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The Twister[1] (ツイスター Tsuisutā?) is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item which deploys a twister to flip opponents.


The Twister takes the appearance of a small and yellow dust devil about a couple of meters tall.


Knuckles using the Twister.

The Twister can be obtained from the different Capsules on the race tracks. When using it, this item will automatically home in on an opponent, and upon impact, the opponent will spin out of control.[1] As a result, the opponent's vehicle will be flipped around and the racer's vertical controls will be reversed for a short time. This can be especially disorientating for the unprepared racer. Much like other offensive Pickup items, when another racer uses the Twister, a red circle will appear either behind the player (with an alarm) or above the user.

The Twister can be canceled by certain Pickup items, such as the Blowfish or Firework (which require the player to fire them backwardly toward the Twister). Otherwise, evading it is very difficult. However, they have a difficult time passing through Transformation Gates as they will usually dispatch after passing through one. In addition, getting a "Twister Shield" bonus from the Bonus Chance can decrease the time of damage occurred by a Twister.

The Twister can be launched in two ways. The player can either release it from the front by just pressing the Weapon button, or sent it behind them by holding down on the left control stick down and then press the Weapon button.


  • Twisters do not appear in Battle Race, Battle Arena or Capture the Chao.


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