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Tubes[1] are a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Entering such an object will quickly send the player to another location.


Basically, the Tubes are big pipes, large enough for any member of Team Sonic to fit inside them, which hang from either the walls or roof. Their design and coloration depends on the level: in Lyric's Tomb they are grey with golden mouths and openings, in Ocean Purification Plant they are like glass pipe with green liquid flowing through them, and in Lyric's Lair they are completely black with red outlines.


When the player enters the mouth of a Tube in gameplay, the playable character will be sucked in and move through it at high speed, before being deposited in a different area, making the Tubes a form of shortcut. In most cases, the Tubes allow the player to enter areas they cannot otherwise reach. However, they may also serve as shortcuts back to an earlier point in the level so the player does not have to backtrack when solving a far-away puzzle.

In most cases, the Tubes are ready for use when found. However, some require the player to solve a puzzle before they become operational.

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