The Truffle Cannon is an obstacle that appears in the Wii U/PC version of Sonic Lost World. These cannons shoots projectiles that damage the player, but can also be used to climb ledges.


Truffle Cannons are rectangular boxes with a respectably brown and yellow half, with a matching hexagon-shaped cap on the top and bottom. On their sides are brown barrels with yellow rims which shoot round, light or dark chocolate-covered truffles with nuts, about the size of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Truffle Cannons are only encountered in Desert Ruins Zone 3, where they fire their projectiles in set intervals and at the same time. The projectiles themselves always travel in a straight line for a short time, before they break down and disappear on their own.

Sonic bouncing off truffle while learning extra points.

The projectiles from the Truffle Cannons can damage the player when hitting Sonic directly. However, the projectiles can be destroyed without any side effects by hitting them with a Spin Jump. By hitting the Truffle Cannons' projectiles near the top with a Spin Jump, the player will bounce slightly higher into the air. Also, by hitting the projectiles in a undisrupted chain, the player will be rewarded with additional points for each projectile hit, with the number of points rewarded being 100 times the number of the projectile in the chain.

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