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For the sub-boss in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, see Tunnelbot

The Tunnel-Bot is a boss that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a colossal and mass produced robot model made by the Ancients, which is tasked with protecting the Tidal Crystal in Ocean Purification Plant.


The Tunnel-Bot is rather basic, yet sinister and large in appearance. Its entire body is shaped as a short red, black and brown ellipsoid, similar to a head, and it has an extra metal layer on its upper half, giving it the appearance of a thick brow ridge. It also has two small red eyes, four flaps on top of its head and two short cylinders with rotating saw blades on its lower front. Through its middle and center, it has one large saw blade and on its lowest front it has a long outward blade.

The Tunnel-Bot possesses limbs in the form of six thin mechanical tentacles. These tentacles are located on its back and have three claws on each end.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

When Sonic and Amy came to Ocean Purification Plant and took the Tidal Crystal, the Tunnel-Bot instantly reacted to the theft and began relentlessly pursuing the duo, but they managed to escape its grasp every time.

Two more Tunnel-Bots joined with the first one and fought Sonic and Amy when they escaped with the Angler but they were all destroyed by the duo at the end.

Powers and abilities

The Tunnel-Bot possesses both super strength and high durability, being able to smash through metal doors and foundations without slowing down at all. It is also remarkably fast despite it size, capable of keeping up with both Sonic and Amy.

Thanks to its nimble and sharp limbs, the Tunnel-Bot is skilled at climbing and can scale virtually any surface. Its body is also covered in several rotating and immensely durable saw blades, allowing it to burrow and cut through even metal with ease.


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