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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 I have been fighting. Out here. All my life. I lost my family. To disease. To cowardice. Shameful. My most hated rival still lives, though. So I will fight on. We will fight on. Quotation2
— Tundra the Walrus, Sonic Universe #86

Tundra the Walrus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a Mobian walrus and the estranged father of Rotor the Walrus. After his son's departure, he would come to be the Egg Boss of the Artika Egg Army.


Like Rotor, Tundra is a purple-furred walrus with a pale belly and a muscular form, though unlike his son he possesses white eyebrows and matching facial hair. He also has green eyes and wears white gloves, and in Rotor's childhood was seen to sport a bandoleer on which he carried a spear and a number of other weapons.

After becoming an Egg Boss his natural tusks were apparently replaced with metallic/mechanical ones, and his face sported a number of scars. He also adopted an arctic Eggman uniform with black pants, a blue parka with a hood, and yellow-orange glasses.


Early life

New Rotor Father

Tundra during Rotor's childhood, from Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2014.

Not much is known about Tundra's early life. Prior to the Eggman Invasion, Tundra fought in a fierce territorial war between his tribe and Akhlut the Orca's warriors.[2] But not everything was well back at the homefront. Tundra was not at all pleased when his son Rotor would come up with any new ideas, getting violently angry at his son for inventing gadgets and technology. Because of Tundra's treatment, Rotor felt unwanted and left to go to Mobotropolis.[3] Their home village was later invaded by Dr. Eggman, who recognized Tundra's strength and promptly selected him to serve as Artika's Egg Boss.[4]

Countdown to Chaos

Shortly after hijacking a G.U.N. jet after destroying the G.U.N. ship at Avalon, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot had seemingly crash-landed on the Artika Egg Army fortress at Artika. Eggman had apparently "requested" another aircraft to fly to his Death Egg. Tundra gave Eggman a sled to ride his way homeward.[5]

Shattered World Crisis

Tundra revealing himself to Rotor

Tundra revealing himself to Rotor, from Sonic the Hedgehog #276.

During the ensuing Shattered World Crisis, Tundra would engage Sonic the Hedgehog while the hero and his fellow Freedom Fighters were searching for the Gaia Keys. After being "captured" by his Egg Soldiers, Sonic and Rotor were delivered to Tundra, who revealed himself to his horrified son. Rotor was quick to accuse him of abandoning their home village for Eggman, only for Tundra to inform him what had taken place. Tundra proceeded to accuse Rotor of using his inventions as a shield before having the pair thrown in a cell. Unfortunately for Tundra, his act played right into the heroes' hands, as they had allowed themselves to be taken in by his forces in order to rescue Jari-Thure and Sarianna, the keepers of the local Gaia Keys. With all four escaped, Tundra regarded the skies contemplatively, unaware that Rotor was doing the same elsewhere.[4]

Eggman's Dozen

Tundra would later be recruited for a mission with all the other Egg Bosses to retake Eggmanland from Walter and Wendy Naugus.[6] To his chagrin, he was paired with his old enemy Akhlut in shutting down the factory's summoning spire. During the mission, Akhlut reminisced with Tundra about their past as rival tribes. When Akhlut eventually remarked that Tundra would make an excellent subordinate where he failed as a leader who could not even save his own family, Tundra engaged in a fight against Akhlut.[2]


Tundra has the attitude of a warrior: he lives by might and honor and abhors those who do not share this code. Tundra firmly believes that strength is what defines the character, hence his loyalty to Eggman and his detesting of Rotor's intellectual pursuits;[2] when introduced to new inventions by Rotor, he would often act violently.[3] He also seems to regard Sonic as an anarchist, simply for being a "coward" for denying Eggman's might.[2][4] Despite his animosity, Tundra does hold some regret towards his personal losses, including his warriors, wife, and even Rotor, feelings that were proven and provoked by Akhlut.[2]

Powers and abilities

Given the tools Tundra wore in Rotor's youth, he is presumably an experienced hunter and fighter. He is evidently possessed great strength as well, enough that Eggman was impressed and thus offered him the role of Egg Boss.

Tundra Attack

Tundra uses his ice breath, from Sonic Universe #85.

Tundra possesses the ability to freeze his enemies with his powerful icy breath. Whether this ability terms from his cybernetics is unknown.[7]


In Rotor's youth, Tundra was seen carrying several weapons, including a spear and a dagger.


Rotor the Walrus

Rotors Father Smashes Invention

Tundra's attitude towards his son, from Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2014..

Tundra held a strong dislike of his own son and would constantly get frustrated at Rotor's intellectual pursuits in the belief that they were signs of weakness. As such, he would openly get angry at him and harshly destroy his inventions, much to his son's fright. This abusive lifestyle was enough to make Rotor leave home to find a more welcoming environment in Mobotropolis.[2][3]


  • Ian Flynn has clarified that Tundra is not an updated version of Sherman Walrus, but rather an entirely new character.[8]
  • Tundra is the first case of a villainous Walrus native to the Prime Zone, and the first Walrus villain not to be an evil counterpart of Rotor, such as Boomer.
  • Tundra is the first new relative of one of the Freedom Fighters to be introduced in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline. He is also the first of said relatives to replace a relative from the previous timeline, namely Sherman Walrus. However, his conflict with his son and his membership in Eggman's forces are reminiscent of Beauregard Rabbot.
  • The fact that Tundra and Akhlut are former enemies can be a reference to the fact that walrus and orcas are natural enemies; in real life, orcas are predator of walrus.
  • Prior to it being revealed, fans would speculate that Tundra was Rotor's father.
    • However, comparing the original drawings of Tundra from Sonic the Hedgehog #255 to the images of Rotor in the Sonic Comic Origins segment featuring Rotor, it was quite difficult to determine whether the two were the same. Aleah Baker later confirmed that Tundra's debut appearance was a misinterpretation of the original character design (seen in Sonic the Hedgehog #276).



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