirror Knuckles: Oh Sonic. Uniforms by definition match. [Pats Sonic's head] Now, if you'll excuse me, the grown-ups have some work to do.
[Knuckles releases one of his Hoverboards that destroys a Mirror Crab Bot. He tries hitting the Octopus Bot with the other Hoverboard, which hits Mirror Octopus Bot on the underbelly. The Mirror Octopus Bot catches smoke and falls to the ground. Knuckles unleashes the ground pound to finish it off. The shockwave blows back a few more Mirror Crab Bots and blasts the Mirror Octopus Bot up in the air, which then crashes back to the ground. It then emits a red and blue energy beam that merge together and directly hit Knuckles.]
Mirror Sonic: Nooo!
[Mirror Sonic tries to save Mirror Knuckles, but he is too late, as Mirror Knuckles gets warped away before he can reach him.]

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Sonic catches a chili dog with a body dive before it hits the sand.]
Sonic: Oh, got it! That was almost the worst disaster imaginable. [Eats the chili dog] Mmm...
[Team Sonic is having a baroque outside Sonic's Shack. Tails and Amy sit at the table while Sticks works the grill. Suddenly, Mirror Knuckles appears out of thin air]
Sticks: Yargh! Kill it with fire!
Tails: Calm down, it's just Knuckles.
Sticks: Oh. [Shouting] Kill Knuckles with fire!
Sonic: Cool entrance, Knux.
Amy: You were supposed to get hamburger buns.
Mirror Knuckles: In mid-battle? Sweet Amy, there will be time for your delicious burgers after we've defeated that dastardly deviant Eggman.
Sonic: Nice vocab.
Tails: And impressive alliteration. You've been taking night classes?
Knuckles: Hey guys!
[Knuckles walks in, carrying a tray full of burger buns. He looks at his doppelganger. The two Knuckles stare at each other.]
Knuckles: Who's the beefcake?

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

Sticks: They really look alike. We need to figure out how to tell them apart.
Amy: I know. Our Knuckles can wear something to distinguish himself. But which one's our Knuckles?
Knuckles: Well, that depends. What does distinguish mean?
[Amy runs off and returns with a blue party hat.]
Knuckles: No way! I'm not wearing that!
Mirror Knuckles: I'd be honored to wear your ridiculous hat my dear. [Puts the hat on]
Amy: Ahh...
Sonic: He may look like Knuckles, but he sure doesn't talk like him.
Knuckles: Hey! I talked gooder than you.
Tails: [Thinking] There's a perfectly rational explanation for this.
[Everyone looks and listens to Tails, but after a long wait, he shrugs.]
Tails: I just haven't figured it out yet.
[Everyone groans at Tails.]
Mirror Knuckles: Worry not, young Tails. Be diligent. In time, the answer will seek you.
Knuckles: Whoa. I sound like a fortune cookie! [Tries to eat his right arm] Yeah, but I don't taste like one.
Mirror Knuckles: There's only one person smart enough to unravel this enigma.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Dave: Welcome to Meh Burger. Can I take your order?
Mirror Knuckles: Dave! I'm glad I found you, friend. We need your brilliant mind.
Dave: I'm sorry. We're all out of that. May I recommend the Meh Rib Sandwich? They're only available for a limited time.
Mirror Knuckles: [Clenches his fist] What's going on here?! Everyone seems to be the opposite of their normal selves.
Tails: Hmm... I think I understand what's happening. They say it's available for a limited time to create a false demand.
Sticks: That's how they get ya.
Tails: Also, I just figured out that this guy is from another dimension!
Sonic: Another dimension? You mean with duplicates of each of us?
Sticks: [Nervous] What if another of me shows up? I can't trust me. I'm a loose cannon! [Screams and runs away.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Tails: For years, it's been theorized that a Mirror Dimension exists parallel to our own.
Sonic: Theorized... [Fastidious Beaver glares at Sonic through a window.]
Sonic: By... whom?
[Fastidious ducks down, Tails frowns at Sonic.]
Tails: Theorized by me. You see, the two Knuckleses are polar opposites. One is smart, sophisticated, charming, likeable and a born leader.
Knuckles and Mirror Knuckles: Thank you!
Tails: And the other one thought I was talking about him.
Amy: So how do we send them back?
Tails: That depends on how he got here in the first place. Silly hat Knuckles, what's the last thing you remember?
Mirror Knuckles: As I led my team to certain victory, Eggman's Octopus Bot was shooting red and blue energy beams. Two of them crossed, creating a purple beam. Sonic tried to save me, but he was too clumsy and fell.
Knuckles: Boy, the two dimensions really aren't that different.
Tails: Hmm... I'll need some time to experiment so I can replicate the beam frequencies.
Mirror Knuckles: Forget that. If the Eggman of my dimension had the technology to send me here, the Eggman of yours should have what we need to send me back.
Amy: Great idea! Let's go ask Eggman.
Mirror Knuckles: Who said anything about asking? Let's take it! Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Knuckles: Wow. I sound like a whole box of fortune cookies!
Mirror Knuckles: Let's do this. Follow me, team!
Sonic: Not so fast, silly hat Knux. We're not aggressors. Tails will figure this out. We need to be patient.
Mirror Knuckles: You can sit on the sidelines if you want, but I'm taking action. [Runs off]
Knuckles: I don't know what just happened, but I'm pretty sure we're mad of you guys.
[Knuckles also runs off, but bumps into something, hurting himself.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Knuckles is sitting alone at a table. Sonic walks in and wants to talk to him.]
Sonic: There you are, buddy. Hope you're not mad about before. We got you a card to cheer you up.
Amy: [Reading the card] "Sorry the alternate dimension you is a jerk."
[Amy puts the card flat on the table. Knuckles tries lifting it but fails, making him bang his fists furiously on the table.]
Knuckles: Stupid card! I didn't want to lift it anyway.
[Knuckles stands up, but his legs wobble, and he falls to the ground unconscious.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Outside Eggman's Lair, Mirror Knuckles is fighting Badniks. He flickers before destroying a Crab Bot.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Inside the Workshop, Knuckles is lying on the table.]
Knuckles: I'm fine, guys, I swear!
[Knuckles starts flickering.]
Sticks: I hate it when he does that.
[Sticks smacks Knuckles' head. Knuckles stops flickering.]
Tails: This must be tied to the other Knuckles.
Knuckles: Do you mean that guy with the hat?
Tails: Having two of you in the same dimension is causing a catastrophic anomaly.
Knuckles: Oh, that's my least favorite kind! Well, that and mint chocolate chip. Bleugh!
Sonic: Tails, English please?
Tails: Because both Knuckles are here, the boundary between the two dimensions is eroding. Eventually, both will implode. We need them together so I can send the smart one back.
Sonic: OK. Tails, Keep working on your... red, blue, purple beam thing. Amy, Sticks and I are going to Eggman's Lair to bring back... that other guy.

[Scene Change: Inside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Mirror Knuckles is busy destroying more of Eggman's badniks. He turns to Eggman, but begins to flicker.]
Mirror Knuckles: Huh?
[Eggman presses a button on his wrist controller and deploys a net from the ceiling, which traps Mirror Knuckles.]

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Sonic, Amy and Sticks are standing outside the lair, trying to infiltrate it.]
Sonic: OK. Everyone ready to put the plan into action?
Amy and Sticks: Yeah!
[Sonic slowly walks to the lair door and bangs it.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm busy. Come back tomorrow.
[Sonic groans]
Dr. Eggman: Hey. You're my prisoner. You can't just disappear like that. Stop flickering!
Sonic: Alright. Plan B.
[Sonic takes some distance from the door and spin attacks the wall, breaking a hole in it.]

[Scene Change: Inside Eggman's Lair, day.]

Dr. Eggman: Imagine the look on Sonic's face when he sees I have Knuckles trapped.
[Eggman Hears the wall being barged open.]
Sonic: You don't have to imagine Egghead, cuz here I am!
Dr. Eggman: That was a bit of a letdown. I was expecting a bigger reaction, maybe shocked, outraged, perhaps even a little ennui. Anywho, Motobugs, attack!
[A group of Motobugs charge at Team Sonic. Sonic spin attacks a Motobug. Mirror Knuckles watches the debris fly across the room and into the hole in the wall.]
Mirror Knuckles: Look who broke down the wall. The non-aggressors.
Sonic: [Punches another Motobug] Dude, this is more of a rescue than an attack!
Mirror Knuckles: Excuses are easy to manufacture, but hard to sell.
Dr. Eggman: Why is Knuckles talking like a fortune cookie?
Amy: That's not Knuckles. It's his double from another dimension.
Dr. Eggman: Oh. That explains the hat, so you can tell them apart. Great idea.
Amy: Thank [Hammers a Motobug] you.
Dr. Eggman: Wait a minute. There are multiple Knuckles in this dimension? That could cause some kind of catastrophic anomaly. I do not want a dimensional explosion in my lab. I just had the floors waxed.
[Eggman releases Mirror Knuckles from the trapping cage. Mirror Knuckles flickers.]
Dr. Eggman: So what are you waiting for, get it out of here!
Sonic: Well, actually, the reason alternate dimension Knuckles is here, is that alternate dimension Eggman shot him with lasers from alternate dimension Octopus Bot.
Dr. Eggman: That's so alternate dimension me.
Sonic: Any chance we could borrow your lasers so Tails can send this guy back and prevent the destruction of pretty much everything?
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] You should have just asked me in the first place. Oh, but I need them back by Thursday.
Sticks: What's happening Thursday?
Dr. Eggman: [Hesitating] I'm gonna attack, your... eh, I mean I'm having a party.
[Sticks gives a stern look to Eggman]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Both Knuckles are standing on a platform. Tails has the apparatus ready and is holding a remote.]
Tails: For this to work, you need to be touching. So when I tell you to, bump fists.
Mirror Knuckles: Farewell, new friend. I've learned much from this wonderful journey.
Tails: Okay.
[Sonic, Amy and Sticks watch on]
Tails: Here goes!
[Tails presses a button on his remote, but nothing happens.]
Tails: Oops. Er... Forgot to change batteries.
[Tails rushes off. Both Knuckles put their arms down. Sonic, Amy and Sticks show a miserable look. Sticks looks at Amy, but she shrugs.]
Sonic: Awkward.
Mirror Knuckles: Yeah, it's like when you say goodbye to someone and then you both walk away in the same direction.
Sonic: Yeah.
Amy: So awkward.
Knuckles: I hate that.
Sticks: People always follow me.
Tails: All set!
[Sticks, Amy and Sonic look at Tails, then look at both Knuckleses, breathing a sigh of relief. Tails presses a red and blue button simultaneously on the remote. The lights from the machine glow.]
Tails: Bump!
[The two Knuckles prepare to fist bump, but Mirror Knuckles has one more thought.]
Mirror Knuckles: By the way, Sonic, you're much more capable in this dimension. [To Knuckles] Nice meeting you.
Knuckles: You're the handsomest fellow I ever met.
Mirror Knuckles: Thank you, dim-witted version of me.
[Both Knuckles fist bump each other and hold their fists together. Tails activates the two machines. Both Knuckleses get confused, but eventually they let go of their fists. Mirror Knuckles gets warped away immediately after. Mirror Knuckles' hat falls on the platform.]
Knuckles: Cool. Can I do that again if I rub my feet on the carpet and touch things?

[Scene Change: Seaside Island (Mirror Dimension), day.]

[Mirror Sonic falls on his head in the sand. Mirror Knuckles is warped in to his world and notices Mirror Sonic on the ground.]
Mirror Knuckles: Here, buddy. Let me help you. [Helps Sonic up]
Mirror Sonic: Oh. Thanks Knux.
[Several Mirror Crab Bots approach Mirror Sonic and Mirror Knuckles as the screen fades to black.]