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Sonic Boom
Two Good to Be True

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"Two Good to Be True" is the thirty-fifth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 3 June 2015 in France and on 23 July 2015 in the United States.


When another Knuckles from an alternative dimension becomes stranded in their world and causes trouble for Sonic and his friends, the gang must figure out a way to get him home.



Races and species:





The episode starts in a dimension similar to the Sonic Boom World, but with a few differences. Dave is part of Team Sonic, Dr. Eggman wears a green jacket instead of red, and perhaps the most notable difference, Sonic and Knuckles' positions are reversed, making Sonic the clumsy one, and Knuckles the intelligent leader of the team. This alternate Team Sonic fights Eggman in his Octopus Bot when all of a sudden, red and blue energy beams come out of the robot, and the beams fuse together into one. Knuckles himself ends up getting sucked into the hole formed by the merged energy beams.

The scene cuts to the main universe, with Team Sonic hanging out on the beach nearby Sonic's Shack as Sonic prevents a chili dog from hitting the ground. Then, the Knuckles from the other dimension appears out of thin air, and the other members comment on his entrance. Then the Knuckles of the main dimension shows up, confusing Sonic and his friends. Back inside Amy's House, Amy grabs a blue party hat and sticks it on the alternate-dimension Knuckles so they can tell the two apart. Tails believes there is an explanation to the problem here, but he cannot think of what it is.

Later on at Meh Burger, the other Knuckles is glad to see Dave, but it becomes quite clear that this is not the same Dave as his dimension's, so he is unable to get his help. His confusion over everyone's odd behavior causes Tails to (eventually) conclude that the other Knuckles comes from another dimension (a revelation which scares off Sticks, who dreads the possibility of her own alternate counterpart showing up). The other Knuckles explains how he showed up in the main dimension, and runs off to Dr. Eggman because he can recreate the energy blast to send him home. The rest of Team Sonic cares for the real Knuckles when they notice the echidna is starting to flicker out of existence a little bit. Tails explains that the reason why this is occurring is since there are two Knuckleses in the same dimension, an anomaly is forming that will eventually implode both dimensions unless the alternate-dimension Knuckles is returned home. Tails needs the two together to do this, so Sonic, Amy, and Sticks run off to Dr. Eggman's lair to retrieve the alternate-dimension Knuckles while Tails stays put to ready a machine to send him back.

At the lair, the other Knuckles is fighting Eggman's robots when Eggman traps and cages him. Sonic and the girls arrive and see the predicament. During a short fight with Eggman's robots, they convince Eggman that this is not the right Knuckles and inform him of the impending implosion of their dimensions. Not wanting this to occur in his lab, as he had just waxed the floors, Eggman frees alternate-dimension Knuckles without hesitation, after which Sonic asks for his lasers for Tails' machine to work; he willingly hands them over, adding they should have just asked him from the beginning. Back at Tails' Workshop, Tails is preparing to send the other Knuckles back, and he tells the two echidnas they need to be touching in order for it to work, which they do by fist-bumping; however, upon attempting to activate the machine, he realizes he forgot to change the batteries for the remote and leaves to get them (which results in the room plunging into a brief awkward silence); he returns moments later and activates the machine. The other Knuckles thanks Team Sonic for their help, and the two echidnas fist-bump. The other Knuckles gets sent back to his dimension, where he helps the Sonic of his dimension up and resumes the battle he was in.



  • When the alternate Knuckles launches his hoverboard into a Crab Bot, the Crab Bot is missing its shell.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 来自异次元的纳克鲁斯 Knuckles from a Different Dimension
Finnish Tuplasti Parempaa Twice better
French Deux pour le prix de deux Two For the Price of Two
German Zu schön um wahr zu sein Too good to be true
Hungarian Dupla Boxer Double Knuckles
Italian Troppo belli per essere due Too good to be two
Japanese ふたりのナックルズ Two of Knuckles
Korean 두 명의 너클즈 The Two Knuckles
Persian دوتا ناکلز Two Knuckles
Polish Każdy Knuckles ma dwie pięści Each Knuckles has two fists
Portuguese (Brazil) Muito Bom Para Ser Verdade Too Good To Be True
Portuguese (Portugal) Em Dose Dupla In Double Dose
Romanian E mai bine în doi It's better in two
Russian Раз Наклз, два Наклз One Knuckles, two Knuckles
Spanish (Latin America) Demasiado Bueno Para Ser Cierto Too Good To Be True
Spanish (Spain) Demasiado Bueno Para Ser Verdad
Thai นัคเคิลส์สองนาย Two Knuckles
Ukrainian Два це схоже на правду The two seem to be true


  • The Meh Rib Sandwich mentioned by Dave, which is only available for a limited time, is an allusion to the real-life McRib Sandwich sold at McDonalds restaurants for only a limited time each year.
  • Fastidious Beaver's appearance when Sonic is about to say "by who" is a nod to the running gag where Fastidious corrects someone's grammar whenever they say "who" when they should say "whom".
  • The burger cannon used by Dave's Mirror Dimension counterpart is the same one seen in "Chez Amy".
  • Certain lines from this episode were read by members of the cast during a Behind the Scenes video about the show.


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