Twilight Meeting of Leaders

The meeting of the alien leaders in the Twilight Cage.

The Twilight Conference (トワイライトサミット Towairaitosamitto?, lit. "Twilight Summit") was a meeting that occurred during the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, where the leaders from the Kron Colony, Zoah Colony, N'rrgal Colony, Voxai Colony Beta and Voxai Colony Alpha met up with Sonic the Hedgehog and his team to form a united alliance against the Nocturnus Clan.


After Sonic and his friends defeated the Voxai Overmind and gained the fouth and fifth Chaos Emeralds, they realized the last two Emeralds were in Nocturne as well as the Master Emerald. The group then decided that they should bring all the other leaders in one place to discuss an attack on Nocturne. But when Sonic and the others got there, General Raxos of the Zoah colony and the N'rrgal Queen of the N'rrgal colony were fighting due to the great war between the two colonies. Foreman Krag of the Kron colony tried to get them to stop along with Thebes, the new Overmind of the Voxai colony, but Raxos then insulted Thebes for not being a leader for a long time. Depending on what the player does, Sonic will either try to leave and go to Nocturne on his own, causing everyone to stop fighting, saying they're all part of this invasion, or Amy will yell "BE QUIET!!" which will stop the fighting just long enough for Sonic's group to explain everything. In the end, the colonies work together to get the Cyclone past the repulsor field.

Colonies and assistance

  • Kron Colony - Special minerals that repel energy, which is used by the Zoah for getting the N'rrgal drones on the shield.
  • N'rrgal Colony - Eating a small circle in the shield for the Cyclone to pass through.
  • Zoah Colony - Firing a missile made from the minerals of the Kron Colony and got the N'rrgal on the shield.
  • Voxai Colony - Expanded their psyche to find a weak spot in the shield.

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