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World Tour
Twilight Engine

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The Twilight Engine gate

Twilight Engine is the fourth Tour in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The Tour contains a total of thirty stars to collect through events/missions and forty stars in total if the Expert mode is unlocked when unlocking Superstar Showdown.

Characters Unlockable in Twilight Engine

Image Name
Muchahi.jpg Joe Musashi
Phudin.jpg Pudding


Track Type Name Event
Twlight1.png Race Undertaker Overtaker Beat your Rivals to the finish line!
Twiligh2a.png Boost Challenge Booty Boost Boost to stop the clock. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Twilight2.png Battle Race Monkey Brawl Survive the race and beat your rivals to the finish line!
Twilight3.png Ring Race Ruin Run Pass through rings to avoid losing time. Pass every Check point to win!
Twigolden.png Boost Challenge Golden Gauntlet Boost to stop the clock! Pass 4-7 checkpoints to win!
Twdeath.png Versus Death Egg Duel Eliminate 4 Rivals in a series of showdown races!
Twisanc.png Pursuit Crumbling Chaos Chase down the (Enforcer) Tank and destroy it!
Twijoe.png Versus Shinobi Showdown Eliminate Joe Musashi and 3 other rivals in a series of showdown races!
Twpudd.png Time Attack Hatcher Hustle Beat Puddings best lap time! (1.26.670 minutes - 0.56.682 seconds)
Twirangers.png Race Racing Rangers Beat your rivals to the finish line!

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